Maximum battery life 600km, 100 kilometers accelerated 4.8 seconds, can zero run C11 can be successful?

Nowadays, the new power of the car is getting faster and faster, and many new power brands have been able to be alone. For example, Xiaopeng has become a strong power with traditional car companies. In the new energy market, we can clearly see such changes.

In the new forces of the car, the zero-sports car believes that everyone is not stranger, the electric models produced by the zero run car, the identification of the appearance is very high, and the appearance is very fashionable. Although the influence of zero run is far less likely, Xiaopeng, the potential of zero run is very powerful. For example, zero run C11 This car is very representative.

Zero Run C11 is a pure electric SUV, in the hot auto market in SUV, very compliant with consumers’ choice for models. In terms of appearance, the zero run C11 uses the through-type headlight design, the front face design is simple, there is no extra design. It looks full of technology. The side of the zero run C11 is full of sport, there is a black in the bottom, and the induction device of the car is placed in this area. This “hidden” design makes the car very low.

On the side of the body, the slope should be printed in the eye, and many detail design make people feel that the zero run C11 is not general. For example, hidden handles, 18-inch hubs, and boundless frames, all have the foundation for the whole volume.

In terms of interior, simple design reflects eye blinds, triple screen design, double-fashioned steering wheel looks very comfortable. The intelligence of the car is a highlight. The zero run C11 is equipped with the L3 level automatic driving, which can assist the owner to drive, reduce the fatigue of the owner, and then upgrade the L4 level driving.

In terms of battery life, the car single motor version is 600 kilometers to meet most of the car scene. The double motor version is powerful, and the 100-kilometer acceleration takes only 4.8 seconds.

Overall, the comprehensive strength of this car is very good, it is very suitable for the current young consumer group. Especially intelligent configurations will definitely attract many techniciors. Do you think that the zero run C11 can become a model that helps zero running brands?

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