BYD released sales in April, Song family became pillars, and the fire was sold, the new car continued

As major cars have released sales in April, BYD, which is a new energy leader, has also released the latest sales data in April recently. According to the sales score released in BYD, the BYD Automobile Group has more than 40,000 sales in April, reaching 4,4606, an increase of 43.5% year-on-year. According to BYD internal data, the sales volume of BYD new energy models in April is significant, mainly due to the release of “blade battery” and “DM-I super mix” technology release and new models. Not much to say, let’s take a look at the specific performance of each model in April.

April BYD Automobile Group has reached 4,4606, and the sales volume of new energy sector is 25,034, which is 104.2% year-on-year. Such sales constitutes also means that the new energy model has exceeded the fuel sales. It is worth mentioning that the total production and distribution of BYD’s new energy has been close to millions of protocols, exceeding 990,000, which is also the first national sales in BYD for 8 consecutive years.

In terms of specific models, Song family is still the sales of BYD Automobile Group. It has reached 15,740 in April, and Song EV rose 681.3% from the Song EV. With Song, Song Plus, Song Plus DM-I, Song Ev, etc. The comprehensive listing of the model is not only rich in the product matrix of the Song family, but also gives consumers more choices. Especially the sales of Song Plus, the main 100,000-level SUV market, so that the sales of Song family continues to improve.

In addition to the sales of Song family, BYD flagship sedan in less than a year has continued to sell hot sales, under the DM and EV models, BYD Han, sales of 8,177, did not continue monthly sales Ten thousand performance. It is worth mentioning that the BYD Han DM model increased by 2.7%. After launching the market in the second half of last year, the accumulated sales have exceeded 70,000 markings, as a domestic model of more than 200,000 yuan, it is also the first in the domestic car.

In addition, the sales of the BYD Qin family reached 6,943 in April, in which Qin Pro EV increased by 173.1%, the Qin Plus DM-I model listed in the first quarter, with a new super mixing, the performance is quite good. Thanks to the fuel consumption of 3.8L, 3.81, the acceleration of 7 seconds, let this car become one of the new energy owners’ alternatives.

Whether it is dynamic performance and control or excellent fuel economy, let this car have received attention, plus the price of 1058 million yuan, which is absolutely attractive for an oil-electric mix model. Since the launch of Qin, the sales volume of BYD has exceeded 330,000 marks and became an important force in the family of BYD.

Next, let’s take a look at BYD’s Tang family. Tang Jia people have reached 1636 in April, and the new generation of Tang EV increased by 63.3% year-on-year. Although the performance is good, the excellent performance before Tang and the year is still quite obviously. It is undeniable that as a single price of more than 200,000 models, the main performance of the Tang Dynasty is greater than Chinese brands. With the arrival of Tang DM-I, the author believes that Tangjia family sales will increase further. According to the data released by BYD, Tang family sales have accumulated more than 240,000.

Finally, let’s take a look at the market performance of the E-series model, and the sales volume sales in April is 3030, an increase of 194.1% from the previous month. At present, the E series models include models such as E1, E3, E3 and E9, and in the case of replacing the blade battery in the whole system, the E-series model will also usher in further enhancement space. With the launch of the E series, the accumulated sales of this series of models have been more than 50,000 marks, which have become the new growth force of BYD.

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