Volkswagen Anhui MEB factory starts to accelerate the electric public to open the “Three Kingdoms”

In recent years, electricization has become a common goal of domestic and foreign auto groups, and many of the automotive groups are here to seek fast and stable to electric transformation. The Chinese auto market is one of the most dynamic vehicles in recent years, and the new energy vehicle development environment has also received the attention of many car groups, and has become the main battlefields of the electricity offensive.

In order to accelerate the electricization process in the Chinese market, Volkswagen has opened up “Second Battlefield” in China. In December, the public car (Anhui) Co., Ltd. officially opened in Hefei, Volkswagen Anhui Province has held 75% from the public China, Jianghuai Automobile Holding a shareholding of 25%. After several months, the Meb plant belonging to Volkswagen Anhui finally came, and the factory was officially started on April 28. According to the plan, the new plant is expected to be completed in 2022, the first model will be put into production in the second half of 2023. By 2025, the Mass China plans to deliver about 1.5 million new energy vehicles a year.

What is worth paying attention is that this factory is also the third pure electric vehicle factory established by the Volkswagen Anting and FAW-Volkswagen Foshan. That is, in the era of electricization, the public in China will present “three-point world” situation, Volkswagen Anhui, FAW-Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen three joint venture companies will open the “Three Kingdoms” in the “Three Kingdoms” .

The third MEB plant in China is built in China’s electricity

Since 2020, my country’s new energy vehicle market has been continuously expanded. According to the data of China, the auto production and sales are rapidly increased in March this year, especially the new energy car production and sales, the first quarter, my country’s new energy automotive production and sales is 533,000 and 5.15,000, year-on-year It also increased by 3.2 times and 2.8 times respectively. Among them, the pure electric vehicle production and sales completed 455,000 vehicles and 433,000, an increase of 3.6 times and 3.1 times respectively; the production and sales of plug-in hybrid vehicles were completed, 82,000, an increase of 1.8 times a year-on-year; fuel cell car The production and sales were completed by 104 vehicles and 150, down 43.2% and 27.5%, respectively.

Obviously, the size of the domestic new energy vehicle market is constantly expanding. In this context, domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers are accelerating in China’s electricity, including Toyota, Honda and other Japanese car companies, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Volkswage. , Modern Korean car companies, PSA and other legal companies, and domestic cars such as Geely and Chang’an have accelerated electricity layout in China. Among them, there are people who have a new electric sub-brand, such as Geely’s extreme, geometric, etc.

As an earlier entered the Chinese market, the mass of the sales champion in China’s passenger car market has also accelerated the electricity layout in China in an orderly manner, from last year to increase capital of Jianghuai Volkswagen (the front of the public), eventually 75% Equity Holding Volkswagen Anhui to this public Anhui MEB plant started construction, it reflects the urgent attitude of Volkswagen to China’s new energy auto market.

It is understood that the construction of the Volkswagen MEB plant includes reform expansion and a new body workshop for the workshop of the original Jianghuai Automobile Group. The project covers an area of ​​500,000 square meters, of which the new body workshop is expected to cover up to 141,000 square meters. The new plant will use a range of energy-saving measures, including steam floor heating in the office area and low energy production equipment.

The project also plans to carry out multi-sectoral integration such as R & D, warranty, pre-production and testing, and build battery and parts supplier parks in the factory to reduce the listing cycle of the new electric vehicle model. In addition, in order to enhance the competitiveness of the product in the Chinese market, Volkswagen Anhui is actively carrying out localized talent reserves. It is expected that Volkswagen Anhui will employ approximately 500 employees, participate in R & D, production and other work.

Obviously, the Volkswagen has poured a lot of heart blood for the MEB plant in Volkswagen and Volkswagen Anhui. In the future, this may also become an important driving force for the new energy car market in the public automobile. Of course, the growth of Volkswagen is not necessarily smooth.

How is the “Three Kingdoms Times” to open the public?

For Volkswagen Anhui Meb Factory, the Volkswagen CEO Herbert Disior said in Weibo, “Volkswagen Anhui as a joint venture of our first holding 75% in China, further reflecting the opening and compatibility of China’s economy. Current, Volkswagen’s market share is close to 14%, in a leading position; future, we will continue to continue the leading advantages to the electric vehicle field with the advantage of MeB plants! “

Obviously, in his opinion, the public Anhui Meb plant started a definite thing. But is it true?

SAIC Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen MEB factory has been put into production, and the first model ID.4x of the SAIC MEB plant has been listed, the second model ID6.x has also pre-sold; FAW-Volkswagen MEB factory first model ID .4 Crozz also has been listed, and the second model ID.6 Crozz has opened pre-sale. In contrast, Volkswagen Anhui has not announced the specific model of future production, which means that Volkswagen Anhui has lost the opportunity.

Although the Volkswagen has previously promised to award 4-5 Volkswagen Group of the joint venture company, but have the four products of the 4-5 products really can be in the autumn color with the SAIC Volkswagen and FAM – Volkswagen? It is to know that the Volkswagen is only more than a flash – Volkswagen has already appeared for a few years, but the Volkswagen of SAIC has compressed FAW-Volkswagen many years. Until today, on a single brand, the SAIC is still boss. What’s more, so many years of SAIC and FAW-Volkswagen channel construction, the brand publicity will be white fee? More importantly, when three MEB factories are all emit models, they will be treated with the products under the MEB platform, the Volkswagen, SAIC Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen’s model will be done. “Infuse”? This is the focus of the outside world, and it is not necessarily a point that makes the mass car headache. Does the public have not disclosed this issue so far?

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