After 90, the tram is a small sister, only spend 3 days from a grass.

It feels like the spirit of the animal and return to the side.

This period of the person is Xiaoyu: Yan-controlled Cancer 90 after the little sister, naturally likes small animals, for this feeling, the marine animal domesticator in the underwater world. Considering the long-term development of the occupation, Xiaoyan then interdes the hotel industry, now is a six-star international hotel HR, who has recently changed the car, in my recommendation, she bought a one before two weeks Blue white erapose black cat.

A lunch worth six hundred million

At noon at the beginning of April, I participated in a friend’s dinner, Xiaoyan and her mother were there.

At Ninghai Road, I opened a nearly 10 years of restaurants. I gave a group of elders to report a recent electric vehicle, and also shared our recent New Euled Black Cat – this car is currently become My parents’ car, the Volvo XC90 in the family has been completely lost.

That meal, of course, also contains the grab game of Chinese characteristics, and finally the mother has become the winner successful payment.

But she should haven’t thought of it, 3 days later, because of this meal, she spent nearly 70,000 oceans.

Because it is the grass, the whole process of Xiaoyu is holding the car to communicate with me. Recently, I will talk to her on the topic of the black cat.

“As early as the beginning of the year, I wanted to buy a car, I’m going to get off work. However, I have no way to the car, and I have never thought about buying anything, but there is a little, the shape is definitely good enough.

As a little sister, Xiaoyan did not consider the brand and budget, and did not pre-online find comparison, just saw the outer shape, and then silently remembered the model, then go online to find this Details of the models.

She said that only Lexus ES and Mercedes-Benz C26L once made her heart, but the imported car, the price of 23,000 is not cheap, so she did not worry.

“I also considered the MINI EV of Wuling Hongguang, the value of the value, but I found that the space is like a small space, I gave up. However, I didn’t study the electric car at the time.”

Little sister bought a car, from planting grass to order as long as 3 days

Xiaoyan’s car purchase plan for a few months without substantive progress, she and her mother were caught by black cats in the meal. Of course, in Xiaoyan, the first step is to look at the appearance, so she has searched a lot of real cart photos and evaluations on Xiaohong Book and Weibo – the little sister bought a car, not on the car home. Red book.

The conclusion is that the color value, space, and life, the factors that she see are more satisfied, plus six or nonted car prices, only a zero head compared to the previously seen the imported car. So she cited a holiday next day, and I went to the store to see the trolley.

Xiaoyan and mother are very satisfied with the black cat, coupled with my family reputation, almost no hesitation.

“I also tried to meet the white cat and a good cat in the store. I like the white cat double-scale, the black cat is clearly lacking the design, but the appearance of the white cat is not enough. This is a hard injury. “

For a higher price, you said that the appearance is really moving, but she has more like the front face of the black cat, and the black cat’s function is also enough.

The car is for the girls such as Xiaoyan, there is no much driving needs, so it is basically in addition to the appearance and some practical details, different cars say “the feeling on the road is almost”. “

In the final coincidence, the black cat has a lot of color optional, and the blue white model she like is exactly in stock, after a simple bargain, it is satisfied.

The final choice is this blue and white two-color, and the built-in 351 km black cat.

A lot of features have not been introduced, voice interaction is very like

As a careful Cancer, Xiaoyan’s style is ready to prepare in advance. For example, she is often traveling everywhere, and every time she starts to go.

It is no exception to the car, she is not idle during the process of waiting for the car, and the little red book is better in advance. When the new car is happy, I am happy to dress the black cat into my own small world.

Talk to the car, the feelings of Xiaoyan are not very satisfied, “Sales are particularly busy, often do not see the trace, the vehicle function introduction is also relatively simple.”

The result of lacking detailed delivery explanation is that Xiaoyan’s first experience is accompanied by a lot of exploration.

For example, she first drives alone, and finds that they can start unchecked. The European power supply is the NFC principle, that is, put the car key in the induction area at that moment.

In addition, there is a Bluetooth key function of the mobile app, and Xiaoyi also explores it. Keyless control and start can be achieved, and both mobile navigation screens and multimedia sound sources can be connected to the vehicle.

It turns out that Euler’s cargo car processes have to be improved, and it is far from some new forces. The new forces brand will be responsible for sales, delivery, and after-sales, and Eule is almost a sales of all the models responsible for all models, which obviously dilutes the actual purchase experience of the user.

However, it is worth a black cat’s life. After 2 weeks of picking up, Xiaoyi ushered in the first charging experience. Because the family charges have not been installed, she is charging in the public charging pile. The daily driving scene is mainly in the commuter, although I can’t charge at home, but it seems that life is still good, reducing the trouble of charging.

Talking about the use of the car experience, Xiaoyu said that the voice interaction of the favorite black cat can be used to sing and simple vehicle control. Occasionally, it will regret that it is worse than the white cat’s double-screen, and the rear window will be more perfect. In the May Day holiday, Xiaoyi is also ready to travel around him.

Write in the last: Xiaoyu said, although the place to work now is a high-end place that many people are enviable, but the domestic tamer experience is the most memorable of her most memories.

“It’s really amazing, I like animals, but I didn’t want to be a year of domesticate. I didn’t expect that when I decided to leave the last performance, those little animals seem to have spirituality, know that I have to go, just I have been sticking to me. I feel that I bought a black cat is also quite magical. I didn’t expect to buy a new car so soon, and still an electric car, I have no many people around me. “

“Open a black cat, it feels like the spirit of the animal and go back.”

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