After the pure electricity “Sweeping knife”, where is BYD to “moving the knife”?

Wang Chuanfu did not unexpected “food”.

When the blade battery was released last year, he blows outward, indicating that the blade battery is only equipped with the BYD Han pure tram type, and “other models have no plan”.

However, in last week, four pure electric products with blade batteries were listed in the Yadi Don EV, Qin Plus Ev, Song Plus EV and E2. Wang Chuanfu is more announced at the press conference, and BYD has started to switch the blade battery in the pure tram type of BYD.

Therefore, there is a punishment, and it is temporarily, it is now “no plan” from a year ago, “Sweeping knife”, BYD will borrow the blade battery to agitate the ambition of the industry, it is clear.

The next question is naturally, the pure electricity “Sweeping knife” BYD is what “moving the knife”?


The theme of the entire conference throughout April 7 is “safe”. To this end, BYD not only releases the “‘Piente’ Anteno”, but also “comprehensive enabling acupuncture test as a feat of corporate standards”.

If the memory is not bad, it should be impressive when the blade battery last year is quite dramatic.

After the needle thorn caused the battery, the three-yuan lithium battery is like a live volcano. The ordinary lithium iron phosphate battery has been smoked after a few seconds, and it also begins to smoke, heated, and finally roasted the egg. Only blade batteries, after the thorn, the thorns are not moving, and the eggs on the top are not even solidified. Subsequently, the industry Thai Ouyang Minggao is connected to the scene, playing Call for the blade battery.

Throwing the design of these atmospheres of “Eggs”, it is natural to get the difficulty of the blade battery through the difficulty of power battery safety test. Among them, in addition to the thermal stability of lithium iron phosphate itself, the blade structure has a large heat dissipation area, and the heat is slow, and it has to be remembered.

After this, the safety image of the blade battery is stable.

In particular, since then, many fire accidents occurred in the industry, and more reversed the “non-self-burning” blade battery. In the end, on May 12 last year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a three-channel extensive document, and issued an electric car forced safety standard, including a “battery cell heat loss, the battery system did not affont fire within 5 minutes.”

The BYD “It is flat”, the new national standard canceled the 2015 mandatory needle test, the blade battery has lost a chance of fighting. However, this does not hinder BYD this trial, which will be acupuncture as a mandatory standard for enterprise level.

The sound of challenge is not. The steel needle is inserted inside the core, causing instant short circuit, generating a lot of heat, this “hell” test is extremely low in the probability of daily. In theory, it can resist the extreme thermal out of control, and should not be a problem in other situations, but it is actually not allowed to have a desktop. Fire, water flooding, squeezing, overcharge, etc., no situation can be of course you.

BYD naturally told this. So, at the last week conference, a terminal pressure test was again. 46 tons of full load of heavy truck crushing blade battery pack, battery pack is good, no leakage, no deformation, no smoke, loading and use, once again earn eyeball.

When the blade battery was released, Wang Chuanfu said that “self ignition” should be completely erasted from the dictionary of the new energy car. There is such ambition, then equipped with some patient, eliminating self-ignition, not impossible.

Write three yuan lithium?

Eliminate self-ignition, in the current context, seems to have a premise, that is, the three yuan lithium.

The self-ignition accidents have occurred in the past year, from the independent brand to the new forces, and then to the world, the big-scale recall of BMW, Ford, and general-scale recalls, the basics of the disaster are three yuan lithium.

At the same time, although the lithium iron phosphate camp belonging to the blade battery has been fierce in the past year. At present, it is only a four-six, the latter is still the mainstream of the market.

Look, you have to destroy self-ignition, you have to pull the three yuan lithium. And to win the three yuan lithium, you have to self-revolution.

So, while announced that the pure electric “Sweeping” is announced, BYD revealed that all three-yuan lithium battery products are in stock, which is expected to complete the clerk in April.

Saltered with ternary lithium, in fact, it is expected. When the blade battery was released last year, BYD had publicly disclosed DISS, even with representatives, Ningde Times, and all the other models were in addition to the haunted Han, and other models were used in three yuan lithium batteries. The gesture of the deputy “桌 Everyone eats”.

For BYD, the lithium is returned to lithium iron phosphate from three yuan, and there is a double “chaos anyway” taste.

One of BYDen is a senior player in the field of iron phosphate, and later wrapped in policies and markets, comprehensively embraced three yuan lithium, but he always don’t twist. Second, the pursuit of long life and high-energy density in the past few years, has created the prosperity of three yuan lithium, especially high-nickel batteries, but also buried hidden dangers for battery safety, and the industry does need to come to a collective reflection.

The blade battery is a rebalance between life and safety, providing an excellent solution. While enlarged iron phosphate safety advantages, through the CTP design, improve space utilization, and realize the endurance of lithium lithium in the case of energy density. Also don’t forget, compared to three yuan lithium, the lithium iron phosphate belongs to the blade is obvious.

So, is the blade battery? Is it good enough to help lithium iron phosphate counterattack three yuan?

Hard to say. Although the BYD has repeatedly claimed that “almost every car brand you can think of” is negotiating “, but most of the world is still supporting ternary lithium. Want to change the technical route, not so easy. Moreover, the ternary lithium route itself also evolves rapidly. In the past period, semi-solid, cobalt, graphene, silicon negative, various technologies improvement, not only digging three yuan lithium self-contained energy density advantages, but also directly hits security problems, but also born, including jelly batteries, magazines The battery is specifically designed for thermal out-of control technology.

Although there is a virtual virtuality, you can’t afford, but compared to the loneliness of BYD in the blade battery, the three-yuan lithium camp is much more prosperous.

Good “knife”

Therefore, the value of the blade battery is more in order to provide a better option, while giving a needle “sedative” in the industry. However, trapped in existing patterns and phosphate their own technical limitations, and want to wanted to wanted to have three yuan lithium and replaced it.

More realistic goals seem to be, first sit in the lithium iron camp. After all, the best-selling Tesla Model 3 and Hongguang MINI EV, plus the nearest Xiaopeng P7, which can be the lithium iron phosphate battery in Ningde era. The blade battery, the continuous monthly sales of 10,000 months are good enough, but it is inevitably with so many hands.

After the pure electricity “Sweeping knife”, BYD can give the trend, kill a road, transfer the advantages of the blade battery to the market, worth looking forward to.

However, the situation is definitely not so clear.

A fact that can’t be ignored is that in the past year, in addition to Han, BYD’s new energy is particularly pure, the highlight is not much. Although the layout of the product is quite, most of them are not warm. This time I launched four pure electric products, there are new, changed, how much is the prestige of the blade battery, the meaning of the new energy sequence injects strong intentions.

Can you say a wish? It is true that the stage of the Han is successful, and the contribution of the blade battery is not allowed. Wang Chuanfu also said that Han’s sales is because “solves the safety problem of consumers,” is equipped with blade batteries. ” But at the consumer end, the situation is not the case.

From the previous car owner reputation, high-quality, luxurious sense, motivation, cross-level configuration and space or even cost performance, is the most valuable factor in Han Dynasty. As for the safety, mention of the blade battery and its representative, it is often not a decision factor in the minds of the buyer. Many people don’t pay attention to Han, I have the opportunity to have a willingness to understand the blade battery.

This seems that the blade batteries and Han have to achieve the latter in the former, and actually achieve each other.

Here, a deeper problem is involved, that is, the safety of consumers occupy multiple components. Wang Chuanfu said that “safety is the biggest luxury” safe than an electric car. ” This is not fake, but you have to look at the situation. When the development of electric vehicles is still in the stage of trial, safety problems are grasped. However, with the progress of the industry, the market is mature, safety is more like a bottom limit, but there is a “one vote veto” to become a “winning” factor.

In fact, if you look at the angle of enhance the market, BYD needs more than one elsewhere than the blade battery.

The past experience shows that BYD that is not stressed, it is not difficult to create an individual explosion, but it is not difficult, but it continues to build a explosive product, and it is struggling.

It is difficult for the latter to be difficult, in addition to technology, there are also products, brand long-term planning and operations, these are “scientific men” BYD needs to be reinforced. After all, good “knife” has to match the car, continue to take out the excellent products such as Han, in order to do not have the hard accumulation technology.

So, I said, I didn’t worry, but it was not so important. Who did you wear a knife, it is the most important.

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