Wey new car Mocha pre-sale laser radar version of the model debut can support L3 automatic driving

2021 Shanghai International Auto Show opened the first day, the high-end brand wey of Great Wall Automobile has officially unveiled and opened pre-sale. It is reported that Mocha is the first model of “coffee intelligence”, which is the first model of “coffee intelligence”, a total of five models, special editions, special editions, four-wheel drive, pre-sale The price range is 17.98 million to 2.24 million yuan.

It is reported that in the Mocha type, the coffee intelligence “platform fully integrates” smart driving “,” smart cockpit “and” smart service “, so that the vehicle is not only a summary tool from A to B, but also for users. Create intelligent life scene.

It is reported that the “coffee intelligence” platform can also operate the user’s intelligent driving experience based on AI, Big Data and FOTA’s active learning and independent iteration. In the future, the Mocha model can provide users with smart driving applications, covering high-speed roads, city expressways, parking lots, etc., and can achieve initiative learning and iterative upgrades according to user behavior habits.

In addition, Mocha is also equipped with the third generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon digital cabin platform, supports immersion graphic image multimedia, computer vision, virtual assistant, VIMS facial recognition and AI, can realize 360 ​​degrees outside the car Seamlessly perception, realize the personalized service of “Thousands of Thousands of March”.

What is worth paying attention is that the Mocha model laser radar version is also officially unveiled at this Shanghai Auto Show, and the new car is expected to be officially delivered in November this year, and the L3 automatic driving can be implemented.

It is reported that the Mocha laser radar version of the model has adopted the industry’s leading high-altitude high-pass Ai chip, which can complete the image of the surrounding environment, the application of pure solid laser radar in a very short period of time, so that the automatic driving system is 130 meters away. Easily recognize the tires or road-shaking cake cartridges scattered on the ground, escorting the smart driving from the roots.

“Under the smart wave, the new generation of smart cars refuses to improve the improvement, only leading innovation to open the new intelligence of the user sovereignty era.” Li Ruifeng, general manager of Wey Brand, “Wey brand new flagship model Mocha, is The first model of high-end automatic driving in the same class model. “

Wey brand global spokesperson, Mocha chief intelligent experience, Yao Anna said, “China’s self-employed home appliance brand has been born to lead, used in 30 years; China 3C and 5G communication brand, from birth to the first sales, only 10 A few years. I believe that smart cars will see China in the next three years, and the Wey brand will become the leader of the new generation of smart cars. “

The industry is judged. Since 2016, the Wey brand has been striving to break through the Chinese brand’s top ceilings. Now, after the brand, it has achieved a phased outcome, Mocha and other intelligent models, will give Wey brand brand upgrade Inject more kinetic energy.

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