Why is the life-fire mileage anxiety is a pseudo-proposition?

Talking about new energy cars, many people who have taken place are concerned that “life mileage” is not enough, there are many people who don’t have new energy vehicles experience the cloud, which seems to be a big problem for the new energy car.

It can be said that the life is in nature is a false promise of rumors and clouds, the following points:

1 Daily high frequency travel needs to be within 100 km activities

2 All kinds of transportation methods are complementary, and the best solution below 200 kilometers is high-speed rail.

3 With the advancement of battery technology, the battery life depends on your choice.

4 Charging power supply energy replenishment system will exceed our imagination

The above first and second parts are calmly analyze the scenes and rationality of our car and rational without blindness.

The third and fourth parts involve the battery technology and energy replenishment system of new energy vehicles, not only considering the present, but also see the trend.

Please choose to read it according to your own situation. The full text 3600 words, the time is 10 minutes.

Part01 Daily high frequency travel

Most people buy the first vehicle, usually “both need to be”, and the result is used to find that he is mainly solved by us to get off work / pick up the child / weekend outing, so the above off work. What level is this distance? (About the topic of the car, such as the luxury car is not an IQ tax, etc., we have a topic analysis after we have

Data speech, 2020, Urban Transport Infrastructure Monitoring and Governance Lab, China Urban Planning and Design Institute, Joint Baidu Map Published “2020 National Major City Commuter Monitoring Report” shows the name of Didu, the name of the Emperor of the TV The list will reach 11.1 km.

Of course, this is a average distance, considering some special factors, most people go to 50 kilometers from everyday everyday, it is basically a ceiling, otherwise, it is really necessary to consider whether to change the company.

In this way, 300 kilometers from a week is not a problem for most new energy cars.

Considering the extreme situation, the Emperor’s five-way road is 98.58 kilometers, 99 kilometers of the magic exterior rings, assuming unfortunately, your big house and office locations are on the two points of the ring diagonal, even this, one day, the return is that 100 km.

Ok, say this, I believe that most people know or know that in the high-frequency local travel, the life is not a matter, or the life will be 120km Wulinghong MINI EV will sell. so good?

In fact, everyone is worried about crossing the city, let us analyze it in the second part.

Part02 cross-city travel

Before you enter this part, you can review the last time cross-city travel, how many kilometers? How long does it take? How many times have such a cross-city travel a year?

Let us take a look at the recent “May 1” holiday (May 1st to 5), the national railway, road, waterway and civil aviation is expected to send 267 million passengers, including 150 million passengers, and the railway sent passengers. 78.5 million passengers, total traffic transported 8.66 million passengers.

It is definitely not your unique choice when reminding you to consider traveling from different places.

Every kind of transportation has excellent disadvantages, all of which are suitable for your own gold, this part will open and smash all kinds of transportation methods, let you examine the applicable range of new energy vehicles under the large transportation system. .

From a truck point, time / travel costs / comfort level should be considering the main factors of choosing a transportation method, where time is the weight, so the next analysis takes time as the main reference factor, occasionally mention comfortably degree.

Below, we will start from the Shanghai People’s Square to Nanjing Xinjiekou / Hangzhou West Lake / Suzhou Guanqi Street as an example to compare the time required for high-speed rail and driving.

In addition to the running time between the high-speed rail station and the station, the high-speed rail travel needs to consider the time required for both ends to the high-speed rail station. The final contrast is the total time to go to the door.

As shown in the following table, to the Nanjing Xinjiekou (298km), high-speed rail is more than 1 hour, and the high-speed rail to Hangzhou West Lake (178km) is slightly dominated, saving 15 minutes. To Suzhou Guanzi Street (97km), driving more than 20 minutes from the high-speed rail.

Basic conclusion: 200km is a split point. On this distance, it is very clear to travel through high-speed rail, saving time.

As for comfort, the high-speed rail is a green light, special people driving, can lean, and self-driving 2/3 hours, back pain is not synonymous, this sour is delicious who knows who knows.

High-speed rail time


Self-driving time


Self-Shanghai People’s Square

Departure to the high-speed rail station (taxi)

Reserved station security

High-speed rail operation


Outbound to the destination (taxi)

Total high-speed rail

Self-driving time

Self-driving mileage (km)

High-speed rail VS self-driving

To Nanjing Xinjiekou

35 min













To Hangzhou West Lake

35 min













To Suzhou View Front Street

35 min












(-) 19min


Source: 1) High-speed rail run time from 12306 2) Other time according to Gaode Map 14:00 is not up to off work 3) mileage from Gaode Map

As for the mileage, we will take the high-speed rail / aircraft and self-driving three methods to compare the high-speed rail / aircraft and self-driving in the Emperor People’s Square.


Shanghai People’s Square – Beijing Tiananmen

Departure to high-speed rail station / airport (taxi)

Reserved station security

High-speed rail / aircraft operation

Outbound / airport

Outbound to the destination (taxi)

total time

High-speed rail

35 min








35 min


2h 10min










Source: 1) High-speed rail run from 12306 2) Flight Time from Ctrip 3) Turn Time and Self-driving Time Mileage from Gaode Map

This kind of long distance exceeding 1000km is advantageous, and the high-speed rail has an hour and weak disadvantages.

But people experienced experienced, in the summer of Thunder Rainstorm, high-speed rail is better, because the weather caused by the flight, the large area of ​​the flight, will cause the flight time and uncontrollable.

Let us look at the future trend, proposed in the “New Times Traffic Strong Railway First Plan”, by 2035, the country’s 1, 2, 3 hours high-speed railway circle. The main urban area is 1 hour, such as Beijing to Tianjin, Xiongan, and the Yangtze River Delta region Shanghai to Su Xi Chang.

2 hours between the major cities in the urban agglomeration: such as Beijing to Shijiazhuang, the Yangtze River Delta region Shanghai to Nanjing, Hangzhou.

3 hours between adjacent urban groups and provincial capitals: interchange between urban cities in various cities and other provincial capitals.

This means that the high-speed rail is the most preferred from a time point of 200 kilometers away from the city.

Part03 Battery Technology Progress

On the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show, there are several models that have room for more than 700km, which proves that even under the current battery technology conditions, the life-fire mileage can be resolved by increasing the battery pack.

“China Manufacturing 2025” Plan: 2020, battery energy density reached 300Wh / kg; 2025, battery energy density reached 400Wh / kg.

This means that under the same volume, 2025, the battery life can also increase 25% (battery energy density by 33%, and other parts of the battery pack are difficult to focus on).

Simply put, currently 100 degrees of battery packs support 700km battery life. In 2025, the same weight of battery packs can be taken from 125 degrees, and the battery is 875km.

Combined with the first part of our first part, the local daily high frequency travel is calculated according to 50km, in fact, there is a 20-30-degree battery pack to support (meaning 120-180 battery life).

According to the second part analysis, the cross-city travel, 200km or more use high-speed rail, 200km, self-driving, 50 degrees of electrical reach the destination.

At present, each additional electric battery pack means that consumers will pay more than 1250 yuan, in other words, the super long battery models shown above, even according to 100 degree electric computing, only the battery is only a consumer To pay 125,000, accounting for about 50% of the price.

Therefore, if most of the use scenarios are in the urban high-frequency daily travel, we mean that we only need a 20,000-degree battery pack, but it costs 100,000 yuan because of our so-called “battery life worry”. Take a 100 degree battery pack every day in the city.

In addition, the current technology level, every additional power metric flasks of the weight of about 5.5kg, that is, we have added 80 degrees of electricity, and the car has increased nearly 440kg, and the components of the four adults, but in turn increase the battery. Consumption, reducing the life mileage.

PART04 charge and other energy replenishment ecological perfection

On October 9, 2015, the General Office of the State Council issued the “Guiding Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Electric Automotive Charging Infrastructure”, which requires 100% of the new residential construction parking space to build a charging facility or reserve construction installation conditions.

By the end of 2020, my country’s public charging piles were 807,000 units, most of the provinces of the Yangtze River Delta / Beijing and Dawan District and low-speed electric vehicles.

I believe that with the increase in the sales of new energy vehicles, more and more charging piles will form a benign interaction and promote each other.

In addition, Sinopec and the awareness of all gas stations have been converted to electricity, and China Petrochemical promises to 5,000 in the 2025 chargestation, and the national grid is entered into acceleration mode in the highway service area.

The national team will begin to use the ecological circles of both resource steps such as new energy automobile energy replenishment systems, will speed up the floor speed of the supporting system.

Also, as technological advances, the “battery pack with heart” mode may bring another experience of consumers.

That is, on the market travel, use 20 degrees of battery packs, weekends need to travel in different places, and replace a 50 degree battery pack according to the itinerary, then return to the city to 20 degrees battery pack mode. It seems that Monday to Friday is a workplace, and weekend will enter casual wear.

In fact, we can simply divide new energy vehicles into three major blocks, battery energy systems / traditional mechanical systems and intelligent systems.

The traditional mechanical system has become more than 100 years of development, which has become mature and stable, so the use of the car can reach more than 20 years (the country is not a private car report).

The intelligent system is in the like, the core is to evolve and upgrade, more competing more than algorithms and logic.

The battery pack is inserted into a chemical material. In addition to charging and discharging, the time itself is one of the reasons for chemical raw materials, which is one of the reasons why the national standards set the power battery warranty standard to 8 years or 120,000 kilometers.

Therefore, from the principle of physical first, the mechanical system and battery system of new energy vehicles and battery systems do not match in this life. In this car lifecycle, it is really necessary to match a battery pack.

In short, considering that most people solve the demand for local high-frequency travel, 20 degrees of electricity will make you more than a 550kg big battery package (100-degree battery pack than 20 degrees, 440kg, It also increases the purchase fee of 100,000 yuan). The high-speed rail is the first choice, the high-speed rail is the first choice, and 50 degrees of electricity is enough to arrive. Turning and trip, 100 degrees is more than enough.

With the popularity of charging piles and the entrance of the national team, energy supplement is more convenient. With the advancement of battery technology, the electrical separation, the battery pack is not impossible to “change” according to the mileage.

So you, is it necessary to be anxious for the endless mileage?

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