Just smashed with the Great Wall, Xiaomi officially promoted the electric motor market, this time it is true!

Lift the hot search in the new energy vehicle in the new energy vehicle, is not a car company, but a leader in the domestic mobile phone. It is not stranger for Xiaomi’s mobile phone. The Lei Bo said with a life and death, and dissatisfied with the country, and met the millet mobile phone. In the current new energy vehicle market, many Internet giants began to make cross-borders. From the initial Le Shi Jia Yueping, PPT is proposed to suffocate, and there is a wave of cross-border charging in China. Subsequently, Weima, Xiaopeng and other Internet big men have entered this field.

As a domestic famous brand, special main intelligent home and mobile phones, it will not be awkward in this area of ​​entering new energy vehicles. However, in recent years, several times have passed the rumored and successively clarified that many people can’t understand the operation of Xiaomi, and they think is only commercial operations and improve the stock price of the company.

As early as 2017 Xiaomi, I signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beiqi Group. At that time, I was guessing Xiaomi will enter the new energy auto market. However, the subsequent millet began to focus on smart home appliances and did not say in the automotive field. Not long ago, some netizens broke the news, Xiaomiography Great Wall Motors, plans to borrow the Great Wall Auto Production Line to make a lot of disputes. However, the internal executives in Xiaomi have been clarified in the first time. Xiaomi is a nonsense, and people think that this smoke bomb may be a win-win decision for raising the share price.

Just when everyone thinks that Xiaomi is over, Lei Jun still adheres to smart home appliances and mobile phone markets. On the evening of March 30, Xiaomi Group CEO Lei Jun said at the new product conference that from January 15 this year, Xiaomi has begun to develop a car project. There are already more than 10,000 R & D staff, and the current cash balance of Xiaomi has reached 108 billion yuan, and it has been prepared for the preliminary loss. At the same time, the Lei Jun also said that the project will lead the team, and will be its last major entrepreneurial project, which is also prepared for the effects of three or five years.

At the same time, Xiaomi Group is also officially official, approved intelligent electric vehicle business, and plans to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, specializing in intelligent electric vehicle business. The previous period will invest 10 billion yuan, and will increase capital of 10 billion US dollars in the next decade. The CEO will be part of Lei Jun.

A remarks also represent the small rice CEO Lei Jun, who started home, officially entered the new energy auto market. In the future, we will see Xiaomi’s familiar brand in pure electric smart cars. Moreover, it is not difficult to see from Xiaomi official to see that Xiaomi cars do not intend to carry out listing financing in the short term, the company itself has sufficient fund reserves.

Can Xiaomi cars be as good as Wei, Wei Ma is, is there a pure potential to be pure electric car giant Tesla? Just like the words you said by the Lei Jun himself, he will not be able to do it.

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