Doubletersla: price increase, jump, crash, protection

Tesla’s present, it is really a highlight of the highlight, whether it is a good thing or bad, it is larger than zoom in to zoom in. Today is May 7, about Tesla’s news is a wave of waves, @ 不 看 看 车 总 了 四 四, simple sharing.

1, price increase

The US Tesla Model 3 and Model Y raised today, the standard battery life upgraded version, the long-decreasing version of Model 3 and the long-lasting navigation version of Model Y rose 500 US dollars, this is the third time in 2021 The price has a total price of $ 1,500, approximately RMB 9690.15. I really don’t know why the owners who cut the price of rights will do what they want, will it be fortunate?

2, jump ticket

The flagship model of the big revised model Model S and Model X are delayed again!

Long-life version of Model S, start delivery from 9-7 months.

Model S Plaid, started from 8 – September.

Model s Plaid Plus, started in 2022.

Model X Long Flight Edition and Plaid Edition is started from January to February.

Recently, someone talked to Mask to make a car, Xiaomi’s car, Mask repeatedly repeated him, “prototypes easy, mass production will be difficult to pass,” From Model S and Model X It is really difficult to get a lot of jumps and SEMI and SEMI, and ROADSTER 2, it is really difficult to get from prototypes! It’s too difficult!

3, crash

Today, I have a crash accident in Guangdong. From the video of the flow, the speed of the car is really too fast. If you use the netizen, what car can’t stop the car! Many people are saying that the speed of the car reached 167 km / h, but I didn’t find the source of the data.

What is it good? Ten us, safety first. There are two walks of driving in the driving, and you will be careful when you drive, you must control your speed!

4, protection

This is a matter of today’s heat and a car accident in Shaoguan.

According to the Fin Federation, after May 1, there is no license in Shanghai within 10,000 yuan or within 4.6 meters of the car. Macro Miniev, BYD E1, which 吒 V, zero Rotary T03, Euler black cat white cat and other models have not been able to add cards. It is said that the New Council will be released around 10. If it is still unable to be able to on the card, the affected car company has to make a refund for the reservation of the owner.

After seeing this news, I sent a short message. So 6 hours, more than 300 comments were gathered on a certain piece, which can be described as warm. Netizen has a scream, and it is said that this is a big trick to Shanghai in order to protect Tesla, for other brands. What do you think?

Tesla’s high light, I don’t know if the executives are enjoyed or a headache?

Today, someone sent a private letter to my family. At that time, I was very angry, and I thought about it. Really sorrowful for these people! Even the black society also pays attention to the family, just because the point of view on the Internet is curse, I really don’t know how these people are thinking!

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