BYD launched a new concept car and set up on the door.

BYD has been born for many years, from the previously received consumers, to today’s light, it can be said that it is very difficult. But today, China’s huge market has also become the source of their strong capital. In recent years, Tang, Song, Han and other models have been launched, whether it is design or mechanical quality in the same level, the same level is quite good. At the Shanghai Auto Show, BYD brought a concept car under its own, X Dream, let’s take a look.

The Shanghai Auto Show puts two new cars in BYD, which is the protagonist X Dream and BYD EA1 using a new design concept. Unlike EA1, this X Dream continues the previously praised Long Yan design, and on this basis, it has increased its own unique details, which can be said to be very recognition. The front face partial stepped grid size is huge, and a black decorative strip has been added in the upper and lower part of the grill, which is very different from the top of the new energy car closure, so that the whole vehicle gas field is designed. At the same time, the headlights on both sides of the front of the headlights use the most popular remedy lamp design, and the scientific skills are full, and after lighting, it is even more displayed.

Before the BYD’s car logo has always been the object of consumers, So BYD also researched the revision of their own logo, the new BYD LOGO adopts flat design, combining the aesthetic tendency of the current mainstream consumption group, overall shape It can be said that creativity is full.

The side portion of the vehicle is the most impressive thing that the taillight of the vehicle is extended from the end of the car. It has been extended to the rear door position of the vehicle, and plays the role of the dragon point on the side of the body. The three black decorative strips on the D column also make this truck more delicately in detail, but also creates a feeling of the roeing roof.

The tail of the vehicle is also full of design details. Unlike the headlights of the front face part, the design of the vehicle taillights is a round full design route. At the same time, the concept of a ring buckle is used in the shape of the lamp cavity. The lights on both sides are connected through the middle elongated light strip. On the one hand, the most popular running taillight design is designed, on the one hand, it is also possible to broaden the vehicle. Visual width, increase the gas field. In the air of the taillight, BYD officially fills this, and the design is full.

This X Dream as a concept car, using boundless frames to the design of the driver, similar to a lot of millions of luxury cars. At the same time, some designers of the vehicle have adopted the “landscape scenery” design concept, carefully see the door of the vehicle and the seat, together with a continuous landscape landscape. I don’t know if this car will preserve this beautiful design.

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