Everything you have suffered today is unavoidable.

People who have experienced the “Tesra killer” era should be very clear that Tesla is now in fact, in fact, there is no accident. Different, the United States has wanted to kill Tesla, while the country’s mailing will only drag the slow down. Just as Tao Lin said that we want to wear the crown, Tesla is currently in the country, and this phase will experience and repeat in other countries and regions.

Everything in the United States is in the United States, and it is very civilized in the country today. In the United States, Tesla’s super charging station is often frozen (fuel car), it is destroyed (pile, cut line, longitudinal burning, spray fuel or feces), Tesla owner is also hostile, bullied (The fuel truck deliberately slammed the throttle before going to the front of the car, greet the Tesla with the exhaust gas … and Tesla is not to say, it is pressed by all kinds of power departments (of course, all is Fuel Truck related territor is a wolf.

And what is it suffering now? There is only a malicious injury and being spapped. @ 不 看 看,, this is related to the security environment in our country. Perhaps a place where you don’t do not can’t do not can’t do not cause, Tesla is more crazy than in the US era, but also it is entirely possible.

I saw that many media were reported today, saying that one-third of the second quarter, Tesla’s second quarter has been exhausted. I really feel very happy! Jumping beam clown is a wheel that can’t stop the history. Tesla represents an era, a progressive era. @ 不 看 看 车 信

There is still a news today, saying that in the second quarter, Tesla took a refund to send a charging mileage to spend $ 23 million, now they are brewing a new plan to compress costs. Speaking here, @ 不 看 看 车 特 想 想, is the introduction of the shortage to the country? Why didn’t I hear a whisper? Have a winning friend? Come and share joy!

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