Steel straight male BYD began to please women consumers

The basketball game is divided into four sessions. The second game is an important competition that will be constructed in the opening advantage.

BYD Han is in the second section, and after the opening of 10,000 months, how to consolidate the advantage, establish the status of BYD in the C-class car market, is the topic in front of BYD.

The answer given by BYD is: Touch the “Leadership” in light-colored interiors and product details.

On March 22nd, BYD released the Han EV light-colored interior version in Suzhou Canglang, representative of China’s classical gardens.

The value is just just, the interior is the magic weapon.

The release of Han light version of the cargo model is the need for consumers and Di powder. Di powder needs very clearly: persuaders “leaders” support yourself to buy one BYD.

The Han’s Cangshi gray is a magical version of BYD to convince the male consumer to persuade the “leadership” of the family.


4 years of car owners are women

Han owners have 4th to be women, but most often is the male driver is driving.

This is the data of BYD told the “Electric Car Observer”, which reflects that the Han model is generally male use, but the vehicle is registered in the name of the wife.

Wife bought, husband, this is a common phenomenon in Chinese family consumption behavior. An example of a realistic example is that Huawei mobile phone has a great relationship with female consumers, and the high-end Huawei, which is the first to start, is the P-Series of the main young consumers and female users. After that, it is the main Male user’s MATE series.

As the saying goes, women can top half of the sky, but for families, the wife is half-side, the wife is satisfied with the car, is a good car sold out.

Let the wife satisfied, BYD seems to be simple, but it is never taken out by the brain, and there is a big data behind it.

According to Wang Qingfeng, deputy general manager of BYD Dynasty, the data shows that BYD Han users and Huawei mobile phone user group highly overlap, Han Type users, using Huawei mobile phone, especially the number of p-series and MATE series.

Since high-end consumers can become Huawei mobile phone users, then they are also expected to become users of BYD, this is BYD’s wishful abacus.


Shallow interior is more “eye”

Female satisfied car, motivation, safety, comfort, etc. are second, there is a must of “eye”.

Han Types In the pre-consumption propaganda, the promotion of the power, high-tech and security, can be described as strong, 3.9S 0-100km / h accelerated capacity, the powerful function of the Dilink intelligent network system, and the blade battery can pass the needle The safety of the thorn experiment has left a deep impression on consumers.

In terms of appearance, the Dragonface design style of the Han EV model is equally excellent, but the interior is

The unicorn brown-oriented coloring, probably not satisfying the taste of female consumers, but also caught the Han model and “眼 儿”.

Compared with Kirin Zone, this release of the sky is clear, obviously “eye”.

If it is still not enough to have “眼缘”, then add the version of the stard top interior?

This Han EV with Star Empty top is a custom version of the Han EV Suzhou Garden released at this conference.

Han EV Suzhou Garden Customized Edition

The Han EV named Suzhou garden customized version is a light blue appearance that is carefully selected by the Global Design Director of BYD, and the interior color color is customized by BYD Global Interior Design Director Mi Kail Pagneti. Upgrade, the interior, color, and shape of the interior, color, and shape of the steering wheel, seat, sewing, doorstep, seat belt, sunroof, etc.

The starry sky is one of the characteristics of Suzhou Garden Custom Edition Han EV. It also provides modification ideas for future light-colored cargo consumers.

In terms of detail, this release of the sky-gray-shaky endo-eclipse, the interior color of the yaw blue and the sky.

Where the seat color is used in white punching, the steering wheel, the central armrests, etc. are blue.

In terms of material, wood used in Wooden trim panels in the sky from Germany, while the seat leather material is from the NAPPA dermal of the Nordic imported A-level layer.

The sky is hosted by Mi Kail Pagneti. He sent it to China’s “Yavent” from the beauty of the Oriental scenery and draws the design inspiration from Oriental Aesthetics.

Mi Kail Pagneti introduced the essence of the design of the Han shallow interior in a video manner.

The sky is black, and the black and white is gray, the gray table has the elegant Chinese traditional culture. “Poetry, Garden, Garden Poetry”, garden is an ecological carrier that experiences China’s Jae Culture and Oriental Aesthetics. Suzhou, famous, famous, famous, famous, gathering, gathering, Jiangnan Garden Essence, Compensation with the Chinese and Elegant Beauty of Cangwei Yumin Interior.

The release of the Gray Extract, which is easier to make the Han EV to touch women’s consumers, let Di powder persuaders “leaders” easier.


Intimate details

Hanne can touch women, not just a color value, and product details.

In the details of the product, Han is fully considering women’s users.

First, it is the oversized space of the Han boss, which is the most common position of family female members.

Although there is no name “Queen Seat”, the space performance of this location is undoubtedly obvious. Whether it is longitudinal or horizontal space, “inexhaustible” is not enough, “luxury” is the best evaluation.

A intimate product details are in the second place, the Han has a gentleman button, which can adjust the front and rear position of the covar pilot seat and the angle of the seat back. Imagine that the man is driving, the female owner’s daily travel scene, such a intimate function design, can be convenient to adjust the space size, meet the temporary receiving, or the foot of the foot.

Another intimate design is that Han EV supports rear row independent air conditioning and has air conditioning lock buttons. In the summer, the front sun is direct, the temperature is higher, and the air conditioning temperature is lowered, and the passengers are often slightly cool.

At this point, the role of the rear row independent air conditioner is displayed. The back row of the lock function can also prevent children from charter, causing misuse.

Another intimate function in central armrests, on this armrest pillow, not only integrates cup rack function, but also with two USB interfaces, which is convenient for mobile phone.

In addition, on the backrest of the rear seat, there is also a functional design connected to the trunk, which is convenient to take the item from the trunk.

When you take a long distance, get toys from the trunk, which is more convenient.

The intimate design of these product details believe that the functional needs of family women consumers can be met.



4980mm, the leader of the 1910 width, its internal space is enough to use “luxury” to describe, and here, Han is designing, fully utilizing the benefits of big space, can avoid daily driving for women. The most common embarrassing situation when the vehicle is used.

One of the embarrassment of a female car is the elbow.

When a female driver driving a vehicle, he will not encounter a co-pilot to carry a strange male. Elbow with men’s elbows, inevitably produce embarrassment. The distance between Han Chao Wide Handrails, it can avoid this embarrassment.

Two women’s embarrassment is feet.

The advantage of Han is a flat floor, so that even after the rear row is full of three members, it will not be embarrassed by the middle occupant and the two sides of the occupant feet.

Avoid embarrassing, perhaps the most insignificant little things, but the product details are designed to do the best to pursue a delicate female consumers.

After obtaining a month of C-class cars, the second section of the Han is not good. From the product strength, Han relies on 3.9S 0-100km / h accelerated hard strength, the hard strength of the blade battery safety, sharp Dragonface design, is enough to attract consumers interested in independent brands.

However, after the consumption of the Easy, how to touch ordinary mass consumers, in the process of consumers, meet consumers want to buy a luxury brand psychological appeal, but also need to die.

Han has opened a good head, and many personalized demands such as light interior, deep customization, or can help BYD Hundreds of baht harvested, continuing sales and brand double harvest.


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