What are the advantages and disadvantages of BYD Han EV, Tesla Model 3, Xiaopeng P7?

At the field of electric vehicles at this stage, the 200,000 yuan budget interval must escape three hot cars, which is P7 of BYD Han, Tesla 3 and Xiaopeng. However, it is necessary to know that although the three cars market is similar, the focus is in all aspects or all differences, then what are the advantages and disadvantages of these three cars? What is the best for you? Let’s take a look together.

Tesla Model 3

In these three models, what is the most powerful brand publicity, the brand has the greatest, and Tasla is undoubtedly the first one. We must know that Tesla is born for many years, but the model launched has not been numbered, but it is still possible to set off a fire consumption in the world. Tesla’s brand propaganda can know. So how is the true strength of this car? We all know that Tesla is profound in the smart driving area, the autopilot system launched is the most mature secondary driving system of the current industry. However, after domestic MODEL 3 only provides basic version of services, you need to activate all features, you need to charge an additional installation fee, which is not particularly friendly for many ordinary just need consumers. Not only that, Tesla has recently been in the Internet because of the brake problem, a stone aroused a thousand waves, about Tesla workmanship, the attitude is arrogant and other black history is also turned out again, I don’t know this time Can the PR’s public relations help companies solve the problem?


BYD as the oldest company in these three car companies, the strong strength behind it is also stronger. Although BYD mainly hits civilians, BYD has started the layout in this field early as the car’s electric wave. The research and development of blade batteries has made many consumers put down the worried of electric vehicle batteries. However, behind the safety of the blade battery, it is the innate problem of lithium iron phosphate batteries. When the temperature is low, there will be excessive power loss, and the battery cell capacity of lithium iron phosphate batteries is not as good as three yuan lithium. The battery has a large battery capacity, so the problem has been a problem that bothering the model of BYD.

Xiaopeng P7

Xiaopeng as the youngest company in three companies, the launched P7 can compare with other two mature models, it must have its uniqueness. Xiaopeng’s propaganda slogan is “Building the first smart car”, so the intelligence of this car is its largest feature. Xiaopeng P7 is equipped with XPilot 3.0 auxiliary driving system, which can realize the automatic driving of the L3 level under certain conditions, which can be said to be quite technological. However, despite breakthroughs in the technical level, as a young brand, Xiaopeng’s market recognition is still insufficient, affecting its sales further improvement.

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