What is “greasy”?

Shanghai Municipal Government implements local protectionism?

Wuling Hongguang MINI EV is under pressure?

Shanghai Green Play has once again opened difficult mode?

No fireefire, New Deal triggered multi-party conjecture

Recently, the news of the new energy car in Shanghai has ended an endless news, and it has also been verified by many parties, and the official statement will be introduced on May 10. Although the official has expressed that before the policy is officially released, there will be no longer respondents, but the wind is still a warm discussion of netizens.

“The models below 100,000 yuan or less or 4.6m from May 1st is not available.” This is the key topic discussed in the moment, and according to information and surveys, Shanghai Wuli, Chery and BYD Some models have not been able to register the card, a car brand 4S shop staff also responded to the media that the new administration has not yet been announced, but according to the latest news, the brand’s hot-selling A0 pure electric vehicle is really unable to go green. brand”.

In this policy, there are two main models, one is within 100,000 yuan, and the other is within 4.6 meters of the car. As soon as this news came out, many people thought that the policy was mainly protected by the Shanghai government for local companies. Because the mainstay of the main new energy models of each brand of the SAIC Group is almost 4.6M, the impact is not big. For example, Roewe Marvel X is 4.678M; Roewe Marvel R’s car is 4.674m; Roewe EI5’s car is 4.600m; R car ER6 is 4.724m; MG pilot new energy is 4.610m The president of the new energy of the fare 6 is 4.704m; Buick Microside 6’s car is 4.648m; Chevrolet Tour is 4.665m, as well as the latest listing, the captain of 4.612m. Even the factory is located in Shanghai Tesla Model 3 (4.694m) and Model Y (4.750M), and it is also “passing”, which is not awkward.

However, there are many products in SAICs, in the preserved product, such as the net red products under SAIC, Mingi EV, after the label of the Magic, will bring a deeper hit to its labels. And if Shanghai abandoned the macro Mini EV, its young image will no longer have, and there will be no difference with ordinary old man. In addition, the Roewe series of Roewe Series, such as SAIC Roewe ERX5 Plus is also in the preserved array.

Therefore, it is absolute local protectionism that is too absolute, but what is its purpose?

The card is scarce, and the work is also cherished

New energy sales of explosive growth is also an important reason for the new government in Shanghai. In 2012, when Shanghai has just tried new energy car green cards, only 20,000 indicators a year, but in the early days of the development of the industry, maybe due to unspeakable technologies, 20,000 indicators are completely used. The overall sales of new energy is always in controllable growth.

With the intensification of Shanghai restricting foreign licenses, a large number of consumers have chosen a free new energy green card, which directly promotes the number of green applications. On the one hand, the Shanghai brand has risen to more than 90,000 yuan, the number of applicants has increased, and the free green card directly enjoys Shanghai brand equivalent, so green has become the preferred choice for consumers.

In order to further support the development needs of new energy automotive industries, Shanghai has gradually released restrictions. However, in recent years, the demand for new energy licenses in Shanghai is very unprecedented. In 2020, the new energy license issued by Shanghai has exceeded 121,000, and it began to gradually exceed the normal range and increased the risk of policy out of control. The number of green brands has become a big problem that the Shanghai government needs to think.

From the 2019 Shanghai Development Reform Commission, the Shanghai New Energy Automobile Encouragement Policy Strategy, issued “New Energy Automotive Industry Development Plan (2021-12035)” in 2020 to limit new politics to 2021 The year may now tighten the license policy of the pure electric trolley of the A0 or A00 class. From the direction of various policies, it is an intention that Shanghai will gradually control the number of new energy vehicles. As far as the market changes and supply and demand changes, it is a future trend, and it is also the purpose of this new policy.

Policy is forced to industrial upgrading

In addition, mention Shanghai, I believe everyone will think of the label of the magic capital, small money, dream factory, in China, Shanghai is the synonym of fashion. In the eyes of countless car media, Shanghai is a new force cradle, is a faithful cluster of new energy vehicles.

In 2014, the first office of the official office landed in Shanghai Metro Anting Station, and later, the top of the new energy car circle Tesla was also built in Shanghai’s largest two factories in Shanghai. Its capacity and The status is not small. In March this year, Baidu and Geely joint ventures have also selected cars to land in Shanghai. On April 19th, Ideal Car CEO Li Xi also announced that the Shanghai R & D Headquarters will open the door at the end of April, and the overall scale can accommodate 2,000 people. This is the ideal car to be established, and less large-scale expansion. The new forces car companies have almost chosen the city’s city in Shanghai. In fact, this is not accidental, and the fact is the promotion of Shanghai policy. On February 25th, Shanghai has introduced the implementation plan of Shanghai to speed up new energy automobile industry (2021-2025) “. By 2025, Shanghai New Energy Automobile output value exceeded 350 billion yuan, accounting for 35% of the city’s auto manufacturing industry The above, in which the local new energy vehicle has an annual output of more than 1.2 million.

But the bestsellers like Hong Kong MINI EV will definitely not be seen by the Shanghai government. Although it is to meet more people in the market, it is actually a morbidity from the entire industry. Once, Zhongtai has listed an A0-level microcontrol in less than 20,000 prices. Since there is no airbag, there is a lot of ridicule. That now, lower-end products have been accepted, even excellent sales performance, is not to prove that the industry is retreating?

The industrial retreat caused by the market economy can only use policy intervention, and the industrial progress can be used. The Shanghai government is as high as it hopes to be able to brake low-end products from the most rooted low-end products.

So outside the income of the industry, Shanghai accused the R & D center of major products, of course, will not want to let the mini-car running, but more hopeful in the limited green card number. High-end products, which also meets its positioning of its international fashion metropolis.

At last:

Shanghai’s cradle witnessed the development process of new energy vehicles so far, is also a loyal supporter of the new energy industry. And what is “new policy”, is there we don’t know. Just from the long run, more comprehensive policy considerations are undoubtedly more beneficial to the industry development.

Whether it is a rude “one knife cut”, or the 100,000 yuan restrictions of the arms, there will be no wides in the new energy industry that has gradually declined in technology. If the limit factor can be implemented to the wheelbase of the car, the battery power, etc. and the product quality hook data may, may have more direct intervention to the new energy industry.

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