China Automobile Association responds to Tesla incident: Safety is the core proposal to strengthen data supervision

On April 19th, Shanghai Auto Show Tesla Plate, a woman climbed to the roof and shouted “Tesla brake failure”.

It is understood that the woman has previously complained to the General Administration of Zhengzhou Market, and the Zhengdong New District Market Supervision Bureau revealed that after three mediations, the complainant did not agree to technical appraisal and demand “providing vehicles in front half an hour. Driving data. Tesra Auto Sales & Service (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd. refused to provide relevant data due to concern that the data is used by the parties to speculate in adverse effects. Due to the difference between the two sides, unanimous comments were not reached.

Although the truth of the current thing is still in the investigation, there is no doubt that the data during the driving process is the most direct evidence of the truth of the event.

With the accelerated development of intelligent driving, more and more vehicles will be equipped with automatic driving capabilities, then these driving data will be owned and dominated? Does the vehicle have to fully disclose the data when the vehicle accidents? What extent? How will government and regulators manage automatic driving data security issues? It is worthwhile to pay attention to the entire industry.

In this regard, the Securities Times interviewed the Secretary-General of the Secretary-General of the China Automotive Industry Association, Dr. Wang Yao, Dr. Wang Yao, Dr. Wang Yao, secretary of the Secretary-General of China, explored the reflection and revelation behind the Tesla incident.

Q1: Securities Times: From the perspective of technical perspectives, what is the core of Teslawi rights incident? Is the publication of the data capable of completely restoring the truth of the facts?

China Automobile Association Wang Yao: In this Tesla Wei rights incident, the owner hopes to prove that there is a failure of the brake system of the vehicle in the accident by obtaining a complete driving data. It is possible to reduce the truth of the accident by analyzing the scene data and the vehicle-related driving data.

Q2: Securities Times: Who is automatically driving? What role is playing the role in the process of collecting user data and driving data? How do you publish data when an accident occurs? What extent?

China Automobile Association Wang Yao: The automatic driving data type is very complicated, including external environmental data, vehicle data, and user driving behavior and privacy data. The process of automatic driving data is true and the process of post-accident after the accident is not clear, there is no clear legal provisions. Both the current user data and driving data are stored by the network module of the vehicle through the mobile network to the vehicle enterprise database. In response to new energy vehicles, 2017 countries have built new energy automotive national regulatory platforms, according to “Electric Vehicle Remote Service and Management System Technical Specifications” (GB / T32960.3), car enterprise upload correlation vehicle operation data is required Analysis of the Causes of New Energy Automobile Supervision and Accidents. However, this part of the current data is more suitable for analyzing the new energy vehicle in a still or charging process, and the cause of fire explosion during the collision, its data type and data volume is not enough to meet automatic driving vehicle accident analysis. Requirements.

Q3: “Securities Times”: How is the current security issue of automatic driving data, how are the regulatory levels and laws and regulations? What is good suggestions for the China Automotive Industry Association for driving automatic driving data?

China Automobile Association Wang Yao: For the supervision method of automatic driving data, the main countries of each car are still in the discuption. At present, my country’s relevant laws and regulations, such as the “Network Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” Network Security Level Protection Ordinance “” Data Safety Management Measures “, etc. There is still a certain discrepancy in the field of intelligent networks. In response to the network security issues of intelligent networks, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has clearly demanded in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (Draft) (Draft), which requires intelligent network car products. It should have event data records and automatic driving data storage functions to ensure the integrity of the device record data when the vehicle accidents, including driving automation systems operating state, driver status, driving environment information, vehicle control information, etc. The association believes that while ensuring that vehicle data storage integrity, how to ensure authenticity and tamper-resistant modification of vehicle data will be another important challenge for future automotive industries. Taking this “Teslawi” incident as an example, even if Tesla provides relevant data in a timely manner, how to prove that the data provided is not removed or tampering will be an unavoidable problem for future car companies, and is also a government department safety supervision. One challenge to face.

In order to solve this problem, the association recommends using the block chain multi-center data governance model, through multi-party regulatory means effectively maintains the authenticity of data, and easy to self-witness in the accident investigation. In order to meet the needs of industrial needs, assist the Government to achieve the data supervision of intelligent networks, the association has been jointly with a number of car companies, ICT enterprises, testing institutions, etc., and launched the establishment of Zhonglian Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., built a car big data interaction. The block chain platform, the characteristics of data tamper-proof, traceability, and the traceability of the block chain technology, on the one hand, to meet the urgent needs of the data in the automatic driving development phase, on the other hand, protect the company’s privacy and The security of data is more important to provide effective means for government regulation. Specifically, companies can regularly generate and upload related data tags with a timestamp, and the data tag can be understood as “fingerprint” with the original data, and the data tag does not contain raw data, anyone The original data cannot be deepened by analyzing the data tag. The data tag is very small, convenient, very suitable for retrieval and comparison. When the vehicle enterprise needs to provide data, it can quickly prove the authenticity of the data provided by the data tag that provides the data tag that has previously been previously recorded, the verification result can be used as a valid legal basis. . At present, the platform has been deployed in some enterprises, and will be released to the whole industry after completing the trial operation in June.

Q4: Securities Times: How to avoid the occurrence of Teslawi rights for more vehicles with automatic driving functions? For consumers, what questions need to pay attention to when using the automatic driving mode?

China Automobile Association Wang Yao: For car enterprises, the requirements of laws and regulations should be strictly abolished, and on the one hand, it is necessary to ensure that the vehicle status data, especially the accident data, and the software upgrade related to vehicle performance or formal certification must be followed. The relevant departments have made filings; on the other hand, strictly protect users’ privacy data. After an accident occurs, the full data involving the accident should be submitted to the relevant departments, and the test is determined by a professional manner, and a pragmatic initiative is taken to solve the rational rights of consumers. Car jurisdiction can’t be “always dragged or as a referee.” For consumers, when driving the L2 or L3 level, pay attention to the vehicle operating status information and the vehicle takeover prompt information, always guarantee the safety of their lives.

Q5: “Securities Times”: What revelations have been brought to the industry and a key point?

China Automobile Association Wang Yao: Safety is always the core elements of automotive products. From the long-term development of the industry, it should be based on the data classification. The data life cycle is the implementation of the development of the industry, ensuring data security, and meets the effective supervision of the government. In the future, it is recommended that the government has different data types, revisions, and supplements of intelligent networks. The regulations and standards needed for intelligent network vehicles, and also recommend the data of intelligent networks to further improve the data of intelligent networks by adopting multi-centralized data governance models. Regulatory system.

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