From user trust to CSOP car enterprises to press “user-type enterprise”

“The car is a high value low frequency, and the Internet is a low value high frequency. This determines that the automotive enterprise is difficult to operate, and our CSOP has completely solved this problem, it makes the company and customer viscosity becomes very high. And even the hungry is high. “During the Shanghai Auto Show, Xi Zhixi, Joint CEO, Liu Tao, talked about the meaning of the CSOP (User Data Rights Program) in an interview.”

Zhixian Automobile is the brand of SAIC Group, Alibaba, Zhangjiang Qigu in December last year and has 10 billion yuan. The Zhixong Automotive is positioned as “user-type automobile technology”. When founding, 4.9% equity is reserved as a CSOP User Data Rights Program.

CSOP can be said to be the key to “user type”. Recently, Zihe Automobiles announced the “gameplay” of CSOP to show that ZHECIFA is based on 4.9% equity, and the “issued” 300 million rocks, car purchase users can be used to redeem various hardware upgrades or software after obtaining these original stones. Air upgrade service, or financial and insurance products. Those self-contained cars even said that users can also “enjoy a huge bonus of company appreciation”.

For the way to get the original stone, the wisdom of the car has announced two kinds of “mileage mining” and “developing.”

Among them, the cultivation of the cultivation accounts for 30% of the original stone via, and the wisdom owner and non-host can obtain “crystal”, accumulated a certain “crystal” and accumulated “crystal”, “Crystal”, “crystal” “. “Mineral box” is like a blind box, randomly falls out “treasure”, which contains rich user rights. “The owner and non-host have the opportunity to extract the mine box, but the original stone that maps the equity income is only qualified to obtain it.”

Mileage mining, as the name suggests, the user generated during the car is authorized to intellectual car, based on the block chain technology, the original stone will randomly give the user at a conventional speed. It is reported that the mileage mining accounts for 70% of the total amount of original stone.

From the previous design, the data is a contact user and intellectual car, which is a high-value, high-frequency link. In the view of intellectual car, users can use data from the car during the automation of the automation of AI, can directly promote product, service, and brand evolution and iteration, “software definition car” core is not the software itself, but data drive. The original stone is the data value of the data contribution to the user’s contribution in the form of digital rights.

“Zhiwelf CSOP is the terminator of user data. Along the intelligent era logic, if you continue to be white, you will choose to be enemy in the era.”

During the Shanghai Auto Show, Xishao Automobile announced the pre-sale model “Angel Bottom Edition” of the first model, and the pre-sale price is 4.088 million yuan. For the first batch of 3,000 users of ZHET L7, Xiredong Automobile announced as the “Angel Wheel” of the Customer, gave the angel wheel user crystal welfare. This means that Xishao cars officially launched the CSOP user data rights program.

The welfare of the 3,000 angels users of Zishao L7, after the vehicle is delivered, the user takes more than 5,000 kilometers per year, and the data rights produced will be available to the next generation of laser radar integration, the driving system, Zhix others Will be officially launched in the new Zhiqi system for one year, providing the angel wheel to provide the original software and hardware comprehensive integration upgrade. After three years, users can upgrade a next-generation energy battery that is not less than 120 degrees of high-order energy batteries that are not less than 120 degrees of electricity, extending the endless range of more than 800 kilometers.

From the booking situation of Xizhe’s L7, the user shows a big enthusiasm for this car. After the reservation, “Angel Wheel” is only 200 limited space per day, with an average of 2 minutes and more than 2 minutes.

However, it is worth explanating that the welfare of CSOP user data rights related to Xiwelf L7 corresponds to the upgrade of battery hardware products and corresponding software services, and has not been directly mapped to the shares and “enjoys the company’s appreciation.”

300 million original stone corresponds to the 4.9% equity of Zhejiao, according to the current registered capital, corresponding to the valuation of 490 million yuan, accompanied by the future, Identified car A round, B round, C round financing, and even possible listing plans, this part The equity must produce appreciation and volatility, and how to achieve the share of the equity appreciation in this part of this equity without being sold, there is no pledge After the wisdom, if the original stone between users can trade, whether this produces a digital rights market independent of the exchange, this part of the price of the original stone is defined?

For such innovations, it often means complex and difficult. In an interview, Zhixian Automobile persons also said that in terms of compliance, in the past year, the Zhishao team invited more than ten laws, repeatedly scrutiny, striker, and must be able to give back the rights for user data. It is possible to regulate the laws and regulations of the rigid sections to ensure the smooth operation of CSOP startup.

Similarly, emphasizing the “user-type enterprise”, its founder, chairman, CEO Li Bin once transferred 50 million shares of shares, and the user trust was established in 2019.

“I think the car’s consumers have not received enough respect and kindness. It is like this. It is like this. It is like this. E-commerce buy a pair of socks can be sent to home, car maintenance, What does it take to send? I have always thought that users in the automotive industry should be kind. “Juanlai jointly founder, president Qin Lihong received an interview, using such a paragraph to explain the” user-type enterprise “and set up users The original intention of trust. User trusting things have also encountered a series of hinders.

During the 2020 new crown epidemic, it was announced at the time that the user trust fund had been quickly launched and set up special funds for 5 million yuan, of which 2 million is a social public welfare fund, which is directly donated by 1 million yuan and $ 1 million. The way, the Wuhan local riders will supervise and collaborate to fight the epidemic.

But actually, “During the end of the epidemic, (user trust) gives the owner a little epidemic prevention product, this is a temporary task, I feel that the user trust should do something, it is not perfect, it is Bin Ge (refers to Li Bin) Personally, I have done a few million, this money has not yet also give him. “Qin Lihong revealed.

According to Qin Lihong, the user trust in last year is still improving the basic mechanism and legal structure, because it is a precedent, but also offshore, the complex process of trust, let the lawyers “crazy” in Wall Street, plus The reason for the epidemic, the current user trust “fund operation is basically not done”. He said that hopes this year’s user trust “goes out” in terms of asset management and trust into system use.

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