Foxconn also joined the car team! Place in the United States is scheduled!

When the author is a child, the world-renowned brands such as automobile manufacturing enterprises, the public, Toyota, Ford are all familiar old car companies. I don’t know when, the car manufacturing is no longer the industry in the industry, the threshold is getting lower and lower, and the birthplace of the car and enterprises have been able to fight at the same car show with the old car company for a few years.

Enterprises such as Hengda, Ali, Huawei have announced that they are involved in automobile manufacturing, and people have seen the diversity of capital era capital, is not only those rich and experienced companies to refer to the car circle. Not long ago, Xiaomi high-profile announced the car, but also exclaimed today’s car circle to make money, everyone rushed to the brain. After Xiaomi, there is news that the old version of the OEM Foxconn will also open his own car.

In the last month, the chairman of Foxconn said in public operations. Now that the car plan has been put on the recent schedule, the site is expected to choose a city in the United States or Mexico, the final result will be this year. Notice before the end of June. It is worth mentioning that there is no domestic city in the selected plan of this Fujikang Celebrity Business site.

In fact, a careful friend has already discovered Foxconn to make a car. As early as 2005, Fujikang bought Taiwan’s Antai electricity industry, which also buried the Fujikang car buried. As for the manufacture of the body, after all, Foxconn has been multi-year, and the relevant industrial pipeline matures. But everyone knows that Fujikang has a large scale of domestic buildings, recruits, and the delivery of the car’s site choice, but it is really fascinated by the United States.

In 2014, Foxconn signed a cooperation agreement with Beiqi Automobile to jointly develop new energy batteries and intelligent control systems. After 2020, Foxconn is a big knife to acquire, cooperate, and lay a solid foundation for their own car business.

So why is Foxconn to choose from the US or Mexico? This also retracts back to 2017, when Foxconn has decided to build a factory in the United States, the US president is Trump, providing Guo Taiming, providing very tempting construction subsidies. And Foxconn’s construction plant is also in place to bring tens of thousands of jobs in the United States. The two can be described as mutual benefits. And the product is once again settled in North America, which is likely to have the same policy subsidies, so Foxconn will be able to understand the factory in North America.

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