Who is a domestic electric car brother? BYD Han EV and Xiaopeng P7 competition

In the field of electric sedan, Tesra Model 3 is undoubtedly the highest selling model. After domestic, price reduction, the price of Tesra Model 3 has been accepted by many people. However, Tesla recently attracted the controversy, because the “brake door” incident, once the electric car giant of this head is in jeopardy. In fact, buying high-end electric sedan is not necessarily staring at Tesla, on the new energy track, the domestic car has been made enough, and the foreign brand is not falling down. So, who is a brother of a domestic electric car? It is still necessary to make a choice from BYD Han EV and Xiaopeng P7.

First of all, let us say BYD Han EV. BYD Han EV can say that BYD has entered the high-end field “Working”, no matter from the look, it is in the forefront, especially for BYD itself, it is definitely a subverting consumer cognition A car. In terms of appearance, BYD uses a new design language. After the intake grille is removed, BYD Han EV looks more luxury, the side of the body is smooth, and the whole car is full of Chinese elements.

In terms of interior, BYD Han EV is equipped with a 15.6-inch multimedia screen, which is very technological. However, BYD Han EV did not pursue technology, such as the seat, double-fly steering wheel of the diamond line, and the push-type gear, which seems to be more introverted, and there is a lot of luxury.

Power, with a BYD Han EV high-performance version as an example, used dual motor, the maximum horsepower is 494 ps, the peak torque reaches 680N.m, 0-100km only needs to be 3.9s, can be said very fast, the battery is 550km.

Then we will see Xiaopeng P7. In terms of appearance, Xiaopeng P7 is the main science fiction, through the design, streamlined body, so that this car looks very young, young consumers must like it. There is also a hidden handle on the details, and the penetration tail light echoes before and after.

In terms of interior, Xiaopeng P7 uses minimal points, it seems that there is not only a sense of technology, but also a sense of communication. This is a bit like Tesla style, and young people will be very happy. Configuration, such as intelligent voice assistants, etc., all in line with the adjustment of the whole vehicle.

In terms of power, take the high-performance version of Xiaopeng P7 as an example, the same is equipped with a dual motor, the maximum power is 430 ps, ​​the peak torque is 655N.m, and the 0-100km acceleration is 4.3S, the maximum battery is 562km.

In view, BYD is more suitable for positioning mature consumers, and the positioning of Xiaopeng P7 is even more young. Therefore, these two cars do not have anything better, they are all leaders in the domestic electric vehicle market.

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