It is averaged, and the second generation shift station officially operates.

Recently, the new energy field is hot than the low level of the traditional fuel stroke market. Not only do you have Xiaomi, and cross-border enterprises such as Dacheng have admitted, and many Internet products are also the delivery of practical vehicles. The pure electric brand of the earlier is a great movement.

As a new power of the car, it was a new type of car, the first three models of the pure electric SUV sales were included in March, and the sales of 2,960 sales were sold, and the sales volume of 2484. EC6, second only to Model Y, the pure electric vehicle giant Tesla. As of the end of March, it was a car and accumulated a total of 95,701, which was also subject to production. At present, the 100,000 quantitative models of Wei Lai have also laid offline, and the first quarter is averaged 20060. 20060 The results were up to 422.7% year-on-year, up 15.6% from the previous month, with excellent market performance.

Recently, according to the official statement, the second-generation power-saving station in April 15 will be officially operated, and the number of exchanges can be achieved at 312 times a day, and the function of automatic parking and one-button self-controlling electricity is supported. Three times the first generation of power compensatory service capabilities. As the NIO OS intelligent operating system equipped with a US model, the NIO OS smart operating system has recently begun to push 2.10.0 to the owners, and the new version will be docked with the second generation power power station, and the instrument is optimized.

In addition, accompanied by the upcoming Shanghai Auto Show, in addition to led the existing models, it will also unveiled the real car interior of the new model ET7. For this new car is also curiosity of many new energy owners. It is full of science fantasy car. The sharp front headlights are more unique, and the W-shaped front face design is more unforgettable. The trapezoidal intake grille also makes this car more aerodynamic design. In the body size, the ET7 long-width height is 5098mm * 1987mm * 1505mm, the wheelbase is 3060mm, the length of the 20-meter long and 3 meters large axis is brought to the owner’s more sufficient car, in the same level There is excellent spatial performance in the car.

In the design of the inner design, it is full of future feelings. The double-fly multi-function steering wheel uses two-color design more fashionable, suspended full liquid crystal dashboard and oversized suspended central control screen to enhance the technology atmosphere in the car, simple The center console layout makes this new car more high-end.

In terms of power, 蔚 来 ET7 uses the front and rear two-motor design, maximum power 480kW, peak torque 850N · m, and 100 kilometers to accelerate only 3.9 seconds. Three different battery packs are provided in terms of battery life, which are equipped with a battery pack for maximum capacity 70kWh, 100kWh and 150kWh.

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