China’s new forces not only need it, it still needs

In the past two years, the smart electric vehicle war in the new forces have launched new energy sources, such as the Great Wall Ou La, Geely Ji, Dongfeng, Guangqi Er, etc. At the same time, some Internet, real estate and mobile phone companies also burst into the new forces, which were born with Baidu, and Everbright cars and millet vehicles, as well as Huawei INSIDE.

Traditional autonomous brands have a change in new forces, and other industry giants have flooded into the new forces battlefield. You have to admit that the new power of China in 2014, has been completed from the “PPT product” from the time. Gorgeous transformation, even growing into China’s new energy winds. Specifically to each new forgenes, there are also thousands of autumn, such as a breakthrough in the luxury car market, Xiaopeng has become a pioneer, which is open the popularity of smart electric vehicles, and so on.

Especially where the car, the products and brand positioning of the mainstream market allows it to stand in the market. At present, the monthly sales is second only to the three Internet new forces to make “Qi Qi”, and become the strongest traditional new forces. What is even more rare is that there is nothing to stop in existing results. In the first batch of new forces Wan Ma Qi, they chooses to launch the rotation attack from the ground. From the side, it shows that cars are still in high-speed upwards. The future is worth looking forward to.

Specifically, which car first released the intelligent electric vehicle U PRO of the industry’s first colloidal fuel car, and achieved a maximum of more than 5,000 orders in a week, and a bursary will be scheduled. Subsequently, which car announced the start of 3 billion D round financing, and the leaders included Internet giants 360, although it is only invested, but this is enough to explain the integrated strength of the car has been recognized by 360. If the 360 ​​is subsequent to determine which two shareholders, with 360 financial and software technology strength, this not only makes the home of the car more sound, and even the three of the “Qi Qi” has the ability to have a wrist.

From a low-key traditional new forces to get the giant giant of the Internet giants, become a new force in the traditional and traditional and Internet concept, which has made the progress of the car.

1, firmly make high quality intelligent electric vehicles

In November 2018, on the occasion of the 49th month of the establishment of the new energy of Hezhong, there were two new cars N01, N03 “Sex” landing in the 16th Guangzhou Auto Show. With this as the starting point, the car officially announced into the market, carrying countless sweat, the first car N01 is also officially listed on the price of 5.98-6.98 million yuan.

At this time, the car also established the core intelligent electric vehicle development route of “price ratio” for the first time. It contains two levels of meaning: quality and cost performance. For example, which is the first car N01, which brings “good opening, good, good-looking, fun”, with a smart technology experience, and smart technology experience with the first car, comfortable and safe, and the smart technology experience. At the same time, the ultimate quality is brought about by competitive prices, which is called “high price ratio of the king” in the same level.

For electric vehicles, self -ustrability is one of the most important indicators of its quality. However, due to the current, almost all new energy brands, including new and old forces, such as modern, Ford and other international plants, have developed new energy vehicles, and launched a large number of recalls. And which car, the accumulated sales reached nearly 40,000, and is one of the new energy brands that have not had a spontaneous combustion case, and the visible capacity industry is first class.

In addition to quality, another keyword of the car is cost-effective. Compared to the new forces, ideal these high-end new forces, where the car is in the beginning of the establishment, it has always heavily supported the mass market within 200,000 yuan, similar to the Great Wall Eu Focused Women’s Market. This Shanghai Auto Show, which is the car joint founder and the CEO Zhang Yong once again reaffirmed such a brand positioning, “Which car will definitely do popular consumer brands, do not do high-end.”

Figure: Which car joint founder and CEO Zhang Yong

After N01, which car has launched which 吒 u, which 吒 V, and which 吒 u pRO now listed, even which is the middle high-end coupe model that will be launched next year S. Although the model is getting more and more, the creed of the car has never changed, that is, high quality + cost-effective = explosion models. Which car will not create a model of 200,000 yuan? No, which is a very strong strategic force, knowing that it can be, it is not for it.

As for the market reaction, although there is an occasional twists, it is always good, which is also the bottom of this car idea. Specifically, due to the limited second-line channels, product marketing is not strong, so that the U. is flat. Although this, which is N01, which is V, which is the three cars that have been, or is a good performance.

On November 3 last year, as a N01 successor, I was hitting. Compared with the ranging prices of 80,000 in the same type, it is a sales price of less than 60,000, making it the most cost-effective A00-level quality intelligent electric SUV. In the market performance, Zhang Yong said to the media, “Where can we be listed for 4 or five months, the order is more than 20,000 units, for a new product, this speed is very satisfied with us, estimated This number will be higher at the end of the year. “The upward work of this auto show – which 吒 u pro, seems to have been locked a burst. While public launching D round financing, which car also disclosed a cumulative order amount of a week after the U PRO motor show – more than 5,000 units, quite good. For the next monthly sales target, Zhang Yong said in the media predicts in the auto show. “I think the sales of about 3,000 units this year is a more good goal, it may be more next year.”

Electric potential believes that Zhang Yong is expected to have an exaggeration in the market of Joh U PRO. First, the current compact intelligent electric SUV market is best-selling is Weima EX5 and Xiaopeng G3, and the monthly insurance data is maintained at around 2,000. By comparing the above three products before, the core competitiveness of U PRO is fully leading in three cars, and the range is not small, which means that u PRO monthly sales is at least 2,000, this possibility Not low.

In addition, since the product has exceeded the same intelligent electric vehicle, it is enough to fuel in the same level of the column, which is even with the fuel truck. In this regard, the electric potential has also been described in detail in the previous product analysis article, and it will not be more detailed here. If U PRO can take a market from the fuel car market, then Zhang Yong expected 3,000 sets of sales in conservative.

Figure: Which car chief marketing official Jiang Feng

At the auto show, the first car chief marketing company Jiang Feng blunt, “as the first price-priced hard bar Fuel car smart pure electric SUV, which is listed, not only greatly enhances the cost-effective price of pure electric vehicles, but also comprehensive and fuel truck When I gave the user, I gave the user’s reason to choose the reason for the electric vehicle. I became the beginning of the pure electric vehicle to seize the fuel market. “N01 to V, U PRO successfully successfully, let the people who have the car logic It is a 3/4 product success rate with a data.

2, China’s new forces not only need it, but also

This auto show is interviewed, Zhang Yong has been asked a topic of the old saying: Which car has a high-end impulse?

Zhang Yong gave a generic man’s reply. “I have no high-end impulse, which is our highest model, and our pricing will not be so high.” In addition, Zhang Yong also gave two separate reasons. The first is mentioned above. “Which car will definitely do popular consumer brands, do not do high-end.” Second, “they are doing high-end, I have a good thing for us, I have more opportunities and space.”


The second answer is very interesting, we can discrete a chat. Throughout the development of the independent brand, from Chery, Geely to the Great Wall, the traditional independent brand has started from the low-end, and then the family went to the present, although the multi-round high-end trial is also done, but the overall effect is very small. Until recent years, Wey, Wey, Starva and other new stars were born, the self-owned brand was successful in the middle and high-end market, but its core battlefield was still below 200,000 yuan.

The new forces of the car is not the same,extreme fox to the current blood, etc., as long as you feel the hustle, almost a high-end market. Although everyone is enthusiastic, we still have to take some cold water: the last empty bomb is not a few. Even so, it will be a breakthrough in the 400,000-zone, ideal and hetero to stand up to 300,000 markets, and so on, this still gives us a lot of surprises: China can also do high-end car brands.

This has to let us think about the core support logic behind this, and we believe that there are the following four points:

First, the smart electric vehicle users have no particular great support for new and old power, but in turn dominates for the ultimate productivity and perfect service;

Second, China’s new energy industry chain is very perfect, maintaining leading in the core power battery, such as the top supplier of Ningde Times, which makes us easily create the ultimate product, not in the fuel truck ;

Third, after nearly forty years of accumulation, today’s China Auto Industry, including new energy auto industry, has been talented, especially smart electric vehicles, our extensive software talents, product managers roles Sexual strengthening and highlighting;

Fourth, managing modernization, born in more than 20 years ago with obvious family-cultivation, the birth of the new forces in the 7 years ago basically and family-cultivation, replaced by the modern partner management mechanism , Decision-making, more pragmatic, and efficient.

Therefore, based on the solid industrial environment of China’s new energy, now do not simply use the word “impulse” to describe it, this is already the past. But don’t you mean that everyone is suitable for playing high-end? Obviously, this is a great relationship with the background, resources and mechanisms of each company, that is, whether the hard work is enough? As long as one of them is lacking, it is unlikely to stand in a high-end market. For the previous car, whether it is from the depth of enterprise resources, or the traditional enterprise mechanism, there is a gap with the new forces of the Internet giants, such as the new forces, such that such soft and hardness determines it is very difficult. The high-end market is already a typical case. If the 360 ​​is subsequent, it is believed that the soft and hard strength of which car will be significantly improved, but that is later, at least the high end of the power is still significantly.

On April 20th, Zhang Yong said in a social media, “Many times encountered similar problems: What do you compete with anyone who comes. I think it is a new enterprise, anchoring a segment, making good Product, keep the rhythm, dry, don’t worry, don’t be anxious, you can’t sleep, hardening the village, maybe you will win. “Zhang Yong is very awake, for now which is now It is the urgent task to maintain a strategic and stable base, and then it is true.

Thus, he read the second discussion of Zhang Yong to answer. Although he did not own the car could not support the high-end market, he emphasized the opportunity and space in the market where the car is in the market. Zhang Yong’s answer is more embarrassing, but still caught our attention: Where is the opportunity and space in this?

We look at a data, according to the multiplier statistics, last year’s national passenger car retail cumulative sales is 19288 million, of which the accumulated sales of luxury cars is about 25.291 million, accounting for 13%. This means that non-luxury cars market, that is, the proportion of the popular market share is as high as 87%, which is the market where the public, Toyota and other brands are located. This is the case, the new energy car market will be the same.

For the mission of the car, Zhang Yong has repeatedly emphasized in public cases: “Which car should do intelligent safety and pure electric vehicles, will intelligently become a massive product.” so that what is going to do is the public in the smart electric vehicle, Toyota. The new forces have an unstoppable vacation for the automotive industry. For the Chinese new forces brand, we need not only a luxury smart electric vehicle brand such as this, but also the popular intelligent electric vehicle brand.

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