New choice for home car purchase, BYD Qin Plus EV comprehensive analysis

BYD’s development of these years can be said to be quite successful, whether in the field of fuel trains or new energy, BYD is currently a leading brand in a domestic model. Many friends will give priority when buying a car, on the one hand, on the one hand, in response to supporting domestic calls, on the other hand, BYD’s own strength, the reputation of the market. Today, the Qin Plus EV we have to introduce is the latest BYD new car in 2021, and the price range is distributed at 12.98-16.68 million.

First, in terms of appearance, the front face of the car continued Long Yan design of family boss, such design attracted many young people. The closed grill demonstrates the identity of the new energy of the car, plus the exquisite arrow headlight, so that the car’s head looks quite gas field.

Side of the body, this BYD Qin Plus EV’s body streamlined design is quite harmonious, although the body is not long, but the top of the car has a quite exercise, with many home trolley, the medium is not too the same. It is worth mentioning that the car adds a small window in the portion of the vehicle C column, and the passengers sitting in the back row can also get a good view of the light, and will not feel wronged.

The tail of the vehicle, the clever design of the vehicle designer makes this vehicle look quite exquisite. The rounded detail design plus the slender duckwell design is very different from a lot of models, and the recognition is high. At the same time, through the taillights and the horizontal lines make this car from visually look more atmospheric.

In terms of interior, Qin Plus EV serves as a third car of the Qin family, and the interior has basically formed a certain unique style. The EV version of the interior is basically consistent with the DM-I version. The hug cabin is quite friendly for the driver. Suspended large-sized large screen looks full of technology. Unlike the DM-I version of the small dashboard, the EV version of the model is embedded embedded the instrument panel and looks more integrity.

As a pure tram type, the car’s battery life is 400/500/600 kilometers, respectively, and it is equipped with a lithium iron phosphate blade battery in which family has developed by BYD. Safety performance is effective. So which of the four models of the car do? First, even if it is the lowest model, the life is 400 kilometers, which is basically able to meet the daily households of users. Therefore, in addition to excessively worried about the battery life, the endless mileage of the substantially low-low models can basically meet the needs.

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