Where is U PRO, 99,800, cost-effective hard bar fuel truck

Where is U PRO listing

With the advantage of the price, which r u Pro will become a smart electric car that can compete in the face of fuel strolles. On April 19th, where did u Pro on the publication of the public, Jiang Feng, the Chief Marketing Officer Jiang Feng.

the car is on the Shanghai Auto Show in the 2021, which is also released, which is two models of the female version. Which V is now hot, and the order is more than 20,000 units.


Which is officially listed?

The auto show site, which is officially listed, the new car launches 400 cruise version, 500 global version, 500 mandatory version, 610 fire version of the four models, the corresponding battery life is 400 km, 500 km, 500 km, 610 km, After the subsidy, the official price was 99,800, 1.298 million, 139,800 and 1.598 million yuan.

Which r u pro sale price

See some highlights of the appearance, which r u PRO roof uses a floating design, equipped with a full LED lamp group, 19-inch wheels, etc.

As a compact SUV, which is 2770mm long, which is 2770mm long, which is capable of providing a larger vehicle space. The interior mainly presents simple scientific and technological style, with a full liquid crystal meter and medium control screen with double-screen design, a “transparent” A column of no blind zone.

In terms of performance, corporate official data shows that there is less than 7 seconds, and the speed brake distance is less than 38 meters per 100 kilometers.

What is intelligent? U PRO is a big highlight.

Which is a key remote parking capability, in a narrow parking space, the user can make an extraction through the mobile phone app. In addition, which 吒 u PRO also has a face recognition function, and realizes the automatic adjustment of the seat position by remembering the seat usage of different users.

Which 吒 u pro is equipped with an L2 +-level intelligent auxiliary driving system, covering more than ten feature configurations such as adaptive battery, automatic emergency braking. At the press conference, which car announced that the upgrade of the L2 +-level smart driving package in the pre-sale model is standard.


New flagship coupe model naming

Which of the new flagship coupe model is named?

Which is based on which of the new architecture of $ 2 billion, the position is a medium-sized intelligent high-energy electric coupe, which provides the extension, the two power types of pure electricity, and its increased range is over 1100km, pure version By exceeding 800KM.

Which is

As a car brand to explore the future of the new smart cockpit, smart driving and intelligent security technology, which is also responsible for which the car is committed to the brand.

Which 吒 S will adopt high performance, a sports chassis, can achieve a zero-hundred kilometers accelerated for 3.9 seconds, and the elk test speed exceeds 80km / h. In order to take care of movement and comfort, which S will use the front binary arm, the post multiple links, and the lightweight design.

In terms of intelligent configuration, which is equipped with 3 laser radar, configuring 5 millimeter waveradades and 6 HD cameras, which have high perceived ability to surrounding the environment, and should cope with parking, parking, urban, high-speed and other scenes. Complex traffic environment.

On the basis of a new generation of more intelligent domain controllers, which slave is available in some scenarios such as unintended parking, remote call, automatic tracing, etc., can also realize the L4-level automatic driving.

In addition, based on the Ethernet SOA Electronic Electrical Architecture, which can achieve unlimited expansion, self-evolution, can flexibly meet the different needs of users, bringing us to usually use often new vehicle experience.

Adopt exclusive custom intelligent fast charge stamp, which is high-voltage ultra-fast charge can reach the maximum 240kW fast charge, achieve 20 minutes of replenishing 80%, 5 minutes to supply 150km.


Where is V orders over 20,000 units

In order to meet the needs of playing car users, which is also in which the car is still launched.

Who V girl version

The auto show appeared in the female pure electric special car – which 吒 V girl version, adding a light dance cherry powder, a beautiful tomato red, the vitality of the lime, the three body colors.

Introduction to the car, which. Since the listing of November 2020, there has been more than 20,000 units, and has obtained more than 50 awards such as the International CMF Design Award.

In order to better serve the owner. Which is said that in 2021, the number of car direct stores will reach nearly 80, and more than 150 dealers.

At the same time, which car will also build and operate more than 300 service outlets and 500 smart fast charge, and gradually provide free charging and valet charging services.


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