Baidu Decisive Uninpoint: three years to deploy 3000 sets of unmanned cars, the front mass production went to million levels

On May 2, Baidu Apollo officially opened unmanned Robotaxi services to the public in Beijing’s Shouguanyuan.

This open Robotaxi, there is no driver in the driving position, and there is no safety officer, and it is charged to passengers – this truly started the first shot of China’s unmanned Robotaxi commercial payment operation.

After the holiday, Baidu also announced the performance of unmanned commercial payment operations. From May 2nd to May 5, Baidu Non-human Robotaxi is 4 days in the first steel park. 848 single, receiving passengers over 1,500.

Interestingly, that is, during the opening of Robotaxi in the Shougang Park, some people took the photo of the Queen’s CEO and Baidu Apollo high-level test by Robotaxi.

The heart of the car, asked Baidu and confirmed the news of Wei Dong Johor: Wei Dong will serve as the vice president of Baidu Intelligent Driving Business Group, Baidu Smart Driving Business Group Chief Safety Operation Operator, follow-up to share the business operation of the unmanned car.

In addition, in this Mayday period, Baidu also extended the operation time of the original automatic driving Robotaxi in Beijing, from the original morning 8:00 to 16:00, which is equivalent to an increase Night service.

Unmanned Robotaxi open, front steam CEO, Robotaxi service further expanded a series of movements such as night service, indicating that this AI giant is accelerating the large-scale commercialization of unhobo.

First, the first steep car CEO is added, Baidu opens the prelude of unmanned car commercialization

Let’s talk about who Wei Dong is.

Wei Dong was a vice president of Shenzhou car rental. In 2015, the high-end network of the Shouqi Group was survived to the front of the car, while Wei Dong joined the first car in the previous year.

In the following years, he promoted the 500 cars in the early 2015 in the early days, expanded to the scale of 800,000 vehicles in 2019.

In the high-end car market, one degree is the first steep car, Shenzhou special car and the orange car (the original “drip special car”) three-point in the world.

In a word, Wei Dong is the promoter of the first truck from hundreds of thousands of levels to millions of levels.

Robotaxi wants to realize commercialization, and the premise is also a large-scale deployment.

To this end, Baidu proposed Robotaxi’s 3-year goal at the end of last year: within 3 years (2021 – 2023), 30 cities landed, the team has reached 3,000, serving 3 million passengers.

These 3000 cars go out, and the problem comes with how the cost is recycled, how can the team make profit?

After Baidu internal research, it was found to be profitable, at least 20% of the local travel market.

That for Baidu, how to deploy, 3,000 cars in the next three years, the choice of city choice, the choice of vehicle delivery area, how to improve the vehicle’s order operation efficiency will be an important proposition.

Can you finalize a 20% market?

Wei Dong will be the person in charge of Baidu Apollo leads to solve these problems.

Second, the automatic driving mileage exceeds 10 million kilometers, the fifth generation unmanned car is coming

At present, Baidu ROBOTAXI R & D head is a Baidu Vice President, and Wang Yunpeng, General Manager of the Automatic Driving Technology Department.

Before this May 1, Wang Yunpeng also shared the latest progress of Robotaxi R & D:

As of April 2021, the Apollo L4-level automatic driving road test mileage has exceeded 10 million kilometers.

Baidu’s data is currently the first place in China.

After reaching a million mileage accumulation, Wang Yunpeng told us that Baidu’s fifth-generation car will soon be quantified.

The fifth-generation vehicle will have a great difference in the fourth-generation car (Robotaxi Based on Red Flag EV) now, first of all, the hardware cost of the fifth-generation car will reduce at least half than the above generation, second new car perception kit, calculate hardware, Multiple indicators such as hardware reliability will be based on the existing models, and some indicators are increased even more than 10 times.

Baidu fourth generation drone (red flag EV Robotaxi)

In addition, from the fifth-generation car, Baidu Apollo will unparalleled the perceived hardware of the Robotaxi scheme for the sense of hardware and preconditioning programs (except for the two versions of the laser radar), so It is also possible to achieve the data of Robotaxi and the front load bomb.

The fifth generation model will become the main service model of 3,000 Robotaxi teams.

With lower cost, stronger performance Robotaxi front load production vehicles, Baidu no car is about to take a new stage deployed 3,000, and the new model’s perceived programs will strengthen the Robotaxi and the front load bunter. The data syndrome, the iterative process of accelerating algorithms. Therefore, Wei Dong joined and the fifth-generation shared drone launched, which constituted Baidu Apollo in technology research and development, and pushed another two puzzles for unmanned vehicles.

Third, the layout is in the north, China’s unmanned car is expected to surpass Waymo

Baidu and Waymo are currently the only company that has completed thousands of kilometers of L4 automatic driving mileage accumulation. Some overseas authorities, such as Guidehouse (formerly Navigant Research) have also put Waymo and Baidu together in the world’s automatic driving leader in two consecutive years.

Baidu and Waymo’s unmanned vehicles have great similarity and have great different. In October 2020, the influence of the epidemic, Waymo opened a completely unmanned Robotaxi service (Waymo One) in Phoenix.

And this time I open unmanned Robotaxi in Beijing, it also makes Baidu a company that provides paid unmanned Robotaxi services.

Waymo R & D The commercial path of the unmanned car is a step in place, and the L4 is completely unmanned. The path of Baidu Apollo is “climbing the peak, eggs along the way.” The former is more difficult, and the determination and investment need also need.

From the results, Waymo currently seems to have encountered some problems on this path. Just in April, the original Waymo CEO John Krafcik announced that the original Waymo’s CTO and COO were joint CEO.

And Baidu Apollo has become more and more frequent in the commercialization of the unhocked car in these two years. From last year, Baidu Apollo Robotaxi service has been opened in Changsha, Zhangzhou, Beijing, Guangzhou and other opens and trial operations. Baidu unmanned vehicles are currently tested in Beijing, Changsha and Zhangzhou. Baidu plans to deploy 500-scale Robotaxi in China this year.

On the other hand, Baidu Apollo technology has also begun to land. Baidu AVP has implemented, Baidu’s high-order intelligent driving scheme ANP has been released on Weima W6. According to official information, this year will have a model with Baidu Smart Driving Technology in the second half of this month. In the next 3-5 years, Baidu AVP + ANP must achieve millions of levels of pre-installation.

3000 levels of Robotaxi’s large-scale deployment, and millions of postal mass production, which is very likely to promote China to achieve curve overtaking in high-order smart driving and complete unmanned driving, and then win.

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