Tesla sales plunged, where is the problem?

Tesla sales plunged, where is the problem?

In the field of electric vehicles, Tesla is undoubtedly the highest status of electric vehicle brand. Tesla has a great advantage in comparing other brands in both technology or brand influence. In the case of sales, it is often among the best in the list of new energy vehicles, and the sales distance from the later person is large. But recent Tesla does not seem to sell. According to the data, Tesla sales of 25,845 vehicles in April, although it looks good, but in contrast to 3,5478 units in March, sales decreased by nearly 10,000. And this is not the worst news, according to the internal person of Tesla, in the sales volume of Tesla in Acember, there are 14,174 export vehicles. So, what is the problem with Sudura, who suddenly sells Waterloo?

The sales decrease in this sales decreased in the next 2 weeks of taxi, but this is obviously not the main reason for sales plummeted, after all, Tesla’s sales explosions are Model 3. In fact, Tesla sales decreased, many people should be clear, this has to mention the “brake door” incident in the past time.

At the Shanghai Auto Show, a woman wearing “brake failure” clothes, she stood on the top of Tesla Station, shouting: “Tesla brakes fail”, then the woman is working by Tesla The person is dragging away, and after the woman is going to the roof roof, it is detained for 5 days.

And all this is because of an accident. When driving Tesla because the brakes can’t step on the accident, and Tesla has been tough, not given the data before the accident, and finally gave it under the oppression of public opinion. It has been related data, and it is said because the speed is too fast, the brakes are too light, so there is no brake. However, such a statement is obviously uniform, and the online public opinion is a rumor, and there is no affirmation of a positive conclusion.

And “Brake Gate” is just a guided roster. As this appears, many Tesla owners have also expressed their experiences that have experienced similar problems, and Tesla’s negative news throughout the network. And people are more and more about Tesla’s ridicule, see Tesla will come to: “Can’t stop, hide from”.

In this case, Tesla’s management attitude seems to have not changed, and most of these issues are not appropriate, and they should strengthen the car owners for the driving of electric vehicles. Many consumers are dissatisfied.

In addition to these problems, Tesla sales have also been influenced by the rise of domestic new energy, such as BYD’s new energy sales up to 25,450, and it is a good demonstration. So, what is the reason why Tesla is not sold? Welcome to the comment below.

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