Ai Hao joked hands with blue valley smart energy entry change station for nearly 200 seats in the next three years

Recently, Ai Chi Auto and Blue Valley Wisdom Energy officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and both parties will change the development of tram type development, electricity production, and the production and sales of electricity production and sales, large data operations, brand cooperation and promotion, etc., all-round Meet the replenishment requirements of the B-terminal operation vehicle travel, which also marks the official opening of the “exchanged electricity” prelude to the “electric exchange age”, and promotes the ecological construction of “can be charged, convertable, sustainable”.

With the deepening of the strategic cooperation between the two sides, Ai Chi Auto and Blue Valley Wisdom will jointly put a total of less than 20,000 vehicles in three years, and achieve coverage of over 17 cities, and build a power-saving station is not less than 200, forming a scale. Change electricity service network construction, fully practice the “14th Five-Year” new infrastructure development goals, and contribute to China’s energy supply system transformation and upgrading.

We should lead to change new game

During the two sessions of this year, Chen Hong, a representative of the National People’s Congress, and the Chairman of the SAIC Group submitted the “Suggestions on Perfecting New Energy Automobile” Electric Separation “Business Model Policy System”. He suggested that the relevant state departments were collaborate, and the “Electric Separation” model was fully combed and the improved management policy to accelerate the landing of “electric electric separation”. With the vigorous promotion of new energy auto power exchange, Ai Chi car firmly grasps the exchange of electricity, and the priority layout has a sustainable development of sustainable development.

Blue Valley Wisdom Energy Source Sort

Relying on the “AI Tech” technology, Ai Chi automobile system comprehensively plans the intelligent network, automatic driving, body lightweight, platform architecture, power system and other core technology, has 969 operations, 577 authorizations ( Invention 98), providing forward-seeking technical support for Ai Chi U5 replacement tram type that is about to be operated. Blue Valley Smart Energy as a high-tech enterprise engaged in the power-saving business in Beiqi Blue Valley, through links new energy vehicles, intelligent travel, power battery tradder utilization and other industrial chains, have perfect energy service ecosystems. At the same time, Blue Valley’s smart energy has been United Nations network electric, Ningde Times, French electricity and other partners, in Hainan, Jinan, Shanxi, Zhuhai and other provinces and cities to realize the exchange network layout. In this cooperation, Blue Valley Wisdom will be in power with high intelligence, high market demand matching and fast iteration, with international quality, safe and reliable Ai Chi U5 strong, both through “car” The advantages of “station” are complementary to promote industry innovation breakthroughs in depth.

Strong joint promotion of sustainable development

As the shared travel market continues to rise, new energy vehicles that have been used for low-carbon, environmentally friendly travel targets, anchored carbon Damu, carbon neutralization targets have become a new vector for sharing travel. It is reported that the number of car companies that have received the qualifications of the national network network are not available in the new forces, and the mobile travel strategy brand “Fengchi travel” has been officially put into operation in Shangrao City, and will gradually expand into Jiangxi Province, Hainan. , Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other regions, there have been cooperation with a leading truck, Jinjiang Automobile, Xiaoxang Technology and other industries, Aiky brand has been perfected in the travel service area, which is leading green low-carbon travel life. At the same time, it also established a geostree for the upcoming power-saving cooperation.

Relative to the private car field, new energy vehicles are more prominent in the use of shared rental operations. Based on this, Ai Chi Auto and Blue Valley intelligence energy is closely working together, and the gathering of the shared implementation of the shared exchange mode. The promotion of the power transmission mode not only significantly shortens the vehicle energy replenishment time, but also enhances the effective operation time of the vehicle, increasing the driver user revenue, and its relatively low cost is also more sustainable, but also more sustainable development in the construction of the public shift station system. The passenger experience can be further optimized to meet the diverse needs of the shared travel different participants. It is reported that Ai Chi car has won 250 power-saving U5 model intentional purchase orders, the first product will share the market for the terminal, the future, with the continuous improvement of the change of the power-saving station, or will gradually promote users.

As the global leader of China’s new energy car, Ai Chi always adheres to the new energy route. The cooperation will further improve the Ai Chi’s recovery electric energy model, which provides power for the high-quality sustainable development of China’s new energy automotive industry. The exchange models jointly promoted by both sides will also establish a new benchmark, help the global “carbon-carbon peak, carbon neutral” goals.

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