FF Submit a listing of the listing of the listing of the shell, the stock price, the “founder + CEO” mode is optimistic

After the FARADAY FUTURE (FF) completed submitted a listing document, US time April 6, its shell company PSAC share price increased by $ 13.63, rising 1.24 US dollars, up to 10.01%, ranked in the forefront of American stocks. The turnover is more than 40 million US dollars, which is nearly ten times the previous trading day, a new high in a month.

On Tuesday morning PSAC once rose to more than $ 14 (more than 14% over Monday, the price is also the highest value in the past three weeks. At the same time, Yahoo Finance, Reddit, Motley Fool, TradingView and other US stocks and forums also showed a high concern for FF (PSAC), and compete with FF (PSAC) as a focus on stocks.

Products to the Get Sislan American stock analysis institutions optimistic about the FF trend

Market analysis is generally expected that after US time April 5, FF and PSAC officially submitted to the US Securities Regulatory Commission, the merger transactions of both parties were completed, and FF is expected to log in to NASDAQ listing. US stock analysis website TRADINGVIEW today expressed its high concern and gave Strong Buy’s recommendations. Multiple stock information discussion versions on the US Forum Reddit, which have been created in the US stock market share price, also put PSAC’s stocks in the recommended purchase list. The American Financial Web Site The Motley Fool also issued a text of the PSAC’s future stock trend, and the FF’s electric vehicle product FF 91 is the ability to be the flagship product of the latra. Yahoo Finance also issued a text structure of PSAC and FF, indicating that institutional investors hold considerable FF stocks to have credibility in the investment community.

US stock analysts said that for SPAC’s stock, there are generally four stock prices. When the media reports potential mergers, the SPAC has submitted the intention to the US Securities Regulatory Commission, and the two parties have a merger (S4 file) and the two sides formally merged Listing. Obviously, the current PSAC company is in the stage of publishing the merger, and then the shareholders will vote after the merger will be a new round of great favorable. The agency investor is consistent with the willingness of the road to the road to the PSAC merged, and also releases the front signal to the majority of investors.

S4 document disclosure of key information The original shareholder and creditors will hold 66% shares

S4 file submission sign FF expects to log in to US stocks in Nasdaq in the second quarter to enter the countdown. It is understood that the S4 document discloses up to $ 116 million supplier trust holdings not only put the supply chain and FF, but broke the traditional relationship model downstream of the supply chain of electric vehicle industry, while clearing it The debt burden, ensuring that the financing after the FF can all be used in forward investment in R & D and production.

In addition, the FF founder Jia Yueping has submitted a personal bankruptcy restructuring in the United States in 2019, transferring its personal assets through the creditor’s trust to the creditor, and makes the creditor have become the shareholders of FF. This is also mentioned in this submitted S4 file. From the equity structure disclosed in the S4 file, the original shareholders and creditors (through the debt transfer) will continue to share most of their shareholders after the transaction, and the equity ratio reaches 66%.

Adopting the “founder + CEO” model Jia Yueping and Bi Fukang also report to the new board

According to S4 documents, Jia Yueping is the founder and Chief Products and User Ecosystem Officer (CPUO) of FF, which will be responsible for monitoring the innovation, strategy and definition of products, Internet, artificial intelligence and automatic driving user experience, user acquisition and user operation. Jia Yueping and FF Global CEO Bi Fukang will also report to the new FF board.

Those who are close to the listing transactions said that Jia Yueping and Bishukang have their own direct partitions. This division of labor is very similar to Google’s “founder + CEO” model, which is ideal for high-tech innovation companies like Google. “Jia Yueping will continue to play a very important role in the management organization, through his many years of business experience and industry insight, continue to contribute to FF. His complementary complementary and Bifukang is an important foundation for FF success.”

The S4 file also discloses the FF stock incentive plan approved by the PSAC board, which is critical to attracting and retaining the FF talents, and further reflects the advancement of the unique FF global partner system in the whole industry. According to the incentive plan, FF all employees in 2021 are all qualified to obtain rewards such as incentive and non-restrictive stock options and performance awards. Recently, the leader of the China Automotive Industry Chen Xuefeng took office of FF China CEO, plus the recent continuous medium and high-level top talents, all of which were an important embodiment of the FF partner system.

Last week, FF also announced that after completion of the merging transactions between PSAC, the new nine board members will be appointed. The new board will consist of experts including technology, automotive, financial, government and supervision, transportation and energy and energy. Members of the Board include FF Global CEO CARSTEN Breitfeld, current FF Board members Brian Krolicki, Matthias Aydt, Christine Harada, Lee Liu (Liu Hui), Sue Swenson, Jordan Vogel, Scott Vogel and Bob Ye (Ye Qing). On March 26th, FF announced that it has been raised from nearly $ 100 million creditor finance, which is also involved in this round of financing by an existing loan parties such as Ares leader, Birch Lake. Birch Lake is still a mortgage agent for major credit purchases and guarantee financing mechanisms. This round of creditor finance includes $ 85 million by Ares Management Corporation (“ARES”), the previous lender Birch Lake, LP Fund Management Company (“Birch Lake”) and other companies also participated in this round of credit. Financing.

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