“Chip Difficulties” not only affects mobile phone! It is a 5-day discount for the lack of the chip!

Many friends know that under the purpose of “Kawape” last year, many companies have established technical barriers in China, and the chip problem has become a major problem that hinders Huawei’s continued development. The earlier new champlide is to make a lot of chip factory discontinuation, the problem of lack of production capacity is not only the mobile phone communication industry, it is two days ago, it is aware of the problem because of the shortage of chip The impact, from March 29, Hefei Jianghuai Automobile Factory will temporarily stop production for 5 days.

If it is seen in accordance with the discharge of the Akai Motor last year, more than 4,700 new cars have been delivered in the past year. The 5 days of discontinuation will reduce the delivery of 600 cars, although there is a certain impact, but the impact is not big.

As an autonomous emerging brand, it is ideal, Xiaopeng is called “New Energy Sanjie”, but in fact, no matter whether sales or sales are far exceeding the ideal and Xiaopeng two brands, the market value is far more Ideal Xiaopeng. Therefore, the discontinuation of the factory also makes many people suspect that even the propan is stopped waiting for the supplier to return to normal rhythm, then will it be gradually affected by other brands in the future?

In fact, due to the influence of all aspects of the epidemic, major cars around the world will jointly respond to the problem of chip supply. The news that announced the declaration of the suspension is not the first time in the automotive industry. The international auto industry, which has been greatly popular, Volvo, Toyota, Nissan has been influenced by the storm, and this is an announcement, but also ignited a lot of people in the hearts of people. Will it be more difficult to output a vehicle, buy a car?

In fact, it is not, for many car companies, the chips are purchased from other companies, so there is a chip to see the face of others. However, Big Brothers in the self-primary brand can be protected from such troubles because BYD cars are used by their own production chips, even if foreign chips are short, BYD still can output vehicles.

If you follow the rhythm of foreign epidemic prevention and control, with the large-scale vaccination of the vaccine, the chip restore production, and the restoration supply is only the time problem. But as a company, key technologies are not well adapted by others’ card neck. To confront the world-class brand, enhanced chip’s investment force is essential in all aspects.

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