Three sensitive macros, Honda will usher in the comprehensive electrical era

In six years, Honda’s headman welcomed the first change. Three Sensito got a position of Eight Township Longhong and served as the new head of Honda. This news, at this release on February 19, Honda has already officially announced.

On April 23, three Minacoa held a meeting, which was the first appearance of Honda CEO. At this press conference, three Sensito brought Honda’s new development plan and schedule.

In 2040, Honda will achieve 100% electrification

Three Sensitive Hong said that Honda plans to increase the sales of electric vehicles (EV) and fuel cell vehicles (FCV) by 2040 to 100% to support the green goal of the Japanese government. By 2050, Honda is in the use of vehicles. Process, production process and energy source, etc., will reach zero-dyed state, to help the government to achieve carbon neutralization.

Out of the hybrid technology, Honda is one of the more conservative companies in the development of pure electric vehicles. According to its planning, Honda’s new generation of pure electric platforms will be listed in 2022, and at present, most companies’ pure electric platforms have already appeared, and there is a lot of models.

At this point, the electric schedule is issued at this time. On the one hand, since the three-sensitive macro itself is actively embraced the “new four” research and development person in charge. It is understood that the early days of the three macros have been committed to the research and development of core components such as engines. After the president of Honda Technology Research Institute, it is an important role in electricity, automatic driving, and is the “new four” transformation of Honda “new”. Technical lead. At the official announcement in February, the three Sensito has appealed to Honda “significant transformation at the fastest speed.”

On the other hand, it is also inseparable from the discusions of Japan’s policies. On December 25, 2020, the Japanese government implemented the “Green Growth Program” will eliminate fuel vehicles in 15 years. By 2035, electric vehicles (including mixed models, fuel cell models) will fully replace gasoline vehicles. The Japanese government also plans to achieve at least 46% of its targets 2030, in 2050, to achieve carbon neutralization, new emission reduction targets, and compared to almost doubled.

In order to achieve the target of electrification, the three sensitive macros said that Honda will not consider the fluctuations of sales revenue in the next six years, investing about 5 trillion yen (about $ 46.3 billion) for R & D plans including electricization. .

In addition, Honda’s comprehensively electrified determination is also reflected in this Shanghai Auto Show. On April 19th, Honda United GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda’s two enterprises were jointly attended. Compared with the previous lineup, this auto show Honda participated in the first-electrified product lineup, and fully accelerated the determination of electrification.

Five years of electric vehicles, Honda will accelerate production in China

However, at present, Honda’s EV model speed is not limited to slow, and it can even be said that it is not officially entered the track. The first pure electric radius – Honda SUV E: prototype is just the world’s first in the Shanghai Auto Show, and the amount of production models created according to the prototype car is expected to be in the spring of 2022.

This field is very cautious in the pure electric field, although it is slightly slow, but it has already begun the layout of the relevant fields, which can be said that the military and horses have not moved, and the grain is in advance.

In 2020, Honda and China’s local battery giant Ningde Times signed a full-scale strategic cooperation agreement on new energy vehicle power batteries. This strategic cooperation will cover the common development, stable supply, recycling and utilization of power batteries. Through this strategic cooperation, Honda will receive a stable supply of pure electric vehicle batteries in Ningde Times, providing more powerful reimers for subsequent product mass production.

In addition, Honda also obtained a 1% of Ningde Times through the subscription form of non-public issued stocks. Since then, the strategic partnerships of both sides have been further strengthened. The Ningde Times will provide Honda with a power battery solution with market competitiveness and full life cycle costs. The two sides will show more powerful competitiveness on the battery supply system. For automotive industries currently suspended due to chips, stable battery supply and continuous improvement of R & D upgrades and capacity expansion in electrical development.

In addition to cooperating with China’s local enterprises, Honda, which is “technology house” is also related to electrical technology. In order to ensure the high product competitiveness of pure electric models, Honda is independently carrying out full solid state batteries, and strives to be applied to the models in the late 2020.

After solving the related industrial chain issues, Honda will further speed up the electric vehicle in Hua. “We planned to launch 10 Honda brand pure electric vehicles in China in China.” Honda Standing Director and the History of China ‘s Well Shengshi in Shanghai Auto Show is said that Honda brand will adopt integrated measures in multiple related fields. And strategic deployment, comprehensively speeding up the electricity industry in Honda in the Chinese market, so far, “carbon neutrics”.

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