March new energy car sales ranking: Hong Kong miniev force Tesla

Recently, the multiplier announced the sales list of new energy vehicles in March 2002. There are three models in the list, one of which is a macro Miniev that continuously got the tall crown.

At the same time, in addition to the macro Miniev, there are still a lot of sales performance of many new energy microcons.

Let’s take a look at the specific conditions of the new energy car sales list in March.

Hongguang miniev won the top of the city, a variety of miniature pure electric cars

Hongguang Miniev once again won the reputation of the new energy car, once again confirmed his strong market appeal.

The cheap price plus practical product performance, the macro Miniev did a lot of consumers’ hearts.

It is worth mentioning that in addition to the macro Miniev, there are still many miniature new energy vehicles to have a famous, such as the Lu R1 R1 of the girl, and the cute Chery EQ, flexible and small Benben EV and Identification A high zero run T03; sales of these four models are ranked fourth, seventh, nth, and 14th.

Many of the previous circles predicted that with consumption upgrade, the market share of miniature pure electric vehicles will gradually shrink, but from the current situation, miniature pure electric cars still sell red fire.

Therefore, micro-pure electric cars cannot be ignored in the new energy car market.

Tesla ranked two or three, the new forces of the car can’t be underestimated

Tesra Model 3 and Tesra Model Y were next after macro Miniev, ranked 2nd and 3rd sales: Hesla, with a strong brand influence, and still have a leading product philosophy. Can smile to the new energy car market.

And when the market potential of Tesra Model Y is fully present, it may continue to rise.

At the same time, the sales of many new power models can also be able to have a lot of energy. For example, the sales of the sales of the sales is ranked 10th, and the 4th place in Kelong, the sales volume of 2,855. Rening of 13th.

Among them, Ideal One is the only model in the list, which has obtained 4,900 sales scores in March, up 238.6% year-on-year, and it is really bright.

BYD Han EV sales nearly 8,000, Roewe and Guangqi Eman also put on the list

As the flagship model of BYD, the sales performance of BYD Han EV with blade batteries is quite good, and nearly 8,000 units in March, tight Tiezla.

But unfortunately, BYD except than BYD Han EV, only one of BYD D1-BYD D1 sales is 2796, the 15th list of lists.

In addition, GAC EAON AION S receives 5,738 sales scores in March, ranking # 6 as a powerful home new energy car, Guangqi Yafan Aion S contrasts the same level of other models, the price is relatively high, color The value is more favorable, and this sales grade can be taken, and it is not surprising.

As for the Roewe ERX5 of SAIC Roewe, it also obtained the sales of 2973 units with rich scientific configuration and reasonable prices, ranking 12th.

As can be seen from the list, the performance of Hong Kong Miniev and Tesra is still strong, and in a short time, there will be other brands to surpass the macro Miniev and Tesla. However, after the Yangtze River, the waves push the waves. With more new energy new models, the competition in the new energy in China will be more fierce, “big squid” may soon come.

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