It is more than 100,000 units, will build an international smart vehicle industry park.

It is the first to produce 100,000 smart electric vehicles.

On April 7, 2021, Hefei, Anhui Province, the automobile advanced manufacturing base, a South Polar Blue ES8 slowly saved the production line (above), and the car production reached a new milestone, 100,000 units.

Since May 27, 2018, it has completed this milestone in 1046 days, and it has become the new China’s new power for the first mass production of more than 100,000 units.

A very interesting fact is that there is a lot of car owners on production problems and a more exciting car. Two of them were quite well-known, one is a gambling to come to He Xiaopeng that can’t mass produce 10,000 trucks in 2018, and the other is that the rhodes have taken the lead in Shen Hui for 100,000 units.

Time proves that it is the final winner.

The sales of the awareness have maintained more than 5,000 monthly months for half a year, and the biggest problem in front of it is currently not questioning, nor is it no longer selling, but not for short supply.

As a result, it is also a preliminary plan for production capacity expansion.


Production capacity is always troubled

If it is not because of the chip supply problem, the 100,000th table of the car will come earlier.

On March 29, it was aimed at 5 days due to the problem of chip supply.

In fact, it is not lack of total capacity, but there is still certain difficulties in terms of supply chain.

Premium payment

At the marketing level, starting from the fourth quarter of 2020, it has stabilized to maintain a monthly delivery number of more than 5,000 units, and 7,227 are reached at the highest. Book consumers, you need to wait for more than January to mention the car, and sales can be described as hot.

On the media interviews after the celebration, Li Bin said that the current manufacturing base can reach 400 / day production, 25 days a month, and the monthly production can reach 10,000 units.

10,000 units of total assembly capacity, 7227 delivery volume, nearly 3,000 shortcomings in the middle, precisely the problem.

At present, there is a certain pressure on the supply chain level, including the chip, and the supply of batteries, so it is currently produced in production of 7,500 / month.

Because of the temporary discontinuation caused by the shortage of chip, it will undoubtedly add the production capacity problem to the snow.

This is said that the general consensus in the industry is relatively difficult in the second quarter, and the third quarter is better, and it is expected that the challenge in the second quarter is the largest, and the third quarter should be better.

At present, the entire semiconductor industry is increasing to the automotive industry, and the car chip is not all high-absorbent chips, many of the base chips. It may be that the semiconductor industry is too cautious to vehicle chip demand, leading to the shortage of supply, and it is only a short-term pressure, and it should be relieved from the third quarter.

In addition to the chip, the power battery capacity problem is somewhat except for it.

Li Bin said that the power battery demand for 100KWH power battery packs exceeded expectations, and the capacity is increasing, and the production capacity of the third quarter can be increased.

Available in the production capacity of the car and Li Bin, far from the short-term internal chip and power battery supply, with the new model ET7 opens the booking, the planning of new models enters the right track, and it will be propelled for production capacity or will further increase .

After the market recognition of Jianghuai David is, it has received attention.



“The money is not integrated, we have to slowly built Shanghai factory.”

Li Bin, the chairman of the Akai Automobile, said to the media. When it is the most difficult, it will be used to build the production equipment for the Shanghai factory to sell to Tesla, and the funds obtained will help it will spend the difficulties.

Due to the blessing of the disaster, the built-in plant has made it easy to cooperate with the state-owned income in Anhui Province, and cooperate in Hefei.

According to the product rhythm of the propulsion plan, the next few years will launch a variety of models. At the third quarter of the 2020th quarter, Li Bin said to investors, except for the upcoming car, it is still developing Another sedan.

That time, Li Bin is called the soon to release the car, that is, the ET7 model of the post conference on the 2021 Nio Day.

After the delivery of ET7, it will also produce 4 models, production capacity, or will be further tightened. The car products after ET7, where to produce, need to be a plan to give planning today.

The new factory is one of the ways to solve the problem.

Li Bin and Qin Lihong meet at 100,000 units of production vehicles

Jid to build a new factory in Hefei, Li Bin gave a clear reply, just in Hefei, but not limited to the new factory, but the world-class intelligent electric vehicle industrial park integrating research and development and production and manufacturing.

The location of the industrial park is located next to Hefei Airport, and has a geographical location.

It is a win-win situation, which is a win-win situation. In terms of it, obtain financing and land, for Anhui Province, using the opportunity to use the opportunity to make the intelligent electric vehicle industry cluster into a development strategy. Hefei itself also has Jianghuai, Chang’an, Guoxuan, and Boardi, and is a part of the intelligent electric vehicle industry chain.

When answering the media question, Li Bin said that now I feel that it is a very right and very reasonable thing to do China’s headquarters in Hefei. “Otherwise, we will talk to any other places, we must do industry landing, and we have to quickly build a new factory. Hefei’s capacity is still not used, and the capacity of both sides is not enough, the efficiency is not high.” But for new factories Investment model, Li Bin did not give a clear answer, but Qin Lihong, president of the car, said that Jida and Jianghuai joint venture company, in the automotive industry is an innovative cooperation model.

Jianglai is the cooperation model of the two factories, in the cooperation of manufacturing services, supply chain management, and manufacturing have great imagination.


If you look down, you will be a separate brand.

In the case of the sale of the flight, the new factory is gone to plan, the product and brand sinking of the car will continue to be concerned by consumers.

The average passenger bill of bicycles reached 4.28 million yuan, and even transcended traditional Germany luxury brands such as BBA.

For consumers, it is a luxury brand with a service-oriented luxury car brand model. However, the bicycle has an average of 428,000 yuan, and most of the car consumers are expected.

At the beginning of 2021, Li Bin said in the visit of CCTV, and the annual sales target of $ 500,000.

However, with the current situation, the price of passenger bills, as well as ET7, 2021 can face the product empty window, which is a low price, or the development brand adjustment Low number of sub-brands, are widely concerned in the industry.

For the development of the brand, the price is lower, Li Bin did not give a positive answer. “If everyone thinks we need to do it, you will do it.” He said, “It will not fall to a very low range. If you do it, you will do a very separate brand.”

For the sales pursuit of the aware car, Li Bin believes that the oil transfer process of the automobile market is a great opportunity to have a great opportunity.

Li Bin said that the high-end auto market is in the 2020 sales of more than 3.5 million, and it is still growing. Predict optimism, the high-end market in the future can develop to 4 million units, and it will be a market share of 25%, which will be 1 million, 30% market share, almost more than 120,000.

Currently, it is more than all gasoline vehicles in a first-tier city, such as Shanghai, ES8, ES6, and EC6, has become a sales champion. “We have more than 20 markets in Shanghai, EC6 has exceeded the same price of gasoline buses. Therefore, I am still very confident, we have more markets.”

“As the gasoline car is converted into electric vehicles, we will take 40%, 50% of the share in high-end electric vehicles, and sales is very good.” Li Bin said.

It is a 6-month time to complete the production of 0-10000 cars from 0 to 50,000 vehicles, and it has been used for 783 days.

However, from the 50,000 unit to 100,000, it is only 263 days, apparently the rhythm of the production marketing of the car is accelerating.

With the further acceleration of oil-in-electricity effects in the automobile market, the sales of the car will be further improved.


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