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As the only international auto show in 2021, the Shanghai Auto Show has brought a transformable car feast under the theme of “hugs”. It is different from the past, namely the car show For intelligent and electrified show, it is quite a pioneering of CES consumption.

Breeding and product performance These conventional ratio, there is no new, and smart cockpit and automatic driving technology have become a lot of brand-saving tracks, and the new energy products of traditional forces have been late, and they also caught this. The traffic window is not only the case. There are many top suppliers in this auto show to exhibit independently, the new experience series of this auto show, let’s take a look at several representative intelligent cockpit.

Hi Car

Huawei this and Beiqi fox jointly participated in adjacent booths. Expedition online exposure a video, equipped with Huawei ADS system, Alpha S, successfully realized unmanned driving, and thus this time the Huawei booth attracted many big personally onlookers.

Huawei has repeatedly stressed that the car is not producing, and only the car companies have a good car. But from the current trend, Huawei’s ambitions covers all mobile tools, except for the whole vehicle manufacturing and power battery. At this year’s auto show, Huawei’s booth covers a combination of perceived solutions, intelligent driving computing platforms, intelligent car cloud services, smart cabins, intelligent electric and other fields.

At the auto show, Huawei opened the smart cockpit experience, the scene can be appointment by scanning code, but at about 2 hours of opening, the number of places has been all full, the staff introduces most of the experience from manufacturers and suppliers group.

In the actual experience, we also felt the characteristics of Huawei’s Hongmeng OS, which seamlessly connects the driver with various types of movements and wearable devices, followed by canceling the dashboard using the AR-HUD scheme.

Huawei’s HUD scheme, has a big perspective of 13 ° * 5 °, equivalent to a 70-inch display of 7.5 m in front of a field of vision, the brightness reaches 12000 nits, can be clearly displayed during the day, the resolution is 1920 * 640 HD Image quality. In addition, the hardware part of China is also provided with millimeter wave radar, which can achieve gesture interaction function, and later can be used in the inspection of vital signs in the cabin.

Toyota fabric

Although it is not lively, it is a Toyota fabric, one of the three major car seats and interior vendors, also issued a automatic driving health cockpit “MOOX” on this auto show.

As a worldwide supplier, there is no doubt that Toyota textile concept products indicate the trend of future design in Toyota Automobile. The entire clip is very similar to the cabin of Toyota E-Palette. Before entering the cabin, the system automatically performs temperature measurement and monitors the case of the person to wear mask. The two side behind the cabin have a large screen, and the two screen screens can be linked.

At the scene, through the camera and sensors and the lighting, the experience can sit in the car to perform the body’s physical game, etc., according to the description of the seemingly ordinary desktop, it can detect the human cardiovascular and other health. situation. The staff introduces the future in the application, even if it can also calculate the heart rate and pulse number of passengers by the noise reduction processing algorithm during the vehicle driving.

According to the introduction of the cockpit of the MOOX, it is equipped with a variety of ways to use the scene, business, games, and dinners. It can be flexible and changeable, switching at any time, can also perform personalized customization. Official disclosure has been put into huge sums of prospective techniques represented by automatic driving health cockpit.

In addition, based on the virtual tourism content experience of transparent displays and five-sensitizers, “MOOX” cabins can make sounds, vibrate, and disseminated according to the AR image of the window. MoOx’s mobile sightseeing product is positioned, and it can also provide passengers with some realistic scene experiences to passengers.

The auto show site we found that many people were attracted to the residence. Two obviously the foreign car factory professionals visited the screen for a long time, and exchanged with the staff of the map, it seems to be more confused than curiosity, and they are inquiring this design intention and engineering implementation. The interpretation of the staff is that on the one hand, there is more ceremonial feeling on the one hand, on the other hand, there is a richer and flexible interactive experience.

It can only be said that the consumer insights and technologies of China’s car factory have been in a number of foreign counterparts.

There are four kinds of cockpit patterns in the chart, divided into respect, awakening, high energy, children. Under the different modes, the fragrance, music, navigation, seat, screen, vehicle lock, etc. are intelligent, and there is a Face ID in the front of the car. In addition to identity and security verification, it can also support Take a photo, mute, confirm, reject 4 common gestures interactions. In addition to the static experience, the chart is also equipped with the AR real navigation, Dan Tak, air hanging these hard-selling, and the ecological scene of the car, mobile phone and smart home is fully open based on the car grade 5G T-Box.

After all, it is a big factory, understanding the Chinese car usage habits, almost smart cockpit you can think of the scenes and functions cover it.

Intellectual car

The wisdom of the giants, from the beginning of the establishment, it was speculated that the probability was a mean or even the forefront of the product, and the popularity is free. Since the delivery is waiting until the first quarter of next year, this auto show can only experience the simulated cockpit.

As the second “crystallization” of SAIC and Ali, the intelligent car machine uses a software solution for zebra. The car is equally equipped with three-legged three-screen screen. However, the intellectual use of 2 + 1 match, the covaround screen can be lost separately.

Intelligence does not satisfy this series of large-scale screens, in the middle control area, also with a separate 39-inch huge smart scene without side, support “cross-screen interaction” and “one finger screen” multi-screen interaction Mode.

Because the delivery time is expected to be delivered in the same time, the delivery of ET7 has not been open to the cockpit experience, and many of the details and the cockpit plan are not complete. Sales have repeatedly stressed their identity of their volunteers, and there will be adjustments in many places in real trains.

If you ask more, you can even feel that the plan is still in the discussion stage, and the partners have not finalized. However, there is no need to make a much more concern. After all, it is SAIC personally shot, even if you don’t worry, you can’t even get it.


From this auto show, you can clearly feel the transition of “Terminal” to “Smart Catch”.

From the early stage, it is concentrated in the speech interaction order, and it is gradually gesture, visual, etc. In addition to human-computer interactions, it will also take into account multi-screen interactions, mobile, smart home and vehicle applications. Car is not only a vehicle, truly for personalized living space, in this space, not only the driver’s needs are met, the experience of other members in the cabin is also considered.

In addition, in addition to the competition of software and hardware, consider some of the smart thinking and design, full playing ceremonies and scene configuration. Sometimes, it is indeed a small detail to win a bunch of black technology, how to do a scene experience that consumers can perceive, becoming an increasingly popular topic.

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