Adopt new car standard, BYD new car EA1 debut Shanghai Auto Show

The Shanghai Auto Show can be said to be a grand event of a car brand, and it is also a feast of consumers. At the auto show, the car brands have taken the latest technology, the latest technology and the latest models. Many cars choose to go public on the auto show, and Announced prices, vacated the appetite of consumers. Especially in the field of new energy, the number of new cars is numerous, and each of them is full of surprises. It is necessary to mention BYD, BYD can be said to be one of the domestic new energy to do the most solid brand, in the car circle that has just been marketing, BYD improves the technology, relying on the product to conquer consumers. At the auto show, it has introduced a new electric vehicle called EA1. What is this car in the end? Let’s take a look.

In terms of appearance, do you still remember the BYD new car spy photos on the previous network? In the spy photos, the new car looks very like Honda Fit, but when the auto show appeared in the car show, I would like to surpass a lot of people’s imagination, a lot The human is amazed, because the texture and design of the real car are really amazing. It is understood that the new car is the first new electric car built by BYD E platform 3.0, the overall design of the appearance is from Wolfgang Egg design, a new design language from Long Yan design, the new design concept is called “Ocean Aesthetics” . Indeed, the appearance of the new car is very smooth, full of rhythm, like the elves in the ocean generally seem to have some mystery.

It is worth mentioning that the new car front face logo has replaced the new shape, it looks more high, and the value of the overall value of BYD is also very unique, the hub is very unique, and the identification is very high. The design of the tail shape is novel, the intertwined light strip design, BYD Slogan jumped on paper, very technological.

At present, BYD EA1 has not announced interior and power parameters, but everyone should not worry, I believe that we will know the answer soon, after all, good food is not afraid.

The launch of BYD EA1 is mainly to enrich BYD’s model, so that consumers have a bigger choice of space. The hatchback model itself is relatively unique in the market. If the interior and appearance of the car is equally amazing, it is necessary to have a lot of consumers who pay attention to the value, plus the excellent electric technology in BYD, if Listed sale is very possible.

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