Xiaomi official declaration, Huawei is low-key reaffirming only the automotive sector supplier

With the rise of the new energy market, many self-owned brand cars shouted the slogan of the corner overtaking, which also attracted a lot of Internet Giants. Nowadays, there are many enterprises that have many cross-border car companies. After the promotion of the car plan from Le Shi Jia Yueping, the big coffee in the field of Xiaopeng, Weima, these Internet fields, and the Gree Air Conditioning, Dong Mingzhu, Hengda Group, Foxconn Group, these Ding Ding, famous industrial big Start cross-border to make a car. One time new energy cars seem to be zero thresholds, and truly realizes everyone’s goal.

Recently, Xiaomi brand continuously broke the amazing news. From the previous few days, it will borrow the Great Wall Auto Production Line to create a car, and the executives who come back, let Xiaomi and the car are contacted for a time. However, the rumors have not been completed, Xiaomi has already officially promoted the New Energy Automobile Market, and is a project team leader by the CEO of Xiaomi. The small meter of the mobile phone market has been generous to recognize the car plan, so the domestic mobile phone leading enterprise that has been secretly accomplished – whether Huawei should also pick a car?

I believe that many netizens have been speculating, but Huawei is tight with Xiaomi, the next day, at the press conference, Huawei will serve incremental suppliers in the intelligent NetTef course, the purpose is to help the car car. And expressed current Huawei’s upcoming more than 30 intelligent components. And as a domestic scientific and technological leading enterprise, Huawei’s achievements on the chip is the world, but not only the same, in the future 5G, Huawei has more technically more than most companies. These technologies are closely related to smart interconnection. It can be said that although the car is in the car, there is a natural technical advantage. In recent years, China’s automobile technology itself has great improvements. Huawei has completely powerful components of their own car brands, with the current mainstream electric car enterprise Higher.

Huawei does not have concerns about the car funds attached to many industry insiders. At the press conference on March 31, Huawei announced in the 2020 annual performance, last year, the global total income was 891.4 billion yuan, of which net profit has reached 64.6 billion yuan, and the cash flow is 35.2 billion yuan. Such strong funds can fully expand the feeding phase of the pre-product period.

Then there is a problem, both technical strength, no fear of burning money in the early stage of the car, why is Huawei, is willing to bow down? Here we can guess that the current new energy market is still in the rise, for this emerging product, the production of the whole vehicle is mainly the maintenance and technology intelligence. The technology intelligence technology is for Huawei. It is not different from the supplier of the whole vehicle and the vehicle, and the design of the automotive housing does not have problems. It can be seen from the models and the current models 20 years ago, and the appearance of the car has been replaced and there is no technical problem in design. The power battery is one of the possible programs of the Power Battery is also a feasible program.

It can be said that the core technology of intelligent cars has not taken it, which means Huawei as a supplier of car enterprises, at any time in the future, and has risen rapidly with the early advantages and brand awareness. The preliminary lighthouse is not only for Huawei to avoid risks and unnecessary attempts, but also reduce some companies’ hostility and emphasis on Huawei. When the opportunity is mature, Huawei may also be famous, and a mason.

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