GMC releases electric version of Hummer SUV, will be listed in early 2023

GMC has released the GMC Electric Hummer SUV on the University Basketball Championship finals held on April 3. The new electric car is expected to be launched as a 2024 model product in early 2023. GMC positions electric version of Hummer Pick and SUV as “the most powerful, most eye-catching electric super truck” in history, which refers to the original words of Buick and GMC Global Vice President Duncan Aldred. The electric version of Hummer SUV will be put into production in early 2023, which is more than a year later than the full-size electric version of Humika. General Motors (GM) have announced the original size, pricing, configuration version, key electric vehicle propulsion system specifications and the launch time of each version of this SUV.

2024 GMC Electric Edition Hummer SUV, the picture is provided by General Motors

These two models faithfully reappeared the design concept of Hummer H2 and integrated into modern style and materials. Esin Huamai participated in the media meeting after the release ceremony, and the General Automobile executives said that the C-column forward design continued to a large extent for the electric version of the Hummer SUV. The interior of the electric version of Hummer SUV is designed along the cockpit of the electric Hummer Pile, including 12.3-inch driver’s dashboard and 13.4-inch central control dashboard. The difference between the cockpit design is that the interior of SUV uses a small contrast color color. In addition, this SUV has also adopted a closed trunk design to maximize the flexibility of the vehicle; the vehicle wheel is shortened by a pocket, and the bus length is reduced by 20 inches. This SUV also adopts a side-opening tail design and is equipped with full-size spare tires, which are expected to have interest in adventurous consumers.

2024 GMC Electric Edition Hummer SUV, the picture is provided by General Motors

The two cars have the same front suspension and access, but the SUV longer wheelbase and shorter rear suspension increase the maximum departure angle and longitudinal password. SUV is more maneuver in off-road road conditions. In addition, the maximum water-related depth of the two cars is the same, the maximum separation gap and the maximum approach angle are similar. SUV has also launched a satellite route drawing function, providing detailed information on the driving route, monitoring the battery consumption in real time, and predicting the amount of electricity using the MYGMC. The application will estimate the amount of electricity required to travel and provide the driver to the driver navigation to the driver in off-road. SUV can also be equipped with a Power Station generator, which is currently not announced on the pickup. Power Station provides up to 3 kW power and can be used in other devices. As expected, SUV will also have the same impressive off-road performance as pickup. These include Crabwalk (four-wheel steering capability, allowing the vehicle to move diagonally) and EXTRACT (6 inches of vehicle suspension). Another benefit of the design and the same Ultium architecture along the C-column is that this SUV can provide the same Infinity Roof system with pickup, which can be converted into a convertible off-road vehicle.

Similar to Edition 1 pickup, the power and torque of Edition 1 SUV is generated by three motors in two Ultium drive units, thereby forming an E4WD propulsion system having a torque vector. The first three versions of the electric SUV use 3 motors and 20 modules, and the battery configuration is compatible with 800 volts. In contrast, the electric version of the three motors is equipped with 24 battery modules; these additional battery modules improve the endless mileage, speed and charging time of the pickup compared to SUV. In the second quarter of 2023, the electric SUV will also launch a two-motor and 20 modules and supports 800 volt charges. Basic version of the standard two motors, 16 modules and a set of 400 volt charge components. The output power of the three motor SUV is 830 hp, and the dual motor output power is reduced to 625 hp, but this performance is still superior to most other fuel SUVs. The top version of the pickup has a output power of up to 1,000 horsepower, and the long-term installed has more than 350 miles. GMC has confirmed that the pickup will launch a dual motor version, but the specific specifications have not been determined. The top-bearing version of SUV and pickups provide up to 11,500 pounds / feet of torque; Double Motor Edition SUV torque is dropped to 7,400 pounds / feet. GMC Hummer Electric Vehicle Project General Engineer Al Oppenheiser said: “Reduces the number of SUV battery modules is based on consideration of the trunk space; if more battery modules are equipped, the SUV’s trunk space will be affected.” GMC There is currently no future upgrades in the future, but it is developing a next-generation battery and module that stores more energy, lighter quality and smaller size. All performance objectives, assessment, and function specifications issued by the electric SUV have been “computer-assisted analysis and simulation based on virtual engineering tools”. The road test verification of the electric version of the pickup has been started at the end of 2020.

Like the pickup, the electric SUV also has a Watts to Freedom feature, with a hundred kilometers to accelerate only 3.5 seconds (the 100 km acceleration of the electric version of the Pickup is only 3 seconds). Although the two electric models of Hummer have 800 volts DC fast charge, the fast charge capability of the electric SUV is 300 kilowatts, and the fast charge capability of electric version of the pickup is as high as 350 kW. General Motors are expected to charge the battery SUV at 12 minutes (300 kilowatts of SUV, 300 kilowatts of electric pickup, can be 350 kW in 10 minutes) within 12 minutes. Charging about 100 miles of battery life). In addition to the charging speed than the electric pickup, the end with SUV’s battery life is estimated to be more than 300 miles, but if the ultimate off-road suite is selected, the endless mileage will drop at least to 280 miles. 2024 GMC Electric Edition Hummer SUV, the picture is provided by General Motors

Electric version of SUV will first introduce Edition 1 and will be extended to four configuration versions. Aldred also pointed out that the company expects the sales of electric SUVs to exceed the pickup, and the production of Factory Zero will be very flexible, and the model combination can be easily adjusted to meet the needs. The price of the electric SUV is slightly lower than the pickup, and the GMC has taken the lead in launching the most expensive model. The Edition 1 is first released, the price is $ 105,595, and the optional off-road suite will also pay $ 5,000. In contrast, the price of electric version of Pelica Edition 1 is $ 112,595. GMC opened the pre-sale of electric SUV on April 3, Aldred said on April 5, Edition 1 has pre-sold one empty time in a very short time, but he refuses to disclose the specific time and the pre-sale of Edition 1 SUV. . This is the same as the pre-sale method of the electric version, and the specific pre-sale quantity of the pickup is not disclosed. Whether it is SUV or pickup, the configuration level is the same, and the cheapest model is finally listed. The release of the car will take more time to complete, and the first SUV will be available from the date of the first booking for approximately 12 months.

In addition to adding route drawings and Power Station, the function and techniques of the electric SUV are similar to pickup. These include a SUPER CRUISE smart driving assistance system with a variant function, Crabwalk and Extract mode. Extreme off-road suite provides SUV with the same accessory with pickup, including 18-inch hub, 35-inch butcery Wrangler Territory MT tire, chassis armor and scratch plate, chassis camera, front and rear bridge electronic differential lock; heavy-duty ball splines half shaft . In addition to the basic types, all models will be equipped with standard four-wheel steering, Crabwalk, adaptive air suspension supporting Extract mode and 22-inch hubs and 35-inch full terrain tires. Like the pickup, the electric SUV does not have a conventional gearbox or four-wheel drive system, torque allocation and four-wheel steering settings are electronically controlled; the drive mode control system has a variety of modes to accommodate different terrain conditions.

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In October 2020, the electric version of Papa is launched and the electric SUV is launched this month. General Motors have been continuing to advance with investment-related work and plans to achieve electric transformation of all light vehicles in 2035. Although the investment and forward-looking strategic statements show that the GMC Hummer electric version of the pickup and SUV models are not one-time or oriented, these have not changed the role of GMC Hummer electric vehicles in the general automotive electrification process. Electric SUVs and pickups will have excellent ability and performance. Although SUV’s price is slightly lower than the pickup, its top price is up to $ 110,595, which emphasizes the technology and performance of the car to pay high costs.

We noticed that with the listing of electric version of the pickup, the efforts of the electric car sales are basically failing through the launch of compact cars, and these compact cars have masked their more expensive facts through caring. The final Tesla has proven that the company has potential to convert fuel vehicles to electric vehicle users. However, GMC Hummer Electric SUV is relatively high, which means that its sales will be relatively low, and it is not necessarily certified that electric cars truly demand. However, the launch of GMC Hummer Electric cars demonstrates the ability of General Motors. All signs indicate that General Motors can play their advantages on full-size leather cards and SUVs, and completely capable to create an exciting and attractive Electric car. Hummer electric car products have made a solid foundation from traditional fuel vehicles from traditional fuel vehicles.

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