Similar to the macro Mini EV position, why is the new Baojun E300 PLUS no fire?

As we all know, Wuling Hongguang Mini EV is the most popular model of domestic electric vehicles. It hasocated the sales list of electric vehicles many months, which has become a population model of the phenomenon. And Wuling Hongguang Mini EV also drives the development of mini electric vehicles. However, the micro-electric vehicle is not the first in Wuli Hongguang. For example, in June 2020, a mini electric vehicle named New Baojun E300 Plus was listed. It also said that why didn’t it fire?

The main color of the front face is black and white, and the design is like two independent individuals. It is very cute. It is like a polar bear wearing a black flying helmet, but helmet The size is too small, just squeezes the meat of the fat, the eyes are small, the goggles are blue tabs, is it very happy, with the logo charging port is a lovely small The nose, there is also its mouth to develop “Wow ~” The mouth of the sound, the picture is not very strong, it is really cute.

The whole body and the whole whole whole whole whole whole whole body is a two-color splicing design, creating a “separated cockpit” feeling, the entire shape is very smooth, and there is a feeling of chocolate cream cake, sweet. The wheel design is a blue black contraction design, and the whole blue hub looks very cartoon cute. The design and front of the tail did an echo relationship, and the blue trim strip adds the overall color brightness, so that the whole vehicle is boosted, but there are more fashionable playful places.

The interior is also very futuristic. The instrumentation is doing through the through-style design, which is still effective in solving the space problem in a little car. The details of the entire interior are also designed very rich, but At the same time, it has also achieved a whole, and the technology is still full, and its interior material is also a material made of additive plant fibers, and it is also worthy of support for environmental awareness.

The lithium iron phosphate battery capacity is 39.1kWh, and the NEDC endless mileage is 305km. This is still possible, it is to meet the daily life commuting needs. But with the new Baojun E300 2020 Plus Star Intelligence Edition as an example, its price is 69,800, more than the macro Mini EV is more than double.

It is not difficult to see that even if the new Baojun E300 Plus is higher than the macro Mini EV, the price is really different. Most consumers are not willing to spend six hundreds of thousands to buy a mini electric car. This may be a new Baojun. The reason why E300 Plus is not fired.

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