Analysis P5: Stacked mad, laser radar, urban “automatic driving”, speech control, 47-inch projector and linkage drone? !

Two hours ago, Xiaopeng car just released the third volume of production model – car P5.

It is a pity that today’s conference is still based on highlights, and the three-electric detailed parameters and price are not announced. It is necessary to stay in Shanghai Auto Show. He Xiaopeng himself personally announced.

But even a part of the parameters is still coming into a mother, P5 itself still has surprises.

The most critical definitely is the official car of laser radar, and the XPilot 3.5 auxiliary driving system directly brought directly by laser radar, the end user can feel, the “City NGP” function.

According to the Vice President of Xiaopeng, the city NGP can achieve the high-order function such as “human mixed flow without protection left”, and even “speech changes”, such as “Hello small P, help me Left oversides.

In addition to laser radar, Xpilot 3.5, city NGP, Xiaopeng firm believes, “Win the last must be smart”, what is the embodiment of P5? Is the P5 be “the first smart car of young people”?

XPilot 3.5, Stacked Relve

The P5 appearance is most striking, and it is definitely the lower corner of the front of the front, from the laser radar of Dasheng.

This is also the foundation of XPilot 3.5, and P5 is the most important perceived hardware. However, according to Xiaopeng official website, these two laser radar is not a whole standard.

These two laser radar use double prism designs, scanning point clouds and mechanical laser radar or MEMS solid state radar is different.

According to Xiaope’s information, these two laser radar can achieve cm ranging, and the laser radar can function, in addition to the city NGP, including FCW, AEB, ACC and other L2 + level functions.

When real shot P5, we found that the P5 sensor arrangement features not stop these two laser radar, as well as more cameras around the whole car and millimeters.

According to Wu Xinzhou, P5 has a total of 34 sense hardware. Removing laser radar also includes 5 millimeter-wave radar, 12 ultrasonic radar, 13 cameras, and 1 group of 2 high-precision positioning units.

In particular, the number of ultrasound radar and the camera is called “Stacked Relve”.

Wu Xinzhou said that P5 is also the world’s first model with a 360 ° redundancy perception of the camera and millimeters.

How is the effect of such a perceived hardware?

I haven’t experienced the efficacy, first listen to Xiaopeng’s Flag: “Let Auto Navigation Assist Driving Copride into your daily daily.”

In particular, it is to overcome the “urban working conditions”, “identify the scope of travel”, “identifying the small target object”, “identifying the winding area”, etc. The driving may encounter during the urban area.

Refined to the most easy-to-understand “how to open in the city”, the information we obtained when we real shot P5 is “Senior Driving Assist Map covered, with high-speed city expressway and city main road and times Dry road, according to the navigation route, assist the driver to perform a driving task. ”

“Have a traffic capacity of traffic lights, including traffic light identification, straight, right turn, and no protection left. With urban road conditions overtaking ability, customization of the car capacity, automatic speed adjustment energy, can also be dynamically adjusted according to ground road conditions, and Round islands. ”

That is, the city NGP and high speed NGP can be connected theory. But what is the actual effect, it has to wait until the test.

All scenes of the original intelligence

“Smart” has always been the label of Xiaopeng.

At P5, “Intelligent” is expanded into “all-time landscape intelligence”. The most amazing full-time smart demo at the press conference, I think it is “voice overtaking”.

Wang Wensheng, the voice overtaking is when the NGP is turned on, I can tell Xiao P “Hello small P, help me to the left / right change”, and so.

If you have experienced the high-speed NGP, you will feel that this feature is a chicken rib. Because, first, the current version of NGP has a good fault, no need to urge it.

Second, it is more straightforward. “Why can’t I change it, I can’t call the car?”

In fact, there is a problem, the truth is obvious: “Why can’t I open TV / open air conditioner / open lights, I don’t want to call Xiai Ai classmates?”

Because the voice assistant is already in the field of smart home. When speech control can replace most manual operation, and prove is safe and controllable, humans will choose more “lazy”.

Before 100 becomes 100, it must pass 1, or even this stage. It seems a little stupid “helping me change”, that is.

It can control the driving system through voice control, and then manipulate the power system. This represents the Know HOW of the entire vehicle ECU. You can call the voice assistant to change the voice. Tomorrow’s voice assistant will help you open to the end point.

I have an additional question. Everyone imagines the meaning behind this instruction: “Go home, don’t go high speed, I am tired, start stabilize, let me sleep.”

In addition, P5 is also equipped with a new multi-Bluetooth positioning key. At the press conference, Xiaopeng announced that the Bluetooth key unlocked success rate was 99.99999999%, which is really 8 9, which is to unlock 100 million, it is likely to fail once. As for the failure, how to do, Xiaopeng said “free rescue”.

23-hour smart third space

This is another main push point of Xiaopeng P5, and may even be a point that touches the user’s first feel. Because different from the city NGP, the smart cockpit is more known, more susceptible.

When the press conference opened, Liao Qinghong, vice president of Motor Sales, said that the 23-hour smart third space of P5, meaning in addition to “bathing, exercise, etc., can accompany users as much as possible”. ”

The 23-hour range is quite wide, including work and sleep.

Work can be brought, because the Type C charging port of the P5 row supports 60W power output, you can charge a notebook computer that supports the PD protocol – to the worker, you can charge the computer to the computer, here you can work overtime.


Of course you can sleep in the car, but you can always be a problem. One is that the car space is more than the bed, and the second is comfortable.

The “third space” concept of P5 starts from “sleep mode”.

It includes both air conditioning, alarms, etc. The XMART OS is responsible for software, as well as space mining and hardware experiences brought. Xiaopeng car means it will also introduce a inflatable sleeping pad. The effect is as follows:

It can be lying down, because the front row of P5 can be completely flattened, after removing the front rolling pillow, you can set a flattening seat in the system.

The actual experience, the back row of P5 is indeed spacious, even because the middle is flat, so the final feeling is better than P7.

Sleep mode is just a example, “excavation” and “utilization”, run through the design and use logic of the P5 cabin.

Let’s talk about space mining, Xiaopeng officially made a comparison of P5, Tesla Model 3, C, 3 Series, as shown below:

In addition to the seat, other space mining in the car in P5 is also more mature than P7. For example, the storage space excavated from the central console, a wireless charging board that is more reasonable, and so on.

Space mining is over, then use, we summarize it as “connection capability”.

There is a cigarette lighter interface behind the rear seat back, and the maximum power is 180W. Here is to choose a package for the projector. That’s right, it’s really a projector, Xiaopeng will also provide 47-inch curtains available.

The rear row cigarette lighter interface, there is a blank in the central armrest, here you can choose the car refrigerator.

In addition, XMART OS is now presented in the form of Daxin remote control. Dangjiang Mavic 2 Pro can connect directly to P5, even make small P control – “Hello small P, drone surround mode”.

Drive this “23-hour smart third space”, is a new central control:

The screen is used as a vertical screen as G3, but the overall look is better. First, the border is narrower, and the second is that the screen itself is better, and P7 is a level – but because of the large size, the effect will win the old big brother.

After the screen is Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155, this year, almost all high-end smart electric cars are standard, everyone is the car version of the Snapdragon 855.

Camry in the new era?

Although there is no price yet, 15-25 million yuan is a lot of friends tell us that their P5 is priced.

This price and mainstream B-grade gasoline cars are highly coincident, and B-class gasoline vehicles are also difficult bones that electric cars.

They have durable, and the prime quality is good. It is affecting “the first car” that is more than one generation. It is also a perfect “tool car”.

For example, Camry, Passat, Accord, these familiar names.

Then the era of intelligent electric movements, the car beyond the tool attribute, what should I do?

No one knows the most accurate answer, but many car companies are trying to give an answer. P5 is Xiaopeng’s answer, but this answer is not fully announced.

However, we can see the logic of Xiaopeng’s “first car” from it.

The core is definitely high-level auxiliary driving. “Liberation Human Productivity” is the premise of every change, such as computer capabilities beyond “computer”, mobile phone capacity exceeds “mobile phone”, and the premise of car liberation human productivity must be safe and easy to drive, or even automatic driving.

So Xiaopeng tried to use laser radar, and more scene covered pilot auxiliary proof of themselves.

Second, “Third Living”. The shape of the future car seat will definitely subvert the existing pattern, but how to subvert no one knows. Xiaopeng did not draw this discussion, but P5 is already trying. But the most critical battery life, price, we have to wait until the Shanghai Auto Show can know.

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