Who is saving? Tesla brake door turns into gossip door, good life is born ….

After the maintenance rights of the Testla female car owner, the incident continued to ferment, but from Tesla’s “uncompromising”, to the parties were detained, then Cangchang Name Tesla, followed by Tesla and announced the vehicle data……

Originally, things are moving towards a good direction, but unnecessary public opinion changes, a “media card” of the Women’s owner will turn the original pure defend to the gossip event, and the discussion of the event will take the discussion direction of the event.

This is like this, when the female owner’s photo media licensed on the social media, the video screenshot showed that the company looked up in this document of Tesla Women’s Lands. A word.

Who is “Webster”?

The people of the car circle are not strange to this company. Weibaster is a famous car supplier. Baidu Encyclopedia is that it is a production of automobile skylights, folding engershots, automotive heating systems, power batteries, charge solutions. Professional business. Note that the company’s name is correct to “Webster” instead of “Wei”.

This is not a focus, netizens continue to smash the social platform of the female owners, and found that the female owner came to Shanghai before the auto show is an esteem. Weibaster is also an essential vendor, “Smart People”, and the two “big news” is finished, and the spear heads directly refers to it.

For a time, there have been speaking that the owner of the rights of the rights of the rights of the rights of the rights. But is the fact that is this?

According to the observer network, on the afternoon of the 27th, the female car advocated that they arrived in Shanghai on the day before the auto show, took a car in Teslawi Rights, and he was a car owner with Tesla. And I just took the vehicle, I can’t represent which brand of the car, which is the supporter of the rights incident. This is a nonsense talk about it.

On the same afternoon, the parties who took the right to defend the right to defend the rights of the rights of rights were also speaking on the media platform, indicating that they were 蔚 来, Tesla double-gun owners, seeing the rights of the right owners to come to Shanghai Life land is not familiar A bit. At present, the police have already viewed all of their information. If there is a problem, you will be able to rope, please believe in the police. At the same time, he strongly condemns the conspiracy theory, calling on Tesla to respond to the problem of the vehicle itself.

One wave is not in one wave, at the same time, the other rumors are also fermented.

Some people linked to people who were defender and a “Qi Sister”. The seven sister is a double-owner of the sister and Tesla. She once performed the rights of MODEL X reversing, and “people” think two Personally, the same person, also make photos of Qi Sister two times into a group chart on the network.

On April 26th, the seven sister issued a document on Wei Saicai, clarifying himself not the auto show, the owner of the car: “On April 19th, I as a Shanghai Auto Show to do the volunteers, and enjoy the people around the world. I am very busy. “She also said,” About the Tucla ‘roof rights’ incident, I am very sympathetic car. These two photos should be very familiar, I have to clarify. “

Juanlai jointly founder Qin Lihong’s review: “Seeing such a message, it is really good and funny.”

With the further fermentation of public opinion, accusing more and more sounds behind the scenes. On April 27, the official number of Weibaster took the lead in making statements “According to the Shanghai Auto Show organizers and public security organs, Weibaste is used in the normal working scope of the media day single pass, Weibaster and its work Personnel and brand rights protection events and people do not have any associations.

Then, it is also awarded that the statement is also released, “” As a “Qi Sister”, it is maliciously rumored as a part of a brand car show. In this regard, the “Qi Sister” has issued a statement to clarify. It is an indignation that the company has expressed indignation to the malicious rumors of violence against the user’s reputation rights, and fully provide reasonably legal rights to the “Qi Sister” to maintain its legitimate rights and interests. “It has already reported cases to the relevant departments on this rumor.

As of now, the source of documents of the rights owner is still unable to confirm, but the problem exposed by this original certificate that should not be sent to the female owner is obvious:

1. There must be a manipulator behind the scene

2. Write the “Wei” word wrongly or intention to do it?

3. Shanghai Auto Show organizers’ document review is not strict

4. Webster customers are many, why is it to finger?

Who is it to help the female owner enter the pavilion? Who will the “scourge water” be aware of the scene? This has to be investigated by the relevant departments. Although the facts are still not clear, there is a little bit of certain: someone is chaling, and there is a fight between the landlord and Tesla owners.

When the north and south public is charting, the old things tell us that profit is often a real behind-the-scenes. Who is specifically, we don’t do any evidence. I just want to say that people who have manipulated public opinion, if they are useful, then I have to do it!

The gossip is thrown while returning to the right to rights, I think there are many problems in the present that it is worth thinking about smart electric vehicles.

For example, in the user relationship, in this rights, public opinion has a large extent that Teslai Lin’s “uncompromised”.

If there is a problem in the vehicle, there is nothing to know, the official responds to the ok kiss in this way, is extremely ignorant, and the hard student pulls himself to the user’s opposite side.

The second is that the information is transparent. Tesla has always been in the data of user privacy as the data when they are not willing to hand over, and finally, the pressure is forced to give a “incomplete” and does not explain the problem. form. So, with the popularity of smart electric vehicles, how do similar data home rights? How to do information transparency?

As for Tesla’s brakes, there is no failure, from existing data, it is still unable to make accurate judgment. Tesla has never admitted that there is a problem with the car. From the beginning to end, it will give “pot” to consumers, thinking is the owner “no”. If an accident occurs, it does not rule out is a human cause, but now at home and abroad accidents, Tesla is needed to look at your own products.

Of course, there is “Water Touching Fish” in these accidents to Tesla? I think it is definitely.

On April 25, Xiamen collided with an electric car, and an accident caused a family of four injured in three children. On-site eyewitnesses said that when the trolley is suspected to be in reverse, collide with electric vehicles. The owner said that the brakes were out of control.

On the same day, @ Tesla Customer supported response indicated that the vehicle was raised from 8.4 km / h in 11:49:55 to 17.5 km / h and hit the cell gate.

After the collision, the brake pedal was stepped on, and the vehicle began to reverse at 11:50:03, and the accelerator pedal was depressed after 3 seconds. At this time, the vehicle is moving backwards up to 14 km / h. Bus stopped until 11:50:07. The vehicle did not have a malfunction of the brake system before the accident.

Although the police have not given the final conclusion, the data from Tesla is now, the general probability of the accident is caused by improper operation.

People like this kind of person will happen every day, and the cause is relatively simple, is it as if it is Tesla accident, the owner can give the problem to the car? This pot, Tesla can not be back, I also encourage Tesla to face such “blackmail”.

Tesra Auto Exhibition Rights Rights is still in the investigation, before the truth, we still call on everyone to pay attention to the incident itself, that is, there is no problem with the car, do not fall into the endless rumors and brands, Unless people have rhythm.


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