What new opportunities have brought to the carbon industry? Tencent’s forum gives an answer

A few days ago, during the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, Tencent jointly held a forum of the “hug change, embracing green development – carbon neutrics and driving automotive industries”, from government Representatives from all walks of life gathered together to discuss the development opportunities and challenges of the automotive industry under the “Carbon Peak, Carbon Neutral” Goal.

Zhou Xiangping, vice president of Tencent, said that low-carbonization development has put forward a severe test to technology companies and auto companies, and it has also brought greater power and opportunities for the innovation development of the industry. “Double Carbon” goal will lead the ecological reconstruction of the whole industry, and promote the high quality development of China’s economy.

In his opinion, currently, Internet technology companies and automotive companies have been deeply integrated, and they will jointly face this era, and use digital means to better help green development.

Electricization and intelligence become the core of change

Deputy President, Shanghai International Trade Promotion Association, said that in the new development patterns that construct a domestic circulation as the main body, domestic international dual cycle mutual promotion, the automotive industry will be an important part of achieving this goal. Electricization has become the center of this round of change, and the vehicle enterprises are investigating, production capacity investment in the field of strategic vision, layout electric vehicles, and seizes the first advantage. At the same time, the power of scientific and technological innovation is also integrated into the automotive industry in the depth, and jointly promotes the low carbonization of China’s automobile industry.

“By 2050, my country’s car insurance will continue to maintain stable growth, carbon emissions will continue to increase, and have a huge challenge to road traffic reduction.” Hou Fu, deputy secretary general of China Automobile Engineering Society, said that the automotive industry will follow 2028 Year Carbon Dapu – Near 2050 – 2060 carbon in carbon and three steps of strategic goals, gradually realize carbon neutralization.

Car companies catch industrial transformation opportunities

At present, in the face of carbon peaks, carbon neutralization, my country’s automotive industry has basically reached a consensus, that is, the double carbon goal is a systematic engineering, and the entire industrial chain will usher in a full range of supply side structure reform. Products, services, and energy are facing upgrading transformations.

In such a context, many cars have actively actively act. Among them, Changan Automobile put forward the third innovation and entrepreneurship plan, will create “new car” + “new ecological” industry company with the new positioning of “Smart Low Carbon Travel Technology”, improve software and efficiency core competitiveness , Becoming a prefectural in digital electric vehicle.

Yang Xueliang, senior vice president of Geely Holding Group revealed that Geely released a blue Geely Action Plan and Plan Second to complete intelligent, electrified transformation and upgrading.

The cargo industry will be considered from the full life cycle.

Hou Fu, deputy secretary-general of the China Automobile Engineering Society, said that the carbon industry in the automotive industry needs to focus on product technology low carbonization, operation and use low carbonization, manufacturing process low carbonization and production and low carbonization of production and upstream energy sources.

In terms of low-carbonization in automotive product technology, there are mainly two aspects of development of new energy vehicles and intelligent network automotive technology. In terms of energy use, the state continues to expand the level of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to promote application levels, reaching millions of levels in 2035.

Salon is talked about that hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicles are an important direction of energy and automobile industry technology revolution. The industrial chain has been initially established, and the technical research and development have been actively progress, and the marketing pace is constantly accelerating. At the same time, while the rapid development of electricization, it has also accelerated the development and application of intelligent network technology, building smart transportation system construction, will increase transportation efficiency from higher levels and reduce energy consumption.

In operation, the general consensus in the industry is completed by improving the new energy vehicle boost electrical supporting facilities. At the same time, many car companies are also in force to build user operational capabilities that meet the needs of the new era, to form effective User low carbon travel operation mechanism. It is reported that it is currently a complementary system that is actively laying out of the full scene, and has reached a strategic cooperation with Sinopec, from the perspective of new energy and traditional energy, jointly promoting the construction of charging and power transmission.

Digital base is the core of promoting industrial reduction

The report analyzed that before carbon neutralization targets, the automotive industry has been constantly exploring in energy conservation and environmental protection, but objectively, the current energy conservation and emission reduction of the entire industrial chain still has certain challenges.

Tencent believes that promoting the carbon production of the automobile industry, it is necessary to build a green ecological chain from the R & D design stage of the automotive product, and dating back to various links such as supply chain production.

Specifically, the calculation and tracking system of product carbon emissions can be established by artificial intelligence, big data, block chains, and the data transparency and retrospective of carbon emissions are achieved, and the product is fully life-saving products. Periodic management action.

At the same time, from the perspective of the user, it is also possible to understand the carbon emissions involved in the use of the vehicle, gradually cultivate the user’s consciousness and habits of the use of green low carbon.

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