Whoever has a unique person “grace”? Cloud π3 VS Chery Tiggo E

According to J. D. Power, the consumer group purchase is displayed, the 90 consumer group has occupied the dominant position of the current automotive market. And as traditional fuel vehicles gradually transform into pure tram type, pure tram type is favored by more and more young people. Today, Xiaobian brings two high-quality hot pure tram types – cloud π3 Pro traveling version and Chery Tiggo E-enchant version (hereinafter referred to as cloud π3 and Tiggo E).

It is worth mentioning that the cloud π3 and Chery Tiggo E endurance are comparable, the NEDC operating capacity is 401km, which is fully able to meet the daily commutation and weekends of young users. In addition, the battery pack design of the two cars has reached the highest standard in the industry, and has passed many stringent test validations, and safety is unquestionable.

However, for professional electric vehicles, life and safety can only be called compulsory classes. If you want to truly capture the “Fang Xin” of young users, you will have to start with the appearance, motivation, intelligence of their concerns. Below, we will pass comparison, and we will reveal the best.

Yan value control, Yue Hygity can demonstrate the choice of personality

The era of color, that is, the era of justice, the car is no exception. In the face of personal trend, pursuing fashionable 90 young users, only a horrified model of a stunning model can attract their eyes.

The Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger Tiger is stunned, with a sharp appearance line, so that the whole vehicle is wild. The cool and fashionable two-color vehicle body and the whole car movement surrounded personality, perfect to meet the aesthetics of the current young people. Regardless of walking or commute, the eye value of cloud π3 can always be the focus of the traffic.

Confused Tiger E, adding the imitation model design in the head, with an increased intake grille area matching line star river style makes the whole vehicle more qualitative, and the closed design is taken, and the visual effect is more luxurious.

Overall, the two cars appearance has a thousand autumn, cloudy π3 overall lines are tough, fashion and dynamic, in line with the aesthetics of young users; the overall style of Tiggo E is more heavy and heavy, and it is quite a stable atmosphere.

Power control, release passion to enjoy driving fun

In addition to the value, the power is also a decisive factor for young people. From the data, the maximum torque of the cloud π3 reaches 270 n · m, 0 ~ 50km / h accelerates only 4 seconds. When the green light is on, you can get the back of the inside and the inside of the inside, and it is easy to describe – “Transparent”, fully satisfying the desire for “speed and passion”.

In addition, the chassis of the cloud π3 is adjusted by senior engineers from the middle, Japan, and taking care of sports and comfort. Not only is the convulsion, the manipulation is accurate, soft and hard, and when it is bumpy, it is effective to filter out most of the shock, and the driving quality is substantially by the same level.

Look at the Tiggo E, equipped with the high-performance permanent magnet synchronous motor with the Aikawa, the maximum power of 95kW, the maximum torque is 250 n · m. In the starting stage, the output of the vehicle is not strong, deep stepped on the throttle pedal, the vehicle will speed and speed, but there will be no abrupt acceleration. In contrast, although Tiggo E and cloud π3 differ, it is not a few in the acceleration experience, but the cloud degree π3 is violent.

Intelligent control, comprehensive configuration to create a pioneer

For 90 young people who have grown together with the Internet, the color and power are important, but if the intelligent configuration is missing, it must not be called “qualified” cars.

Yunxia π3 is equipped with mobile Internet Baidu Carlife system, and is compatible with Apple and Android mobile phone image interconnection, users can implement on the 10-inch multi-function integrated central control, and the “machine does not leave” 90 later, this function must not less.

Tiggo E car is equipped with a 9-inch suspended medium control screen, and the car is a new HMI3.0 intelligent interactive system. The overall menu is card design, the UI is simple, and it is difficult to get difficult. And integrate QQ music, iQiyi, car KTV and other functions.

In general, the two are not only different in intelligent configuration, but also perfectly adapt to the current young people in the car system and intelligent driving experience, really “think about what they want, and it is good.”


As the first car in the post-90s, the cloud π3 and Chery Tiggo e have a very good performance from a color value, motivation, or intelligent, and is not divided. However, fine taste, the dynamic posture of cloud π3, and the motion gene is more in line with the position of the young man in his mind. And from the market performance, cloud π3’s preferential strength is greater, and the price is more winning.

So the problem is coming, who is the first car that is best for young users to start, I believe that all the officials have conclusively.

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