The first model of Zhixong Automobile is officially pre-sold, and the price is 408,800

With the rise of motorized waves, many emerging brands will walk into the field of vision through this wave. Wei Si, Ideal, Xiaopeng and other new brands and the new sub-brand brands under the old manufacturers have also have a small action. Just a few days ago, the SAIC Group and Alibaba and Zhangjiang High-Tech, the high-end brand, the high-end brand, the first new car, ZHE, ZHA, the pre-sale price of 408,800 yuan.

The model is the first model launched by Zhishao Automotive, and is positioned as a medium-sized luxury pure electric car. As a new car in 2021, the design is inevitable. The design of the closed grille is in line with the current mainstream design route, while hiding the door handle can effectively reduce the wind resistance and reduce energy consumption. The σ-shaped daytime running light is strange, but the effect is significant and the recognition is extremely high.

The size of the vehicle is 5098/1960 / 1482mm, the wheelbase is 3100mm, which is in line with the size of the large flagship sedan. As mentioned above, many streamlined design makes the wind resistance of this car is only 0.21cd, which is very beautiful. Not only is it visually full of sport, but its own acceleration performance is also quite excellent.

Enter the interior of the vehicle, the large-scale connected screen size is 39 inches, plus the big screen below the central console, so that this car looks for a full. However, many people express different opinions for this design. Many people think that this type of design is not conducive to the vehicle, when driving, if driving, the eyes are looking forward to the screen, it is easy to lead to safety accidents. What happened, this is also a major reason why many models still retain some physical buttons when they collect multiple functions to large screens.

Since it is a new car that is jointly launched with Alibaba, the intelligent technology configuration is inevitable. It is reported that this L7 is equipped with Yingda Xavier, 5 millimeter-wave radar, 15 HD visual cameras, and 12 ultrasonic radar, which can realize the full perception of road conditions in a variety of complex scenes. If the policy is allowed to open, the car will be able to achieve the “automatic” driving of the zero tube suitable for China’s road conditions.

In terms of power configuration, the car is standardized with 93 kWh, and the high-profile version of the battery pack can be selected from 115 kW, the maximum battery life is more than 1,000 kilometers. At the same time, the motor is equipped with a total power of 400 kW, peak torque of 700 Nm, and zero hundred acceleration is only 3.9 seconds.

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