BYD Qin Plus EV has a maximum of 600 kilometers, known as the small “BYD Han”

The frenzy of automotive electricity is now swept around the world, and many manufacturers have begun in the game. Whether it is old businesses such as Volkswagen, Toyota and so on, or an emerging Tesla, Wei, in the market has a good brand appeal.

And who is going to have the best in the world, then it must be said to be BYD. BYD is not only excellent in models, but also their own unique skills in the battery sector, and the safety performance of the blade battery will help BYD climbed in the market share.

And the car we have to say today, is called Xiao No.1 BYD Han, named BYD Qin Plus EV, the whole system price of 12.98-1668 million yuan.

First of all, let’s see the appearance of this car, BYD has adopted Long Yan appearance of BYD in recent years, and Dragon Face 3.0 is designed to make this vehicle looks full, and the same level There is a cross-level appearance experience together. The detail section, the car’s headlights use the feathers light source design, and the display effects after lighting before lighting are very amazing.

Come to the tail of the vehicle, although this is a compact car selling price of more than 150,000, but the side of the body of this car is smooth, and there is no excessive line drawing snake to add, which seems simple atmosphere. The tail of the vehicle uses the running taillight designer design, plus redesigned BYD English logo, so that this car looks very worn out from the tail.

Entering the interior of the vehicle, the first impression given is exquisite. Although many people spit, now more and more models have chosen a huge centralized large screen, giving people a style of auto parts. But the big screen display of this car is delicate and looks like some past technology. The leather seat and the piano paint panel also make the luxury and comfort of this car to a new level.

In terms of power, this manufacturer has designed three different power versions, while two different models of battery packs are equipped with 100 kilowatts and 135 kilowatts, and the maximum battery is 600 kilometers. There are very good existence in the car or even 200,000 intervals. As for the safety of the blade battery, it has been strive for the results. In the compact sedan interval, I believe that this truck will become a new “People’s Scenarius”.

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