2021 electric car’s first quarterly sales can be happy, IEA Directors urge countries to increase investment of charging piles!

EV Sales Blog, which specializes in the sales of electric vehicles, has announced the first season of tram sales in the first quarter of 2021 recently. In the first quarter, the global sold exceeding 1.8 million electric vehicles, electric vehicle sales have also risen by 2.5 times year-on-year, of which the sales of electric vehicles have about 1.1 billion, and the sales of all electric vehicles is about 750,000! And on the specific data, Tesla’s sales are still leading, but other large manufacturers are also approaching step by step.

Plug-in car sales in the first quarter of 2021:

1. Tesla: 184,500 (16% share)

2. SAIC Group: 145,034 (13% share)

3. Volkswagen Group: 130,563 (12% share)

4. BMW Group: 77,873 (7% share)

5. Stevetis: 66,613 (6% share)

The top five total: 604,583 (53.6% share)

Others: 523, 420 (46.4% share)

Total: 1,128,003

All-electric vehicle sales in the first quarter of 2021:

1. Tesla: 184,500 (25% share)

2. SAIC Group: 124,922 (17% share)

3. Volkswagen Group: 63,085 (8% share)

4. BYD: 38,826 (5% share

5. Stevestis: 35,450 (5% share)

The top five: 446,783 (60.1%)

Other: 296,513 (39.9%)

From the first quarter data, it can clearly feel that the sales of pure electric vehicles have significantly increased in the global market, the situation is good, and the time nodes are similar, the International Energy (IEA) has also released their forecasts. . According to IEA’s “Global Electric Automotive Outlook”, CNBC reported: “By 2030, the number of electric vehicles, bus, van trucks and heavy trucks on the road will expect to reach 145 million.”

According to IEA report, the actual number may be larger, and if governments have increased efforts to achieve international energy and climate objectives, the number of global electric vehicles will increase further, and it will reach 23 million in the end of the decade.

At the same time, this headquarters of Paris said that last year has registered about 3 million new electric cars, set a record, an increase of 41% compared to 2019. This jumping makes the total number of electric vehicles on the road exceed 10 million. “

Among them, IEA Executive Directors, Paber, Barr, also mentioned: “Electric cars play an indispensable role in achieving net emissions in global net emissions, and current sales trends are also very encouraging” which also conduct governments Uppends: “To increase investment in battery manufacturing and wide and reliable charging infrastructure”

Xiaobian believes that the corresponding manufacturer, suppliers will be more and more in the pure electric car have been initially recognized and achieved, and the suppliers will have more and more, and finally form a scale effect, accelerate the improvement of related technologies, model research and development, and cost reduction .

From the current development progress, by 2030, the scene of electric vehicles will be implemented, but regardless of how the electric vehicle sales grow, the necessary basic construction, the solution of charging problems is still. As mentioned with IEA Executive Directors, Barrol, I hope that under the high-speed achievements of electric vehicles, their supporting battery production and charging infrastructure will also keep up, so that the entire industry will develop healthily!

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