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After several years of development evolution, the new force of the car, the first round of the car, and the first round of the car, which have achieved significant results, and the electricization process in the entire automotive industry has also been greatly improved. In this context, an electric-based automotive intelligent tide begins to rash.

In all people of all people, Xiaomi, drops, Huawei, from different fields, representing different directions, are widely concerned because of their different advantages.

Premented drip

It is learned from the “late LatePost” and interface news, etc., the drip has officially launched the car project inside, the person in charge is the vice president of drip, Yang Jun, general manager of Xiaotang, the current product team has Start excavations in many cars.

Drops announce the news of the car, which seems to be accidentally actually. In fact, in 2019, it was a joint venture with BYD, and did his own custom network to get a car D1; then drip and Tencent participated in the megaphills of Evergrande Automobile. From these actions, it is not difficult to see, drop It is obviously for a long time to make a car. From the condition of the drip itself, the drip products also have their own internal logic.

First, the drip has the largest network of net us for users in China. According to the data released in 2021, the platform has 11.6 million drivers. The number of drivers has obtained the number of drivers who have obtained the online approval, the basic people have a car. According to 5% new car replacement rate per year, the drip platform will produce more than 500,000 new new car demands per year, and its potential for excavation is huge.

According to the drip plan, the next decade plan to promote 10 million new energy car calculations, drip platforms, or one of the largest buyers in China’s new energy vehicles in the next decade.

Second, from the side of the car strategy, the next product is conducive to its improvement of car service closed loop ecology. The earliest car project is based on Xiaotang car service. Nowadays, the small oranges have already covered many businesses such as the car (car rental), caring, used car, charging, refueling, and has formed the previous long-term rent. Main line, backend maintenance, insurance and energy, etc. are auxiliary multi-commercial path, while the car is the core point of the car service strategy closed loop, and must be given to the drip. In this case, the next product is an inevitable choice for the drip.

Finally, the intelligent automotive market in which the potential is infinite, and the overall valuation of the drip is also possible. From the industry, the Smart Automobile Market is a large market with more than 10 million markets. The smart automobile market is conducive to its expansion business; from itself, dripping heavy privileges, unmanned driving, cooperate with new Energy cars can further release their commercial potential, which will undoubtedly help the capital market to raise its valuation.

Cautious in the middle of the midney

Compared to boldly radical drops, Xiaomi should be cautious in choosing this. According to Lei Jun, before formally doing the car decision, he communicated 85 games with 200 inheritors, and conducted 4 management internal discussions and two official board discussions. After adequate investigation and argument, Lei Jun Only the decision of the car was finally made, and it was visible to the caution of the car. But caution is careful, and Xiaomi is not completely zero on this matter.

First, Xiaomi has accumulated a large number of automotive technology and automotive industry resources. According to the investigation data, the current car patent that Xiaomi has applied for reach 134, which basically covers all aspects of smart cars. In addition, Lei Jun’s Xiaomi Group, the capital is also in the way of investment, holding a lot of auto industrial chain companies. For example, BYD semiconductor, automatic driving Kay Li, car, Shanghai Botai, as well, is a full-vehicle manufacturing, Xiaopeng, etc. These resources are undoubtedly helpful for Xiaomijin Automobile industry.

Second, Xiaomi has the world’s largest Internet of Things ecology. According to Xiaomi Province, the number of IOT devices that have been linked to the current millet has reached 325 million units, which has become the world’s leading Internet access ecological enterprises. After cutting into the smart, the small rice network will be further integrated with its original ecological integration to form a new and larger closed-loop ecology to further expand the Aiot ecology of millet.

Third, Xiaomi mobile phone business jumped to the top three in the world. After Huawei was suppressed, Xiaomi gradually emerged in the high-end market, and the mobile phone business also returned to the top three in the world. This allowed it to temporarily remove the worries, you can seek new growth tracks to lay out, avoid millet cut into the car. The unfavorable situation that is caught in the two-wire operation.

Its fourth and millet have strong fund reserves. According to Lei Jun, the cash reserves owned by Xiaomi, 2020 have reached 108 billion yuan, enough to support the financial consumption of millet’s premature car. According to Lei Jun’s plan, the next decade of millet will induce $ 10 billion on the car, and Xiaomi has a cash reserve of 100 billion, so that it has a force. Therefore, from all aspects, Xiaomi is like an abrupt, and the fact is to do full homework.

Only the Huawei of the incremental part supplier

Unlike millets and drops that want to lower the car, Huawei has clearly proposed from the beginning: “Huawei does not make a car, Huawei only focuses ICT technology to help the car to create a good car.” More definitely positioning is, Huawei is only the incremental part of the intelligent automakers. Huawei chooses to do such positioning, relationships with all aspects. From the situation of the automotive industry itself, the investment of the car is extremely high, the risk is very risk, but the income is not ideal. At present, the profit margins of the domestic vehicle factory are around 10%, and the revenue contributions brought by the end of the car will not be significant.

Unlike the manufacture of the whole vehicle, the gross profit margin of the core parts of the car enterprise is high, and the automotive parts business is obviously the case. At present, there is a key to Huawei, intelligent driving, car chip, and laser radar in Huawei. It is the core elements of smart cars. These business has a lot of development potential alone, and these areas are also Huawei comparison. The area of ​​good at the industry, with the industrial chain, the consumption of the whole vehicle manufacturing, which can accumulate technology to make the parts that can make money, is clearly the best solution for Huawei to participate in smart cars.

In addition, Huawei has a direct cooperation with many domestic cars, and the lower cargo will undoubtedly affect this partnership. This is very unfavorable to the current Huawei promoted business. Specifically, in 2020, due to consumer business growth, Huawei has fallen to a bit number, Huawei is urgently demanding new business to promote revenue growth, and the current choice to cooperate with the car factory, obviously more sensible, pragmatic .

Building an ecology will become a giant product competitiveness

From the current point of view, whether there is a jigue network, or a small rice, which has the largest AIOT platform in China, or in the intelligent automotive parts, Huawei is working hard to build a smart car. Industrial ecology. The three specific participation methods are different, and the means are different, but it is a collection of ecology in combination with its own advantages.

This is because, for drips, Huawei, Xiaomi and other giants, ecological capabilities may bring more driving force for their future development.

First, build an ecology facilitates enhance the voice and influence of each giant in the automotive industry. Building a smart car ecology that cooperates with its own advantages, accelerates the process of participating in the change of smart auto industry, allowing the platform to make a greater impact on the smart automotive industry.

Compared with traditional platforms such as Great Wall, BYD and other platforms, there is a significant short board in the manufacture of whole-traffic, and the industrial chain integration; corresponding to it, they also have corresponding advantages. . In the case of the car, their advantage is in its ecological synergy, they want to win in the industry chain, and the complex car companies will win, and they must also play their own ecological effects.

Second, the new ecology will bring a more diverse ways. Through ecological construction, giants can derive a lot of new transients within their respective ecology.

If the drip is cut into the manufacture Smart cars also have a lot of new demands, derivatized more distinctive spaces; for the Huawei, the automotive business is also expected to become another large business growth in its mobile phone business.

From the entire industry, the future will become the key to the ultimate competition of each giant in the future. After all, only a single capital investment or car manufacturing, unrequent experience, want to kill the hope in the intelligent smart car field, very embarrassing. In this sense, how to build a new ecology in combination with its own advantages, will become a core point of the future giants competed in the new energy automobile market.

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