After knowing it? BMW announces that the pure electric power business is launched in the next decade, and it has plans to sell 10 million pure electricity.

The automotive industry has developed for more than a hundred years, has gradually emerged, such as virtue, Japanese cars, US car, Korean car, etc. The domestic car is growing late, and it is also the object that many of the pursuit of cost-effective consumers will consider. However, with the promotion of the wave of motorized electricity, domestic brands have gradually rushed up in the new energy field, and even leading the world’s giants in some technical levels.

In order to catch up with the first troops, many old businesses began to focus on the new energy field, such as the Nordic luxury brand Volvo announced that after several years, it will completely become a pure electric brand, which means that the fuel version of Volvo will become history. Not only Volvo, the Volkswagen Group launched the pure tram type ID. Series, I want to regain the status of my leading lead in the new energy field. Not long ago, the BMW Group held its own online conference, and introduced the electric vehicle and the digital intelligence strategy at the press conference. After the end of the press conference, the BMW Group’s share price has a significant improvement, and it is also quite optimistic about the electrification of BMW in the capital market.

The launch will not only the group leaders play their mouths in the podium. BMW has brought “true guys” this time, that is, BMW’s new car pure electric I4 debut to the public. However, this debut is obvious, except for a real car, more content is introduced through a video screen. The reason why it is so rushing, and the purpose is clear that in order to use actual actions to express their confidence in their own companies, thereby giving a strong agent for the market.

So the steps of the outline of the BMW Group, can be roughly divided into three steps. The first of all the BMW i series began to launch ten years ago. After that, the BMW put the new energy in the plug model. In the same time, there is also the software ecology of the vehicle and the research and development of digital interactive systems.

Second, the second step is to develop different power versions of the same model on the basis of the smart vehicle architecture to meet the different needs of different consumers. It is in such a flexible and variable policy conditions, BMW Group is expected to have a pure tram type in the 90% model in 2023.

Finally, the third step will begin in 2025, the BMW Group is called the “New Generation”, which will adopt the architecture system of BMW, based on the first two steps, and realize the full optimization of the power drive system.

According to the internal plan of BMW, a million settlement of pure tram type will be achieved in the next decade. This goal is enough to see BMW’s confidence in motorization, we will wait and see.

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