Honda Yuxue Phev is about to be listed, 85 km of pure electricity

In the context of the global automotive motorized sweaters, major old-blessed automakers are gradually adjusting their strategic layouts, and they have launched a new model of motivation. However, unlike a lot of emerging brands, the usual practice of these old manufacturers is to transform the fuel models in the past, which can learn from the outstanding experience of the past, and can also attract a lot of fuel-fuel buses, which can be described as two. The car to introduce today is Honda Yuxue Phev version, in this year’s Shanghai car show, this year, the third quarter is about to be listed.

In terms of appearance, the new car continues the design of the fuel version of Honda, still calm atmosphere. But there are still some differences at the detail, that is, in the tail section, the signs E: PHEV is added to highlight its new energy car. At the same time, as an oil-electric mixing vehicle, the car also added a socket that charges the vehicle on the right rear side of the vehicle, which is also different from the fuel model.

Not only that, but also in the body size of the PHEV version of the model and the fuel version of the model. The fuel version of the shadow length is 4634/1855 / 1679mm, and the wheelbase is 2661mm, and the PHEV version of the shadow length is 4718/1861 / 1679mm, and the long-width fuel version has improved. The internal space is more good.

In this auto show, the manufacturer did not announce the performance of new car interiors, but combined with the design of the vehicle, it is expected that the interior part and the past fuel model will not have too much difference, the biggest difference may be based on The identity of the new energy source of the vehicle increases the exclusive sign.

In terms of power, the car is equipped with a 2.0-liter engine + dual motor power combination, whether it is urban road conditions or long-distance driving. According to the declaration information provided by the manufacturer, the pure battery life is 85 kilometers under the NEDC operating conditions, and the value of the comprehensive fuel consumption declaration of 100 kilometers is 1.3L.

So what kind of market competition will this be faced after this car? As a joint venture brand, compact SUV, the main competitor or the previous Cr-V Phev and RAV4 honor E +, can say that between the other is an old friend, early in the fuel stroke stage. It has been PK for many years, and it has reached the new energy field, and there is also the most important competitor. Referring to the prices of the above cars, the price of this Honda Shadow PHEV version is expected to be within 23-250,000 yuan.

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