Li Bin talks about the layout of ET7 laser radar: reasonable is beautiful, the two years will be as good as us

This afternoon, we participated in a small-scale interview with Li Bin.

We asked Li Bin’s two more key issues, all from the voice of Friends.

The first is from the North Auto Pole.

When he participated in the Beiqihu Conference in the first two days, Beiqi Liu Yu talked about the exchange of electricity. Because ordinary owners are not suitable for power-saving modes, there are now many pseudo-demand pseudo scenarios. For example, you can change your big battery on holidays, but “you can rest assured that you can’t change it when you arrive.”

In this regard, Li Bin responded that this is not to understand, “I am not a low IQ, I think about 8 years, may there be such a naive?”

He thinks this is useful to think about the right thinking, but charging and electrification do not conflict. “You can’t do it, do you charge it? Loss?”

Moreover, if you say this, the holiday is more troublesome, how can I charge? (Some people say that the gas station is not good.)

“This is a ridiculous topic, is it?” All things have Feng Valley problems, in fact, it doesn’t matter if it is exchanged.

He also took a traffic jam, saying that there is only one way to get to get off work without traffic jam, that is, everyone will not drive. What’s more, the power-on power is much higher than the efficiency of the supercharged pile of the same parking space.

“There are a lot of confusion now … Don’t forget, now in addition to Tesla, our super charge is the best in the country.”

The second is deployed around the ET7 laser radar layout.

Huawei automatically drives recently fire, but in Huawei ADS (Automatic Driving System) solution, the laser radar will be placed in front of the front of the front and the front side of the front side of the car, such as Demo cars – extreme fox alpha s Huawei hi version is the layout .

Provided by technicians, compared to the roof laser radar layout of “N” company, the laser radar layout of Huawei ADS is more in line with the car’s form, and can better deal with the scene of CUT IN.

“N” company is not NIO? How do we ask Li Bin?

“After two years, all the car is almost similar to us.”

Li Bin said reasonably is beauty, do not need to have a deep technical skills, you can know from common sense, “Standing high, there is no doubt that there will be less. This is sure”

“Bring the benefits is very much, but what did you lose?” Li Bin said that the wind is affected, and the second is that the shape will be not used to it, but “Don’t you feel beautiful?”

Complete interview report, we will add one more tomorrow. Today is this.


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