5G model, red rabbit pre-sale Haval: strive for 2023 global sales to exceed 1.3 million vehicles

Recently, the Ninth Shanghai International Auto Show officially opened. As the leader of China’s SUV model, Great Wall car Haval brand released many heavy news in this Shanghai Auto Show, including Havaldog, from a single model, will expand into a new brand; the third generation Harvard H6 5G version of the world’s first debut; New car Havi Bagren open pre-sale, etc.

What is worth paying is that at this Shanghai Auto Show, Haval brand officially announced that it will strive to achieve a global sales of 1.3 million goals in 2023.

Li Xiaolui, general manager of Haval Brand Company, said, “The Times gives Haval to create a mission of world-class car brands, dare to dare to make, can create, will play, is the three core keywords of China Haval future development, this is also China Haval continued to maintain industry-leading DNA. “

It is reported that the Haval brand is currently in 11 consecutive years of China SUV sales champion, and the product is exported to more than 60 countries, ranking first in China’s brand in the export volume of 31 countries.

At this Shanghai Auto Show, the Global SUV brand in Haval brand has become a focus on attractive focus. Specifically, Haval launched a Haval X Dog concept car to help Havaldogs evolved from a single model to a new product class. It is reported that the model of this category is more distracted than the traditional city SUV. In the next three years, 7 models are expected to be launched by the model.

In addition to clarifying the future of Havaldog, Haval brand also brought new car in this Shanghai Auto Show – the third generation Haval H6 5G. It is reported that this car is the first 5G model of the lemon platform, and the world’s first 5G intelligent fuel SUV. New car, equipped with a depot of the 7nm process, supports convenient and fast FOTA evolution.

In addition, Harva’s new car red rabbit has also opened a pre-sale at this Shanghai Auto Show, and the new car pre-sale price is 109,800-126,800, which is a model for young consumers.

The reporter noted that when publishing a variety of new models, the Haval brand also focused on transmitting their own design levels. Christopher Oldham revealed the road, the future of Haval brand will be more international and humanized in the future.

It is reported that based on the trend of rapid changes in the current market, Haval draws inspiration from time and space, forming a new design language, and take the lead in applying Haval XY. In addition to the system innovation, Haval new flagship SUV concept car Haval XY is also equipped with coffee, it is a lemon platform and coffee-driven fusion, and the new car will be equipped with a kilometer of remote control vehicle, 5G-AVP valetor To further strengthen the layout of Haval brand in intelligence.

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