Continuation Cybertruck Pickup Design, Tesla new MPV rendering diagram exposure

I just bid farewell to the Shanghai Auto Show, I don’t know if the Labor Day is coming again. It can’t mention Tesla without mentioning the Shanghai Auto Show. To say this year, the first car company in the Shanghai Auto Show originally the head, it must be Tesla, you can say that the car owners of the rights, the owners of rights are endless, but this time, it is hot, contact the first year. Tesla has happened a lot of brake failure problems, and has been passed away from all kinds of flight. At the auto show, it is also the violent expenses of rights protection. Finally, even asking for compensation vehicles, but also a “hard means” of Many car owners to Tesla. Pulling.

Although Tesla has repeatedly stressed the cause of the reason until Tesla itself after each accident, but because of the factors such as driving problems, in the eyes of many car owners, Tesla has been posted an unsafe. s Mark. It can be said that when the new energy car has once globally, Tesla is a person who is the first fire, and its CEO Mask is a topic character. From Mars Immigration Plan attractive global people’s eyes, then start a large number of acquisition of virtual currency dog ​​coins, and even released news that can be purchased with Bitcoin, let Bitecoin climbed up to 60,000 US dollars.

Compared to the car, it seems that Mask is more like amateur hobbies. Of course, Tesla, which is the car, has been in the pure electric giant of the innovation, even if the new car appearance is full of technology, before A few years of exposure of the shape of the shape of the tank armored car, the Cybertruck pickup type can be said to make a sufficient eye, and the conference is as always ups and downs. In order to test the bulletproof glass of the new car, let a fight against the fight against the glass. As a result, the glass should be broken, so that many netizens are ridiculous.

Recently, a new MPV render map of the design style with CyberTruck is also circulating from overseas.

As can be seen from the rendering, the design of the two cars has chosen the same armored vehicle model like Mars exploration vehicles. The difference is that a pickup is positioned MPV. The front face is a four-angled flat splicing design. The front headlights use a narrow penetration lamp shape, and the hub is a multi-formal enclosed alloy wheel design. It is worth mentioning that this MPV also uses a common side sliding opening method, and it is also a bit of smoke.

It is reported that this new car will be named Cybervan and is the earliest to officially appear in 2026. At that time Tesla in the pure electric vehicle market will include cars, SUV, pickup, sports car, and MPV models to achieve comprehensive coverage.

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