Jiangling Automotive official, will work with Huawei to build a new ecology

I don’t know if I will start, the car is no longer a case of four wheels and an engine. When the domestic auto market has not risen, most of them can only rely on import or introduce foreign car enterprises. Assemble. I know that Chery has developed the first domestic engine to make the autonomous brand really have a car belonging to its own core technology.

With the rapid development of autonomous brands in recent years, Geely acquired Volvo, Lotus Lantern, Chery, but also acquired luxury brand Jaguar Land Tiger. Although the Great Wall adhered to independent research and development, it also hired a high pay for the engineers of many well-known cars. Strategic. For a time, the China Auto Market has entered a big leap forward until today, not only on the prices of the people, but also has a market within 100,000 yuan, but also launched a variety of high-end luxury models to 200,000 joint venture markets.

Not only that, with the new energy concept, more and more Internet big products have also joined the industry, which has become a batch of new new forces, main science and technology intelligent cars. As the real car continues to go offline, these emerging brands have gradually been recognized by people. After seeing the intelligent car, more and more traditional car companies have begun to think transformation. BYD, which relies on the battery, has apparently has a huge advantage, but in addition to independent research and development singles, BYD announced that before the Shanghai Auto Show, I announced independent splitting of my phosphate blade battery companies, and said it will be sold outside. One effort clearly gave the traditional car to the new energy car enterprise to increase the convenience, at least in the power battery.

Not only that, Huawei, Daxin and other Internet companies will not enter the car market, but they still provide their own universal intelligent technology to help new energy vehicles grow up.

On April 28th, Jiangling Automobile officially released news, officially established in Shenzhen Star Branch Science and Technology Branch, will carry more than billion yuan in the next five years to create a smart network ecosystem, and achieve the perfect combination of people’s life. . Also attracted to Huawei, Alibaba, Bosch, Tencent, etc. dozens of technology big coffee came to the ceremony. At the press conference, Huawei also marked, will be a new ecological, research and development innovation technology with Jiangling Motors.

Obviously, new energy vehicles are the trend of future automobile markets, and intelligent is a key selling point of new energy vehicles. It has the assistant for Huawei and other Internet technology big coffee. I believe that Jiang Bell will transform electro-enterprises in the future through this east style. There is a better performance.

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