Huawei automatic driving trap

Before the opening of the 2021 Shanghai International Auto Show, the smart car took two major events. Xiaopeng released the world’s first mass production laser radar smart car P5, and Huawei automatic driving car in the urban road showing amazing and high technology.

Perhaps the interior will know that this electric vehicle with Huawei automatic driving technology is created by the pokes of the Beiqi Group, but we have heard it more in the friend’s mouth, this is Huawei and automatic driving too eye-catching. Or is the North Auto Pole, there is no market existence.

The mobile communication service provider, resisting the communication application of WeChat, the call and SMS business of the operator’s income, almost completely stranded, and the supplier of communication networks, now, car manufacturers seem to be embarrassed Awkward road.

When Xiaomi officially announced that after the car, Huawei refused to make the car, but brought a complete electric smart car solution in Shanghai Auto Show. As long as a carriage is set, add Hua’s car standard, a Huawei car is coming.

2021 Shanghai International Auto Show officially opened to the audience on April 21, with the past, in addition to the intelligent car of the new car forces, traditional car companies have also launched a new electric car product, outside of China, Huawei, horizon and Baidu Abo Luo and other smart car solution suppliers have also become the focus of the exhibition.

Smart cars have become the hot selling point of the car, Tesla’s automatic driving does not have to be said, has always been the focus of the market, and the first person of the domestic self-developed automatic driving technology is the Xiaopeng car, just completed the NGP automatic driving assistance system. From Guangzhou to Beijing to Beijing’s 3,000 km in Beijing.

With the common development of the entire industry, intelligent will gradually become the standard of automobiles. In addition to smart cockpit and web-linking technologies, weekend automatic driving assistance systems that start large-scale commercial use are increasingly upgraded. The function will also be more and more improved.

Whether it is Baidu’s Apollo, Xiaopeng’s self-developing automatic driving system, or Tesla’s largest automatic driving team, making automatic driving techniques into our daily lives faster.

Automobile automatic driving has different technologies, there are also many solutions, and manufacturers self-research and third-party solutions, but no matter how it is sought after by the user, but for car companies, the situation is a bit Not the same.

We don’t talk about self-developing automatic driving technology such as Tesra and Xiaopeng. We speak the vast number of automakers, including new cars, independent traditional vehicles and transnational car companies, or we can divide them into A first-line car enterprise with strong brand influence, and other car companies with small size.

It is true that we will not pay too much attention to Toyota, the public, etc. The number of second-car companies, even Geely, Great Wall and other autonomous head car companies will use which company’s automatic driving solution, we only know this is a The smart car from the brand is enough. Of course, these large car companies have to realize real automatic driving, time may be more than we think.

From another market, the number is larger, which is similar to the manufacturers such as Beiqi, may facing more difficult choices. We don’t say that there is no certain scale effect, in the market is in a weak position, low bargaining ability, and difficult to get more advanced technology in the first time, perhaps these new technology brand aura will be swallowed down these car brands.

We took the north of the motor lotus as an example, Beiqi acquired some of the assets of Sa Bo, but no matter from Beiqi Li Bao, it is still the development of Beiqi independent, and then gives up the fuel car transition electric vehicle, borrowed “oil change” models In the webmark, sharing the car and other operations markets.

After experiencing the full failure of the fuel truck, the new energy car plummeted, Beiqi and McGar launched a great fox brand, and positioned as a luxurious pure electric brand, but such a sudden change, even the world-famous supply chain is added, the market is also Do not buy.

The most hot moments of Beiqi’s extreme fox is the case. Alpha S Huawei, which is equipped with Huawei Automatic Driving System, officially unveiled, but the market is outside the automatic driving technology so advanced, a North Vehicle electric vehicle is sold to 400,000 yuan, It also makes the market amazed.

In the electric motorful age, BYD self-study three-electric technology, allowing it to obtain cost advantages and technical advantages, and in the comprehensive intelligent automotive era, there is no self-research technology, and there is no brand influence car company will fall into two difficulties.

If you insist on not intelligent, the product is definitely unable to obtain the user’s recognition, but use a third-party solution, it is a grade, high procurement costs, and limits the expansion of sales.

This kind of thing seems to have met, the self-owned brand car is more familiar; under the constant efforts, the independent brand has made breakthroughs in fuel vehicles and automotive electricity, and now in the smart car era, maybe it will fall into the same embarrassment.

This Beiqi Fox Alpha S, from the automatic driving technology to the smart cockpit, is a Huawei car, and such Huawei will be more and more, who is divided with anyone else?

Unlike millet self-crew model, Huawei’s car model is complete, but it is enough to let the entire market ran in Huawei car, and see which car brands are strong enough to resist the Huawei brand. Car technology can be tall, but more still need to become Pu Hui Technology, benefiting from more users, large-scale, and the most direct, fastest, and most stable source of brand, such as Xiaopeng Auto A laser radar automatic driving technology has been started to popularize 200,000 yuan.

Huawei automatic driving technology is hot, and the far-sighted northern vaginal fox may also trigger another red saunage in the Chinese auto market. In the end, who can stay, who can be caught by Huawei, whether the car brand can get The user’s recognition and trust, the importance of this problem has never changed.

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